Shaping Managers with a Social Commitment, Aurora’s Business School


The prevalent economic scenario and globalization are inciting strong drives for change in the business sphere. With the business world obsessed with growth and success, MBA has become the buzzword. It is clear that the business world looks forward to management skills and leadership as a key to success and so qualified and efficient management professionals are becoming the need of the hour. Moreover, there is a huge scope and market for management education in the coming times owing to the economic and demographic changes in India. As a result, management education has started to gain much vigor for the progressive career prospects that the sector provides.

Established in 2005, Aurora’s Business School has been making appearances on the national level by and attracting students from far and wide. Found by the educationist Dr. Ramesh Babu Nimmatoori with view to provide quality business education at an affordable fee, the institute is situated in Hyderabad. Since its inception it has grown from strength to strength adding several Postgraduate Management programs—full time, part time and executive with a wide range of specializations. Its programs are highly industry oriented.  It has a strong Summer Internship program and holds an enviable record of 90%+ placements.


Imbibing Innovative Learning Methodologies

Aurora’s Business School (ABS) firmly believes that a manager at a global level market should have knowledge of the latest business trends and technologies and should have the willingness to change and learn. “A true manager should have knowledge of the host country, home country, and third country business scenarios. The strategy we follow combined with the annual international study tour program and our Summer Internship program helps our students to be effective and competent managers” says Dr. Raghu Naga Prabhakar Kalepu, Director,  Aurora’s Business School. ABS strictly follows world-class teaching learning practices that largely comprise of interactive and experiential pedagogies. The institution’s innovations include a variety of pedagogies, such as peer teaching, crowd learning, business incubation, and business days. Additionally, the students are provided ample space for innovation with a supporting faculty and management. The students are encouraged to think out-of-box thinking when dealing with case studies and analysis, which are done almost on a daily basis. Similarly, the very first session of the day is earmarked for a wrap of major business news covered in 5 of the leading business dailies, i.e., The Economic Times, Business Standard, Business Line, Mint, and Financial Express. ABS provides one business daily each to all its students, thus encouraging discussions and debates. This further makes the students aware of the latest developments in the industry.

ABS takes pride in its faculty that comprise mentors who are always abreast of the current global trends in the business industry, knowledge of emerging technologies, and the trends in business education. Moreover, the industry-oriented teachers at the institute are encouraged to be student-centric. ABS ensures that the quality of the faculty is toned-up through a variety of inputs like attending professional meets, organizing, and attending management development programs, pursuing and guiding research, publications, and through regularly arranging guest lectures. “Our faculty and students are members of NHRD Network, IMA, HMA. We ensure that adroit teachers are hired for emerging topics that we keep adding to our coursework. We have faculty with credentials from top schools and universities,” adds the Director

Aptly Guiding Entrepreneurs and Business Managers

ABS believes in providing personal attention to the students due to variations in their learning abilities, motivational levels and previous education.  ABS provides personalized attention through tutorials, counseling sessions, and through mentoring. The academic needs of the students are assessed through a continuous feedback both formal and informal, every trimester. The institute ascertains these feedbacks by asking students about their career goals, and then guiding them accordingly. ABS understands that not all its students would like to join the industry as employees, hence, for those aspiring to land prominent jobs; the institute provides specialized add-on courses, like Cambridge English coaching and certification. Then, to those who are planning to be entrepreneurs, the institute organizes workshops and mentoring sessions. Entrepreneurship is considered as an important career and the institute attracts a large number of students from business faculties from all over India due to the quality of training that it provides for entrepreneurship. ABS’s curriculum is constantly updated in tune with the global business developments.

ABS houses an R&D cell that is engaged in carrying research and helping students in fine tuning their methodologies. The R&D cell brings out a number of publications including two monthly newsletters & a quarterly journal named as Finscape, Akshara, and Aurora’s Journal of Management. These newsletters prepare Business news that is ready for the faculty and students to use. Similarly, ABS encourages the students and faculty to take up collaborative research, and also sponsors the faculty for pursuing Ph.D.

Since B-school graduates are viewed by us creators for the wealth of the nation, the institute trains them to be ethical so that no matter whether the students land their dream jobs or start their own business idea, they always deal with practices that are ethical and healthy. They are also given projects that relate to social service and community welfare. In this process, ABS contributes to the society by producing well-rounded business management professionals, who can help society progress both economically and socially, and thus, ABS missions to produce cutting edge professionals with ethical edge. Moving ahead, the institute intends to become the number one business school in South India in the next 3 years.

Meet the Director

Dr. Raghu Naga Prabhakar Kalepu, Director ABS

Awarded with a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Management Studies from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Dr. Raghu Naga Prabhakar Kalepu, have conducted many research studies in his academic and professional career in the streams of Services Marketing, Marketing Management, Management Information Systems, and Human Resource Management etc. The director has also dealt with various administrative responsibilities during his professional and academic career.