Shaping Professionals Rather Than Jobseekers


At this age and day, what is required of an able MBA graduate? Being in touch with current business affairs, thinking on their feet, informed decision making skills, critical thinking and analytical skills, ease and ability to collaborate with and lead teams, emotional intelligence, capacity to work under pressure, and a strong sense of accountability; these are but some of the few elements that corporate players look into while hiring an MBA candidate. Thankfully, the visionaries at GITAM Hyderabad Business School are aware of these demands and have been helping students to ace the competition.

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, popularly known as GITAM was founded in 1980 by an inspired group of eminent intellectuals and industrialists of Andhra Pradesh led by Dr. M.V.V.S.Murthi, Former Member of Parliament and popular philanthropist. Hyderabad Business School (HBS), GITAM University, strives to build itself as an institution of quality management education, research, executive training development, and consultancy. The institute currently offers MBA programme with dual specialization in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations & Supply Chain Management, and Business Analytics; UG programmes viz., BBA, BBA (Management Accounting) in collaboration with CIMA, and B.Com (Hons) in collaboration with ACCA; research programmes viz., MPhil and PhD in management studies; and an Executive MBA programme.

Working closely with experts from the industry, GITAM HBS updates their curriculum every year. Incorporating application-oriented teaching through case studies and market research, GITAM HBS equips them with critical thinking and analytical skills to deal with real-life business situations. “We provide rigorous training in ethics and soft skills, and also actively encourage them to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to hone their leadership and team building skills,” says Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Dean & Director, GITAM Hyderabad Business School.

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Innovation as a Subject
Focusing on ample cognizance toward innovation, GITAM HBS offers Innovation Management as a course in the MBA programme. As a result, the students are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas for incubation. Additionally, workshops are conducted on business plan preparation and entrepreneurship, and GITAM HBS does not hesitate to allocate any resource to students for their trials at innovation. Aiming to expose students to real world corporate challenges, GITAM HBS invites industry experts for lectures. Similarly, GITAM HBS facilitates a holistic interaction with them through industry visits. In fact, the institute mandates that 25% of syllabus in any course is to be handled by faculty from industry. Apart from this, latest real-life corporate cases are examined in the classroom.

Albeit the fact that the faculty at GITAM HBS are excellent researchers, who periodically publish books, research papers, and cases in national and international journals, and participate in conferences, GITAM HBS insists that the faculty attend the Faculty Development Programmes that are organized on contemporary business perspectives, pedagogical practices, and research methodologies. This helps the GITAM HBS team to stay ahead in their game and effectively mentor individuals.

GITAM HBS does not believe in the approach of ‘one size fits all,’ hence, it sits its students through a standard competency mapping exercises and psychometric tests to understand their true capabilities. The faculty mentors then monitor their progress throughout their tenure at GITAM HBS and counsel them from time to time “Our training programmes proceed to build on their strengths and fix the gaps that they might have accumulated till then. Our goal is to make them completely self-aware as far as their professional competencies are concerned and provide enough opportunities to hone their strengths and address their weaknesses,” adds Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar.

GITAM Hyderabad Business School holds research as an integral part of the academic activities. Therefore, the students are exposed to the latest research in management studies day in and day out. Apart from the summer internship and final project, the students are given project assignments in their chosen specialisation that require them to carry out research in real market. The major thrust in research, both of the faculty and the students, is on originality and innovation. “It is the excellent research carried out by our faculty and the publications that they bring out that helps to scale up the quality of their teaching too,” adds the proud Dean.

Believing in diversity, the institution does not uphold the notion of creating jobseekers, but individuals who excel in whatever they chose to do. However, GITAM HBS do house an Entrepreneurship Cell within the campus that is headed by a senior faculty member who organises interactive workshops with senior entrepreneurs and Start-up founders, and orients students for entrepreneurial spirit, in parallel with academic training. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the cell, GITAM HBS revels in the success of its alumni who have set up enterprises like an industrial flooring company, restaurants, fitness gyms, and manufacturing unit of electronics. A testimony to the efficaciousness of the GITAM HBS Entrepreneurship Cell is that the alumni members come back to their alma mater for further advice.

Going further, the institute intends to strengthen the Incubation Centre at GITAM HBS to encourage and support more entrepreneurs. Excited to set new milestones and benchmarks in the education domain, GITAM HBS is launching MBA (FinTech) and BBA (Business Analytics) with effect from the young minds.

Meet the Dean

Dr. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Dean & Director of Hyderabad Business School, GITAM, brings with him 27 years of experience in industry and teaching. A Commerce graduate, Dr YLK, as he is fondly known, has launched several successful brands nationally in the Pharmaceutical Industry during his nine years in the industry. Dr YLK has also taught marketing courses at IIT Chennai and IFMR Chennai, and IIM (Vizag), and has published several articles in the area of Marketing and Brand Management.