Academy of Applied Arts


Academy of Applied Arts

There is an urgent need for design masters in a world where form and function dance spectacularly together. Imagine living in a world where your living space not only reflects your personality, but also inspires jealousy in the most prestigious Parisian galleries. Imagine a retail environment that is more than simply a store and is instead an immersive experience where every nook cries, “Welcome, explore, be amazed!”

Enter the world of the Academy of Applied Arts, where innovation is not just valued but also the lifeblood of everything. This institute serves as a light of brilliance, a guiding star for individuals who dare to transform settings into living, breathing works of art in a cosmos that is quickly changing from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We’re not dealing with just any ordinary institution here, as the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship nods in satisfaction. This NIESBUD-recognized academy is more than simply a place to learn; it’s also a launching pad for visionaries, a crucible for innovators, and a playground for those who aspire to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Academy of Applied Arts in a Nutshell

The Academy of Applied Arts, established in 2010, heralded a groundbreaking milestone in Interior Design education. It stands as a distinctive institution wholly committed to the discipline of Interior Design. As the educational counterpart of the flourishing interior design firm ‘Transform Design,’ its objective from the outset was to establish an exemplary benchmark for Interior Design education that harmonized with the burgeoning demands of the industry in the expanding economy.

Progressing on the mission which is centered on establishing careers and setting high standards in interior design education, Academy of Applied Arts prioritizes the greater good and progression by consistently meeting the rising expectations of the discerning clientele. In a world where aesthetics hold unprecedented importance, and when the interior design industry is experiencing a significant surge, AAA aims to enhance this value through nurturing talented professionals.

When we had the privilege to interview Avneet Alag, the Director of the academy, we inquired about the primary emphasis of the institution. He explained, “The Academy of Applied Arts functions as a renowned institution exclusively dedicated to Interior Designing and its specialized fields, including Visual Merchandising, Retail Design, Luxury Residential Design, Furniture Design, and Event Exhibition Design.” He went on to add, “Our Interior Designing Programs at the Academy of Applied Arts are thoughtfully designed to nurture vital skills in students, enabling them to excel in the conception, design, and visualization of various spatial environments.”

Nurturing Excellence through Diverse Expertise

The Academy of Applied Arts holds the belief that the quality of an institute is fundamentally tied to the caliber of its educators. Recognizing that Interior design encompasses both artistic and scientific dimensions, the academy is steadfast in its commitment to furnish students with a thorough practical understanding in both domains.

In pursuit of providing the finest education, the academy employs a distinctive approach: each student receives instruction from a diverse array of teachers for their chosen course. This strategy ensures that students acquire a deep comprehension of each subject, benefiting from the expertise of top professionals in their respective fields. For instance, teaching the intricacies of building construction demands a different set of skills compared to instructing in furnishings or software. This underscores the vast scope of the discipline, resulting in a faculty that boasts a wide spectrum of qualifications, skills, practice, experience, and levels of expertise.

Moreover, every student is matched with a dedicated mentor. These mentors not only refine the individual talents of their mentees but also offer guidance throughout project phases, bridging the divide between theory and real-world application.

The academy’s devoted cadre of educators, many of whom have served for over a decade, has played a pivotal role in its journey to attain a position of esteemed credibility. Their consistent contributions have been instrumental in nurturing the growth and accomplishment of the academy’s students.

A Legacy of Excellence

The institution is a pioneer in Interior Design education in India, boasting a legacy of over 12 years. It emphasizes that Interior Design is a seamless fusion of art and science, dedicated to crafting spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functionally efficient. To embark on a career in this field, one must possess a wellspring of originality, limitless creativity, and a profound well of inspiration to optimize available space. The institution offers an extensive array of campus programs, including the Professional Diploma in Interior Design (PROID), the Undergraduate Program in Interior Design (UGPID), the Postgraduate Program in Interior Design (PGPID), as well as specialized courses like Advanced Diploma in Visual Merchandising (ADVM), Advanced Diploma in Luxury Residential Design (ADLRD), Advanced Diploma in Furniture Design (ADFD), and Foundation Diploma in Interior Design (FDID). In addition, the institution extends its reach to virtual learners across the globe, providing real-time, engaging classes through video conferencing platforms. Virtual students receive the same high-quality instruction and industry insights as their on-campus counterparts. They actively participate in market research, site visits, and coverage of notable projects, gaining an immersive experience that equips them to seamlessly adapt to market trends. The virtual program portfolio encompasses a Diploma in Interior Architecture & Styling spanning 15 months, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Architecture & Styling lasting 18 months. With this diverse range of programs, the institution is committed to nurturing the future of Interior Design, transcending geographical barriers, and preparing students to excel as industry-ready professionals.

