A Unique Effort towards Shaping the Society, KREA University


When a group of stellar academicians, industrialists, and intellectuals come together to work towards an effort to reimagine the education system, a university like Krea comes into existence. Krea University aims to enable students to become agile, ethical and purposeful leaders in a world that are increasingly driven by complex and changing paradigms of human-human, human-machine, and human-environment relationships.

Krea means an action-oriented approach in Sanskrit, thus following the true roots of the foundation of the university, the faculty, and the management works towards providing an ‘interwoven learning’ to the students, which weaves together creativity and action, arts and sciences, theory and practice. The university is a vibrant, collaborative learning community facilitated on the smart and secure campus at Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. The students passing out from Krea are converted from students to trained professionals, with confidence and the right attitude towards the society and most importantly a sense of ethics anchoring any action they take in their personal or professional lives.

Vision for the 21st Century and Beyond

A not-for-profit endeavor, IFMR Society was set up in 1970 focused on research, training, and education in the areas of macro and microeconomics, finance and management including a full-fledged B-School. Krea University houses the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS), which offers a B.A/B.Sc. degree and the IFMR – Graduate School of Business (IFMR GSB). In addition, the university offers 3-year residential programs in BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons). The current list of majors offered under BA (Hons) includes Economics, History, Social Studies, Politics, Arts and Literature, while the list of majors offered under BSc (Hons) includes Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Psychology.

Krea University is a unique effort, specifically conceived and designed to address the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Each course at Krea contains core values of ethics, excellence, inclusivity and accountability which will be interwoven into the curriculum. “Through continuous exposure to these principles, students’ ability to think holistically will get reiterated and reaffirmed throughout their course of study” – making them adaptable and agile for a dynamic world.

Reputed and Expert Faculty

To create a unique learning experience for the students, the management at Krea selects scholars, teachers, and researchers who are at the top of their respective fields to help students in their learning curve. The faculty at Krea comprises of lecturers/teachers, who were formerly teaching in top universities across the world.

The teachers focus on delivering an engaging experience to students in the classroom while being equally committed to producing top-quality research”, stated Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, the VC of Krea University. He concluded his comment on the teachers of Krea by saying – “Krea also has ‘professors of practice’ in various fields who bring their real-world experience to the classroom and provide students with various perspectives.

Faculty act as mentors and encourage students to explore their various interests guiding them towards ethical and transparent decision making. Give enough advice and training so that the students strive towards achieving extraordinary standards of excellence while celebrating diversity and inclusivity. The curriculum, pedagogy ensures that Krea’s graduates are well trained and equipped to create positive, catalytic impact in a dynamic and diverse world.

A Campus to Stimulate Learning

Located on a sprawling campus of 3,00,000sq.ft at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, the campus currently accommodates over500 students with contemporary educational and recreational infrastructure. Krea is spread over 40 acres and the ‘smart’ campus is designed to stimulate learning and interaction among students. The ‘smart’ campus comprises of tech-enabled classrooms, latest learning tools, and research facilities, the campus is also a hub of ample space and infrastructure for sporting, cultural and leisure-related activities.

All the labs at Krea are well-equipped and dedicated learning centers for writing; quantitative reasoning, ethics, and social business are set-up on the campus. The Media Lab at Krea University is a space for students to encounter the unlimited possibilities of visualization and spatial design. Sound-scaping, recording and mixing along with cutting-edge VR and AR hardware and software platforms helps them visualize almost anything that they can dream of.

Krea University endorses a broad-based learning ecosystem that is created to enrich every student’s learning aspiration, with facilities like a well-stocked library, open-air theatre, student lounges, sports facilities, and fitness centers.

A distinguished college professor of International Economics from Middlebury College, Dr. Sunder is thorough academician with special interests in research and development in the field of economics. He is an author of various books and articles, and has contributed towards Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Systems, and Applied Economics by writing valuable journals. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Purdue University (USA) and with the current passion and experience towards bettering the economics of the society, as a VC of Krea University, he strives hard day-in and day-out for making Krea University a pioneer in quality higher education.