100 Cube’ startup initiative of IIT-Bhubaneswar inaugurated by Education Minister


Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the Research and Entrepreneurship Park at IIT-Bhubaneswar on Sunday. The project aims to support 100 startups to achieve a valuation of Rs 100 crore each by Odisha’s centenary in 2036. To facilitate this goal, the park will provide crucial resources, mentorship, seed funding, and networking opportunities with potential investors. It was announced that the park’s expansion from its current 20,000-square-foot area to around 80,000-square-foot over the next two years will receive Rs 130 crore in support, as per an official statement.

Pradhan underscored the significance of the 100-Cube Start-up Initiative in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of Odisha and India by fostering a conducive ecosystem. He encouraged entrepreneurs across the nation to engage in such endeavors and urged higher education institutions in Odisha and Eastern India to participate in the initiative, as stated in the official announcement.