Innovative Curriculum and Industry Integration

The Academy places a strong emphasis on curriculum evolution, ensuring its ongoing relevance to the dynamic industry landscape. Scheduled curriculum reviews are integral events, approached with utmost seriousness to maintain a competitive edge by seamlessly incorporating emerging trends. Following this, there is a critical phase dedicated to internalizing and institutionalizing these innovations, meticulously executed through a well-defined process. The success of this implementation is rigorously assessed and shared among the faculty as well as with the Academy leadership.

At the heart of our programs lie distinctive features such as industry events, immersive industry visits, collaborative projects, and comprehensive market surveys. These elements serve as defining characteristics across all our offerings. A specialized division, known as the ‘Cultural and Experience’ vertical, takes charge of conceptualizing, executing, and continuously monitoring these tailored learning experiences to ensure enduring success. Since its inception, industry internships have stood as the cornerstone of all our programs. They represent the most extensive hands-on exposure available to students, affording them invaluable practical experience and skill refinement alongside their academic pursuits.

Strategies for Real-World Learning at the Academy

Facilitating connections and partnerships with businesses, brands, and companies is fundamental to the Academy’s commitment to providing students with hands-on, real-world opportunities. These collaborations play a pivotal role in enhancing students’ educational experiences, arming them with practical skills, and preparing them for their future careers. The Academy employs a multifaceted approach to nurturing these connections:

Firstly, industry internships are established by partnering with leaders in various industries across India. This proves to be an exceptionally effective method for students to apply their classroom learning in practical settings, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Additionally, the Academy invites professionals from well-established brands in the industry to deliver guest lectures or participate in panel discussions. This offers students invaluable real-world perspectives and opens doors to valuable networking opportunities.

The career services offices at the Academy are actively engaged in connecting with businesses to help students find job opportunities, connect with alumni in the workforce, and attend networking events, providing essential support in launching their careers.

Sponsored projects and competitions are encouraged, offering students practical challenges and chances to showcase their skills. The Academy also often sponsors these projects to foster and showcase student abilities.

Furthermore, leveraging the extensive alumni network within the industry proves invaluable. Alumni serve as mentors, provide job openings, and offer guidance to current students, facilitating meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

The Academy encourages, sponsors, and integrates students into networking events, conferences, and specialized workshops that bring together students, faculty, and industry professionals. These platforms serve as a fertile ground for forging significant connections and collaborative ventures.

Lastly, students are encouraged to participate in hands-on projects in partnership with businesses as part of their academic coursework. These projects provide practical solutions to industry challenges, affording students priceless experience in real-world scenarios.

Avneet S Alag – Director

Mr. Avneet Alag, the founder director of the Academy of Applied Arts, brings a wealth of expertise in Retail and Visual Merchandising, particularly in lights and fixtures. With a professional journey that began in 2004, he garnered five years of experience in the Retail sector before joining Transform Design, India’s second-largest retail design company, in the latter half of 2009. Recognizing the growing significance of Visual Merchandising and Retail Design in India’s retailing landscape, the Academy was established in 2010 to address the lack of information and scarcity of talent in these crucial fields. Since its inception, the Academy has been dedicated to providing top-notch education in these emerging yet potentially dynamic domains. Following two successful years of operation, the Academy expanded with a campus in North Delhi’s Kamla Nagar area, witnessing a surge in student enrollment. This marked the beginning of the Academy’s onward journey, with subsequent years seeing further expansion. In 2013, a knowledge center was established in Guwahati in collaboration with Jugeswar Centre for Retail Excellence (JCRE), followed by a campus in Chandigarh in 2014. The year 2015 saw the opening of another knowledge center in Raipur, named Alright Learning, located in Tagore Nagar, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. In 2016, the Academy achieved a significant milestone by receiving recognition from NISEBUD, an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. Additionally, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the esteemed Young Woman Catholic Association (YWCA) for the exclusive training of interior design programs.