36th Gyan Deeksha ceremony celebrated at Dev Sanskriti Vshwavidalaya (DSVV)


Dev Sanskriti Vshwavidalaya is committed towards inculcating values in youth. Swami Vivekananda once said that supreme value of the youth period is incalculable and indescribable. The life of Youth is the most precious life. Saluting this precious life of youth DSVV has taken a lead for the initiation or invocation ceremony .

We all have heard of convocation ceremony but it is the time to welcome higher education students, which is marked by “GyanDeeksha”, Gyan Deeksha is the initiation of Knowledge and is held at the beginning of every session. The ceremony includes salutation to the Omnipresent, along with chanting of Vedic Mantras. The students and the teachers together promise and commit that they together would work in harmony for maintaining the healthy environment at the campus. This invocation ceremony is for both the teachers and the students. Both make the commitment that they would perform their duties and would not neglect it. Students commit that they would never misuse the facilities provided to them and would respect their teachers and elders in the campus. Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidalaya is the first University  which conducts this invocation ceremony.

This year the session is marked by the 36th gyan deeksha ceremony and the dignitaries present were Hon Chancellor Sir Dr.Pranav Pandya, Vice Chancellor Shri. Sharad Pardhy, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr.Chinmay Pandya, Chief guests Minister of Higher education ,Uttrakhand Dr.Dhansingh Rawat and Shri.Madan Kaushik, Cabinet minister, minister for Urban development Uttrakhand, Registrar Shri.Baldau Dewangan  attended the ceremony.