Ajay Prakash Shrivastava


Each passing day witnesses the emergence of exceptional individuals whose brilliance shines like stars, leaving an indelible mark on countless hearts. Among these extraordinary individuals stands Ajay Prakash Shrivastava, the Chancellor of Maharishi University of Information Technology (MUIT). His work and purpose serve as a beacon of inspiration, urging others to embrace life to its fullest potential. As we seek to honor and acknowledge these iconic leaders and game-changers, it becomes evident that Mr. Shrivastava’s visionary leadership not only transforms the educational landscape in India but also extends its impact on a global scale.

From Scratch

Mr. Shrivastava, who was born in 1955, had the honor of personally experiencing Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teachings and transforming presence. In 1961, Maharishi held a course in Rishikesh for people from India and other countries to learn about his profound philosophy and the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Mr. Shrivastava was just six years old when he enrolled. Since that time, his path and Maharishi’s teachings have been closely connected.

As there weren’t many options at the time, Ajay Prakash Shrivastava received his early education in a government school in Jabalpur where he studied chemistry. Despite having the chance to continue his education at the University of Texas in the USA, he chose to spend a lot of time with Maharishi in Europe. During this period, he traveled with him and even took up the responsibility of cooking his meals, learning invaluable lessons about his teachings and Transcendental Meditation.

Under the mentorship of distinguished scholar Dr. George Sudarshan at the University of Texas, Mr. Shrivastava embarked on his academic pursuits. It was during this time that Maharishi introduced the transformative EM3D program, centered around advanced meditation techniques. Reflecting on the profound influence of Maharishi’s teachings and their impact on mind-body coordination, Mr. Shrivastava made a life-altering decision to align his path with these principles, diverging from his physics studies. He expressed, “As my academic journey unfolded, I became increasingly aware of the immense potential for Maharishi’s teachings to benefit the scientific world.”

Moreover, during a particular phase of his academic journey, Mr. Shrivastava became resolute in delving deeper into the mysteries surrounding meditator’s ability to levitate above the ground while in a cross-legged position during meditation. His determination led him to embark on meticulous research, where he diligently recorded various meditation sessions and witnessed astonishing phenomena. To his amazement, people meditating together would inexplicably lift off the ground, defying the conventional laws of gravity. Dr. Sudarshan, accompanied by a group of distinguished scientists, acknowledged the perplexing nature of these occurrences. However, despite their profound expertise in physics, they found themselves unable to provide a conclusive explanation for these extraordinary events.

Henceforth, embracing Maharishi’s wisdom, Mr. Shrivastava chose to dedicate his time to the study of meditation, yoga, and Vedic sciences. Working closely with Maharishi, they realized that if large groups of people meditate together, it positively impacts the surrounding environment, reducing negativity and fostering positivity. This revelation and philosophy led to the establishment of schools and universities, with the underlying mission of nurturing individuals’ latent potential through proper education and transcendental meditation. And now with over 200 schools and universities in their network, the focus remains on empowering students to tap into their innate potential, envisioning a future where every individual’s unique talents contribute to positive transformation, not just in India but across the globe.

As the Chancellor

Mr. Shrivastava, the Chancellor of Maharishi University of Information Technology, adopts a philosophy of limited personal responsibility. His key duty is to supervise and provide direction to an exceptionally capable team. His top priorities include ensuring the university’s seamless functioning and adherence to government guidelines, while also fostering a sense of responsible citizenship among the students.

To manage the diverse aspects of the university, the Chancellor also oversees that they have a well-structured team. The vice-chancellor takes care of academic requirements, the registrar handles administration, and the finance officer manages finances. MUIT also has dedicated deans, who lead various departments. “My responsibility lies in ensuring that this well-oiled machinery functions seamlessly. If any part encounters issues, I act swiftly to resolve them, just like oiling a malfunctioning wheel”, exclaimed the Chancellor.

Speaking of achievements, one of the significant accomplishments of the university under Mr. Shrivastava’s capable leadership has been the establishment of an excellent campus and the formation of a competent team. Believing that the success lies in continuously introducing new courses, incorporating modern technology, and providing students with diverse options, such as pharmaceutical sciences, law, journalism, and animation, under Mr. Shrivastava every student across the university is converted into employable individuals or even entrepreneurs capable of generating employment for others.

Knowing Ajay Prakash Shrivastava

Mr. Ajay’s personal and professional lives are intertwined, as his commitment to the organization goes beyond a typical 9 to 5 job. He is part of a joint family, living together and cherishing moments with them whenever possible. Although he is not a big movie enthusiast, he enjoys staying informed about current affairs by watching the news. Additionally, Mr. Ajay relishes good food and makes time to enjoy meals with his family.