Acharya Institute of Innovation and Transformation


In a time where technological innovation is at its all time peak, the intersection of technology, design, and creativity has become increasingly important. In this pursuit, the need of the hour are institutions that go beyond traditional educational boundaries to provide students with a platform to explore the possibilities of combining visual or data design with new technologies. These forward-thinking institutions understand that technology is not just a tool but an enabler for creative expression, in turn, emphasizing on the integration of design principles with technological advancements.

One notable example of such an institution is the Acharya Institute of Innovation and Transformation (Acharya – IIT). Situated in Mysuru, Karnataka, Acharya – IIT stands out as an exemplary institute that embraces the fusion of technology, design, and creativity. And, with a strong focus on fostering innovation, Acharya – IIT encourages students to explore the frontiers of visual and data design while leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Rapidly emerging as the top destination for students looking to hone their skills after completing their PU education. With a focus on providing quality education and guaranteed employment opportunities, Acharya IIT offers degree courses in various specializations, making it an ideal choice for students from different streams.

Acharya IIT is known for its emphasis on practical learning through Project Based Learning. Unlike traditional education systems that rely heavily on theory exams, Acharya IIT believes in imparting knowledge through hands-on experience and real-world applications. This approach ensures that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also develop practical skills that are essential in today’s competitive job market.

A distinctive aspect of Acharya IIT is its admission process for architecture-related courses. Unlike many institutions, it does not require students to undertake national-level entrance exams like NATA or CET. Instead, Acharya IIT conducts its own entrance exam and evaluates students based on their academic performance in previous studies. This approach alleviates the pressure on students and provides opportunities for those who may not excel in traditional entrance exams.

Additionally, Acharya IIT values inclusivity by welcoming diploma students and individuals with equivalent qualifications. These students have the option to join the courses directly from the third semester, enabling individuals from diverse educational backgrounds to benefit from the institute’s programs and pursue their passions in the fields of architecture and technology.

Empowering Students with Skills for the Digital Age

The faculty at Acharya IIT, led by renowned Prof. Acharya, is committed to providing quality education and nurturing students’ talents. The team includes experienced professionals like Prof. Sunny Daniel, Assistant Professors Pavithra P, Saikiran R Shet, and Niranjan Prakash, as well as industry experts who bring practical knowledge to the classroom.

The faculty at Acharya IIT, led by renowned Prof. Acharya, is committed to providing quality education and nurturing students’ talents. The team includes experienced professionals like Prof. Sunny Daniel, Assistant Professors Pavithra P, Saikiran R Shet, and Niranjan Prakash, as well as industry experts who bring practical knowledge to the classroom.

Acharya IIT offers a diverse range of degree courses. The Digital Architecture program focuses on digital modeling, BIM, computational design, and sustainable building practices. It provides students with a strong foundation in digital design and building technology, preparing them for careers in architecture and construction. Similarly, the Vedic Architecture course explores Vastu Shastra and ancient Vedic knowledge, emphasizing harmony between individuals, the environment, and the universe. Graduates gain a deep understanding of Vedic architecture, enabling them to pursue careers in architecture and interior design. The Cybersecurity and Data Science program equips students with skills in data protection, analysis, and interpretation. The curriculum covers mathematics, statistics, programming languages, cybersecurity principles, and more, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for careers in data science and cybersecurity. Finally, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course focuses on developing intelligent machines and systems, covering mathematics, programming languages, and machine learning models. Graduates acquire strong programming and machine learning skills, positioning them for careers in AI and data science.

Furthermore, AIIT stands out when compared to its competitors because of its innovative course curriculum, which is meticulously crafted in-house and endorsed by industry experts and the university board. “Our unique curriculum focuses on skill-based courses and nurtures students to become intrapreneurs, ensuring alignment with the current industry demands”, shares –  Prof. Sudhir Acharya, the Director of the Institute. He continued – “Emphasizing a practical-based approach, AIIT adopts project-based learning methodologies, with an aim of engaging students in solving real-world problems, while our pedagogical approach equips them with the necessary skills and prepares them for the challenges of the industry”.

Alongside academic pursuits, Acharya-IIT recognizes the significance of holistic development and offers life skills training, soft skills enhancement, and cultural activities. By fostering well-rounded individuals, the institute prepares its students for success in the professional world, while promoting a vibrant research culture. This commitment to research and inquiry fosters critical thinking skills among students and lays a solid foundation for those aspiring to pursue further studies.

 Beyond the Four Walls of the Classrooms

Extracurricular activities at AIIT play a vital role in the holistic development of its students. The institute firmly believes that these activities offer valuable opportunities for students to enhance their skills, explore new interests, and tap into their creative potential. Participating in debates, group discussions, public speaking, theater performances, sports, cultural fests, and community service enables students to develop essential soft skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. Moreover, engaging in extracurricular activities helps students learn effective time management, build networks with peers and seniors, and find outlets for stress relief. Thus, AIIT actively encourages students to participate in a wide range of extracurricular pursuits, ensuring their personal and professional growth.

Acharya IIT also prides itself on its international collaborations. The institute has validated agreements with esteemed institutions such as the “Chartered Institute of Architecture Technologies” in London, the “Indian Council of Astrological Science” in India, and “Beyond Education” in New Zealand. These collaborations provide students with the opportunity to pursue their studies abroad, expanding their horizons and enhancing their learning experience.

Results Speak Louder than Words

Rohit, an AIIT student, had a keen interest in pursuing a career in web development; however, he lacked the necessary skills and knowledge. The AIIT faculty and staff were quick to identify Rohit’s passion and potential, taking on the role of mentors. They dedicated their time to guiding him and providing the essential resources and training he needed. Encouraging his participation in coding competitions and hackathons further honed his skills.

Recognizing the importance of industry connections, the faculty and staff facilitated meetings between Rohit and industry experts and mentors. These experienced professionals offered valuable insights and guidance on how to pursue a successful career in web development. They also assisted Rohit in crafting a strong portfolio and resume, and facilitated introductions to potential employers.

Thanks to the unwavering support and guidance he received from the AIIT faculty and staff, Rohit secured a coveted web developer position with a prominent IT company in Bangalore within a few months of graduating. He attributes his success to the faculty and staff who not only recognized his potential but also played a significant role in helping him achieve his career goals.

 Sudhir Acharya – Director

A principal architect hailing from Udupi district, Mr. Sudhir Acharya has revolutionized construction projects through his innovative concept of using ‘rapid walls.’ With a rare combination of civil and architecture engineering skills, he has introduced a unique method that allows houses to be built using just four panels. This groundbreaking approach significantly reduces construction time and minimizes the need for a large workforce. Acharya’s journey in the field of architecture began after completing his PUC from Poorna Prajna College and pursuing a diploma in civil engineering at Manipal Polytechnic. His early experiences as a civil engineer fueled his passion for architecture, leading him to join MIT for a Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) degree. With over 12 years of experience in construction and architecture in India and the Middle East, Acharya possesses extensive expertise in planning, construction, conceptualization, autoCAD drawings, 3D imaging, vastu concepts, and implementing strategies to meet client demands. His areas of special interest include handling multistoried projects, interior layouts, traffic junction designing, and documenting heritage buildings. As the proprietor of Srusti consulting engineering bureau, he continues to make a significant impact in the field of architecture.