Academy of Applied Arts (AAA) – Innovative Design Learning


Efficient use of the limited space available is the need of the hour in our society today. No doubt, companies operating in this sector are on an active lookout for interior designers with a creative bent. The scope of the interior design company in India is fairly broad since the building sector appears to be on the rise, and with the Indian economy rapidly expanding, the society demands qualified interior design experts. Academy of Applied Arts (AAA), operating as one of the new-age institutes that produces and will continue to produce design experts of tomorrow, has clearly seen this demand, and continues to strive on this very pursuit of societal upliftment.

By helping budding interior and retail designers refine their design knowledge and skills, and in the process allowing them to channel their creative gifts into something commercially productive, Academy of Applied Arts (AAA) is invariably opening up several professional avenues for their students and equipping them with the skill sets that help them to thrive and succeed in the real world. AAA is a premium organization that promotes strong fundamental knowledge which inspires students to nurture their imagination and ideas and is recognized under NIESBUD which is an autonomous institute of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, (Govt. Of India).

Creating industrial proficiency
Providing topmost education is the priority of AAA, where the academy supports and nurtures all present on the campus, with an inclusive environment coupled with the extensive in-depth knowledge, ensuring accelerated learning. All the programs are intensive and incorporated with practical experiential tools, where, fifty percent of the course time is devoted to practical workshops. These workshops provide much needed hands-on experience that helps students vastly improve their performance. Along with that, students are provided with internships/placements with reputed brands/channel partners, displaying the impressive industry-academia bond the academy has with top brands and corporates.

Giving applied arts education an all-new meaning, practical-aspects of teaching/learning are nurtured at the academy. With every batch of students being assigned to one mentor, students find role models in their very own teachers. Guiding them & helping them on all fronts, be it personal talents or academic prowess, students learn to make the most of each opportunity thrown at them, absorbing all of the required knowledge and expertise from their mentors. Also, with the same faculty members continuing to be a part of the team for more than over 5 years, an atmosphere of inclusivity is felt across all the corners of the academy.

Given the strong connection that the institute has with industry, reputed companies such as Lifestyle, Evoke, Seasons Furnishings, Luzlight, DLF, H & M, Stanley Boutique and so on, let the students complete their internships and learn the nuances of design industry while working in a real-world situation. “Our partner concern, Transform Design is one of the leading Interior Designing firms in India in terms of Retail and Luxury residential designs. This partnership lets us share vast knowledge and experience and eventually this benefits the future designers,” says Avneet S Alag, the Director of the academy. Adding to his above statement, and talking about how AAA is a standalone and unique entity in the field of interior design, he stated – “The school has introduced Project-based learning wherein students are required to take up projects to support the theory which they have been taught so as to provide the practical exposure and make them industry read”.

The curriculum is designed in a way that enables even the students from non-interior designing background to imbibe the necessary creativity and the skill set by the end of the program. Offering a wide array of interior designing courses with specializations in subjects such as Advanced Diploma in Visual Merchandising (ADVM), Advanced Diploma In Luxury Residential Design (ADLRD), Advanced Diploma in Furniture Design(ADFD), Advanced Diploma In Event & Exhibition Design (ADEED) and Foundation Diploma In Interior Design (FDID). The expert faculty members of the institute start the courses from the basics to strengthen the foundation and gradually move to the advanced level. The course duration of the classes is also kept to make sure that the students get ample time to work on design and complete their assignments.

The excellent infrastructure of the institute which has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the Interior Design Industry also greatly adds up to heighten the student’s overall experience. From time to time, considering keeping the students motivated, they arrange several fun workshops. Additionally AAA organizes educational trips and students are taken to places where they can learn about the evolution of art and architecture in India. Having witnessed success in terms of generating quality graduates and maintaining the standard of education, the institute has numerous goals which are lined up to be achieved in coming years including envisioning footprints all over Asia and emerging as one of the leading global institutes for interior designing.

Avneet S Alag – Director
With a strong background in retail, visual merchandising, expertise in lighting and also designing and executing a number of visual merchandising projects for renowned brands and esteemed clients, Avneet S Alag practices and teaches visual merchandising and retail design at Academy of Applied Arts. His expertise has helped numerous students to shape great careers for themselves in the field of retail and interior design. Other than being a driving force for the Academy, he is also an eminent speaker for Retailers Association of India. With backgrounds in practicing and teaching interior design, interior & spatial psychology, visual merchandising and retail design, his specialization lies in providing bespoke solutions in the field of premium living and retail by studying lifestyle patterns, personal preferences and social living. His experience goes across three continents and a plethora of lifestyles and formats.