Aditya Group of Educational Institutions – New Beginnings, Endless Possibilities


India, today, is considered as a talent pool of the world. Having qualified and educated human resources in abundance, has been one of the prime reasons for transformation of India into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Moreover, education being one of the most important factors of emphasis across subsequent governments, led to increased literacy, school enrolment, institutions of higher learning and tech education. Also, with more and more Indians dreaming of careers in top corporates and looking forward to starting on their respective entrepreneurial journeys, an education in engineering surely guarantees a hopeful future, if worked vigorously on this very path. But, with the dawn of privatization in the education sector and with mushrooming number of engineering colleges across the length and breadth of the country, students and parents alike are stuck in a dilemma of choosing the best college/institute for their engineering endeavors. And most importantly, with the COVID-pandemic having wreaked immense havoc to the education system across the world, engineering hubs have a greater challenge at their doorsteps, to prove their prowess, in serving the students with the education they deserve. Thereby, emphasizing on one particular entity, which has taken this situation as a chance to better the whole system and truly revamp the idea of going digital – Aditya Group of Institutions, comes as a shining beacon of light to the budding engineering aspirants even in these gloomy times of turmoil.

A synonym for quality, at Aditya Educational Institutions, education is open for one and all, irrespective of the caste, creed, race or religion, or the socio-economic background. Catering to the needs of students and providing thorough platforms to boost quality education via the various aspects of education and learning, Aditya continues to stay right on its track, compared to other engineering colleges/institutes across India. Furthermore, staying well in-sync with the ever-changing world of technology, and addressing the current market trends & demands, Aditya implements and inculcates quality teaching methodologies, consistently equipping and updating the onboard faculty members, via teacher training programs and seminars.  The College also excels in making the learning ambience meaningful and successful to students, motivating learning to go beyond classrooms, laying equal emphasis on academic excellence, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

A true student-centered hub of excellence, every student has a dedicated open platform, where he/she can partake and perform in the activities to the best of their abilities, in turn, preparing them to face the outside world audaciously. Also, benefiting through and through from the impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus, students are facilitated with placement opportunities, where top MNCS are invited  to the  doorstep of Aditya, where the third & final year get to prove themselves, trying their best to enter into top corporates, ready to start their successful and meaningful careers, year after year.

Real education towards real educating

Operating under the vast umbrella of Aditya Educational Institutions, a premier promoter of quality education in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, the engineering college was founded with a clear aim of imparting the best technical education, which surpasses international standards. Enhancing their in-house academic curriculum with the right amount of emphasis being laid on applied research, value-based instruction, 6000+ staff members guide Aditya in pursuit of becoming a flag bearer of quality tech education emerging as one of the premier institutions of the country.

Ideally situated in an eco-friendly area of 180 acres, the whole campus is built around thick greenery facilitating relentless learning, close to Mother Earth. Also, facilitating easy commuting, the location is at a well-reachable distance from all the major hotspots, making Aditya Educational Institutions most preferred destination for aspiring engineers to start their academic endeavors. Consisting of the best state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, the spacious playgrounds on the campus push students towards participating in outdoor games like Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and so on. Moreover, being that place which lays the right foundation needed for a gen-z engineer in his/her progression towards becoming an all-rounded individual, both the physical and the ICT-enabled infrastructure and amenities at Aditya, boost students to outperform as complete engineers, making teaching/learning completely medium free.

When 146 Doctorates working in Science and Engineering Branches and another 63 Research Scholars who are currently pursuing Ph.D. from various Universities in India, work together in unison towards student upliftment – an educational haven like Aditya is born”, stated – Dr. N. Satish Reddy, the Vice-Chairman of the group of institutions. Helping us and budding engineers of tomorrow understand the whole working environment present at the institutions, Dr. Satish, took us on a virtual tour of Aditya, talking on various topics – from how Aditya excels at imparting the best tech-education to how it has handled the COVID-crisis in a stride. Thereby, adding to his above statement, he continued on the point of the importance of research laid at Aditya, he stated –  “Having contributed 74 high Impact Factor Journal papers, 375 Scopus Indexed Journal publications and 256 Scopus Indexed Conference publications, at Aditya research activities are encouraged all-year-round by giving incentives for paper publications based on the quality and the amount of efforts put in”. Additionally, we also learnt via the conversation that all of the patent filing charges are borne by the Management of Aditya along with providing incentives to the inventors.

Building dreams

With the whole pandemic of COVID-19 resulting in drastic changes in the life of people across the globe, Aditya was no exception. Making teaching /learning easy and congenial for the inmates of the college and helping them to execute things in a spirit of peace and tranquility,  the management made attempts by providing a peaceful and hopeful platform and visions for the future especially to the teaching fraternity. Standing with the students boosting their morale during these high times of uncertainty, the faculty acted as true mentors to students by giving them timely guidance and instilled in the students a ray of hope for their future. The faculty also tried to bridge the gaps by taking extra pains to impart their respective subjects going beyond their stipulated schedule of online teaching.

All in all, as we already know by now that Aditya envisions preparing students with the most dynamic education system, at Aditya all the students not only get a platform to excel, but are provided equal opportunities to everyone present on the campus. Lastly, with continued demand for admissions even in these times of severe war going on against a deadly virus, Aditya comes out as a bolt from the blue, all due to the increased strength shown, leaps and bounds from the past.  Also, it is clearly visible that there is a great future for both the learning and teaching fraternity in the years to come at the group of institutions. Discipline being another hallmark of Aditya, which is keeping the admissions steady year after year, the various facilities inside the college gives the parents and students a confident attitude that their wards would be in a safe and secure haven. At length, having an exceptional infrastructural premise at the offering, students at Aditya fulfill their educational cravings by developing academic excellence, coupled with values, civic responsibility, and a strong fervor of global competency. They carry every moment they spend at Aditya with them throughout, in turn giving back to society in every endeavor of their respective lives.

Dr. N. Satish Reddy – Vice Chairman

Hailing from a family of educationists and representing the Kakinada City of East Godavari District, Dr. N. Satish Reddy is a disciplinarian and a humanitarian with humble, sincere and ever helping countenance. Also, a student-friendly and a considerate personality, he works towards their weaknesses and is ever-ready to help them to come up with positive solutions to problems, consummating his skill and a natural sixth sense in assessing strong and weak points of every employee. Already a capable mediator, post completion of his MBA from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, he grew as a capable administrator as well. Coming out as that person who can lead with ease, he has guided several educational Societies, through their thick and thin. He also operates as a promoter of Distance Education through study centers of several Universities including Madurai Kamaraj University, Acharya Nagarjuna University, and lastly, as a philanthropist he serves the needy with all his might.