5 reasons to have a child education plan this Children’s Day


Uncertainties are an inevitable part of our lives, but managing it efficiently by pre-plan your child’s life could provide a shield against such uncertainties. It totally depends on how you predict your adverse circumstances and be prepared for that.

Education is the most important and expensive part of your child’s future, and as parents, you will never want your child to compromise on your dreams just because of lack of finances. Child insurance or a child education plan can make it easy for you. It acts as a protection, saving and investment plan for your child.

What is a child education plan?
It is a systematic saving plan in which you need to invest a particular amount of money according to your expected financial requirements and education inflation rate prevailing in the country. It is a saving plan by you, as parents, to ensure your child’s future even in your absence.

Why is a child education plan important?
Your child’s education is important, and to fulfil their dreams finance to fund their education is much more important. This children’s day, let your child develop wings to fly and ensure that lack of financial resources couldn’t become a roadblock in your child’s dreams.

Increasing cost of education
The education inflation is increasing at the second highest rate followed by healthcare expenses inflation. As parents, you need to ensure that your child’s education should not be compromised due to any unfortunate reason. Insuring your child’s education is a way you can beat inflation and keep a corpus of money for your child’s dream college.

Uncertainties can knock your door anytime
As we have already mentioned, the demise of any parents could be the most possible unfortunate mishap that can happen to a child. Your child would require financial assistance along with emotional assistance.

There are a few education policies that provide you with a premium waiver benefit. If any of the parents dies during the policy, children do not have to pay further premiums.