ABV – Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management (ABV-IIITM) – Promoting Global Academic Excellence


Considering the rapid evolution, the business schools of the world are undergoing, working relentlessly towards equipping their respective students with the knowledge and skillsets needed in today’s time. In that very scenario, the Indian b-school scene has grown manifold subsequently as well, understanding the importance of different skills or abilities a 21st-century business leader must be equipped with. Moreover, with today’s recruiters looking for expert generalists, rather than specialists, students are pushed towards outperforming on all aspects in their respective course periods and beyond.

One such premier institute of quality tech-management teaching and learning, which has proved itself to be listed among one of the leading institutions in Gwalior and the country – ABV – Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management (ABV-IIITM) presents itself as a welcome ray of hope during these gloomy times of the pandemic. Initially started as IIITM, the tech-management institute was prefixed with ABV in 2002, in the honor of the then PM of India – Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee. Situated ideally in Gwalior – MP, ABV-IIITM is an autonomous institution set by the Government of India, and well in sync with every rule and regulation set by the MHRD ministry of India.

Founded with an aim of facilitating research-based higher education to the masses, the institute also gives consultancy in areas of IT and Business Management. Hosting a 4-year integrated program in IT and Management, along with B. Tech and M. Tech programs for all, industry-interactions are an integral part of the day-to-day lives of everyone present on the campus. In pursuance of the vision of the institute, the effect of emerging technologies is felt across the whole curriculum and the pedagogy at the institute. Carefully integrating technologies and management in a complete cross-cultural environment, ABV-IIITM along with all its elements strives towards shaping students into innovation-filled professionals and entrepreneurs. The management institute has also been featured in our magazine, as the Business School of the Year 2020.

A cross-cultural approach to education

Boasting of a faculty, who are also trained and experienced industry professionals, ABV-IIITM works day and night towards serving society, one student at a time. Pushing the boundaries of conventional tech-management teaching and learning, an academic council exists on the campus, which is a totally integrated mixture consisting of internal faculty members, industry experts, and external faculty belonging to reputed national institutes. This academic council works together in pursuit of curating the best curriculum, addressing all the needs and demands of the current market. Moreover, considering the current pandemic situation the world is facing, the institute has effortlessly adapted to the new-norm, all thanks to the already existing IT-infrastructure present on campus.

Talking to us about the whole working ethos present on the campus of ABV-IIITM, Dr. Manoj Kumar Dash, the spokesperson of the institute and Prof. Rajendra Sahu, the Director, gave us time out of their busy schedules and took us on a verbal tour of the institute. In one such instance, when questioned about the uniqueness of ABV-IIITM, Prof. Shahu stated – “We adhere to unique educational and administrative methods, which have evolved since its inception”. He also put light on the core principles and values followed on campus, by saying – “All the endeavors carried out in our institute involve adequate analysis of processes across various branches of tech-management, and thus, has contributed severely to the evolvement of methodologies”. Through the conversation we also learned about the excellent academic environment which prevails at the institute, in turn, encouraging students to learn at every level. Enunciating this very point and putting light on the main value followed at ABV, Dr. Dash quoted – “Freedom of thought and expression is of utmost importance across every endeavor carried out at ABV-IIITM”.

Keeping the approach to the course curation very unique and making sure compartmentalization of branches or programs hardly happens, the institute has boosted more interactive and analytical teaching methods. Encouraging learners to go beyond textbooks, labs, and libraries, all the students are motivated to think proactively and take up even the most challenging assignments with confidence. Endorsing a totally inclusive atmosphere on campus, student-student interactions are part of the curriculum, thereby, providing students with the right amount of skills and capabilities to excel as all-rounded personalities of tomorrow.

A continuous process of learning and growth

Showing the whole world how an interlinked & cross-disciplinary education can be imparted with ease, ABV-IIITM makes sure every person on campus gets adequate teachings in the usage and applications of Information Tech, needed by today’s professionals. Believing that student assessment is a continuous process, all the students are subjected to assignments, classroom tests, laboratory tasks, presentations, projects, and quizzes. Furthermore, being a complete Moodle-abled campus, the management has made sure that every acre out of the 186-acre campus is utilized for students’ benefit and growth.

All in all, being a hub where becoming self-reliant and confident is taught in every class/lecture, the students are slowly inculcated with a spirit of leadership and adaptability. Also, being home to new and upgraded courses, with n-number of electives to choose from, ABV-IIITM, is right on its path of becoming a haven for all-rounded development. Lastly, with all the efforts the management is putting in towards student development, including the initiation of Placement Cell, TIIC Cell, Startup Cell & an exclusive E-Cell, strong-industry connections help students get the best of both the worlds. Moreover, with 70% of companies getting retained each year for the placement drives and opportunities, the students graduating from ABV-IIITM will indeed play a vital role in the digital global economy. The management institute has also been featured in our magazine, as the Business School of the Year 2020.

Prof. Rajendra Sahu – Director

One of the most important personalities at ABV-IIITM, Prof. Sahu has been in the teaching profession for the past 20 years. His closely involved relations with industrial consultancy projects, and serving as an external Consultant for IIT, Kharagpur, resulted in him publishing 90 papers in his areas of proficiency and interest, where his primary areas of interest were Systems Approach to Management, Business Process Management, Business Analytics, e-Commerce, and IT enabled Services. Furthermore, with Management Consultancy being his forte, he as the director of ABV-IIITM acts as a role model for his fellow colleagues and students, helping and guiding them on all fronts, encouraging better a knowledge-filled life of learning.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dash – Spokesperson & TIIC Cell Head

A man of experience, and renowned expert in the field of IT & management, Dr. Manoj Kumar Dash has published over 76 research papers in various journals, be it of national or international repute. Besides being a regular faculty in the Indian Institute of Information technology and Management Gwalior, he is also visiting faculty in the Indian Institute of Management Indore, Adjunct faculty in Lancaster University the United Kingdom, visiting professor at Symbiosis Institute of Operation Management Nashik, and G. D. Goenka World institute Gurgaon. He also has conducted 26 Faculty Development Programs sponsored by AICTE, MHRD, and IIITM on Multivariate Analysis, Econometrics, Research Methodology, Multi-Criteria Optimization, Multivariate analysis in Marketing, SPSS software, etc. He was involved as Chair Member in International Conference of Arts and Science held at Harvard University, Boston (USA), and under his able guidance – Five Research scholars were awarded their Ph.D.