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Amal Jyothi College of Engineering – Exemplary Academic Enlightenment & Service

Being one of the most popular career options for students all over the country, engineering also happens to be the most talked-about career option. Moreover, considering the current times of the pandemic, the field of engineering has given so much to mankind, that it deserves equal credit when compared to the field of healthcare. And, as well all know, a sudden change brings uncertainty among everyone and engineering education across the globe was no exception. With the demand for trained and employable engineers at an all-time high, talented students are being churned into engineering leaders of tomorrow, by many of the top engineering institutions of India. One such premier engineering hub, which is true to its area of expertise, and which is working relentlessly through thick and thin towards benefiting society, one student at a time – Amala Jyothi College of Engineering (AJCE), fulfills the desire of an engineering student of the 21st century.

A Christian Minority Institution managed by the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirapally, the college is right on its path of becoming a center of excellence in technical higher education, research, and support services. Built on a mega complex of nearly 16.5 lakh sq. ft. built-up area overlooking the busy Kanjirapally-Erumeli stretch of the Kottayam-Sabarimala state highway, AJCE boasts of making a significant contribution to individual and societal empowerment.

Working in the pursuit of becoming a place that creates qualified world-class professionals who glorify universal unblemished truth with the help of their hard work and dedication, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering preaches quality technical education, yet, standing for enlightenment. Started in 2001, with 4 B.Tech programs, now AJCE hosts a wide range of courses with 10 B.Tech, 9 M.Tech, and 2 MCA programs, across the latest subjects and branches of today. A first new-gen engineering college in Kerala, AJCE is proud to have NBA accreditations for many of its prime departments. Also, being the first engineering college to have NAAC accreditation with an ‘A’ grade, AJCE is a hotspot of world-class infrastructure, top-flight faculty, high pass percentage, excellent placement record, and unique student projects. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Creating vibrant engineering leaders

Promoting a through and through an environment of inclusivity and holistic development, every student at AJCE is given equal opportunities to outperform on all fronts. Be it inside the classroom or outside, the students find their true calling very early on at AJCE. Faculty members acting more as gurus/mentors help and motivate every student irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds they come from, in turn, counseling them during these times of high uncertainty. Shifting the whole campus online, including the teaching/learning, lab practical sessions were shifted to a virtual platform too. Furthermore, the students were also pushed to attend online courses from renowned universities and secure certificates based on their capabilities. The college management too left no stone unturned in helping students, by enabling special provisions for students to pay fees in installments, delayed payments, and in some deserving cases – reduction in fees. Frequent online PTA meetings encouraged regular parent-teacher interaction, helping the college and the faculty mould students according to the care and need, they need and deserve. Additionally, laying enough emphasis on the concept of self-learning, initiatives like NPTEL, SWAYAM and many more have been introduced on the campus, for learning beyond the curriculum and the pedagogy.

Understanding the importance of strong industry-academia bonds, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering has become that go-to place for tie-ups with industry giants. Working in sync with many top corporates and organizations, training centers, internships, invited talks, and project opportunities, have become a norm at the engineering college. Extending their expertise into consultation and extension activities, such as water testing, concrete testing, and many more, the students are being prepared to serve the country, via their regular involvements in projects related to roads, river pollution, and agricultural development. The strong industry-relations existing on campus also boost research and development activities, laying special emphasis on large investments in research labs, and faculty members constantly being encouraged to apply for research funding. As a result, many faculty members have a Ph.D. doctorate credited to their names, acting as research guides, and motivating more research-based engineering lifetimes.

Entrusted success

Following its unique philosophy of educating in the round, abled and well-rounded individuals come out of AJCE every year. With 2 weeks minimum induction program given to every student in their respective first years, classes in etiquette and table manners has been made mandatory for all. Also, adding classes such as personality development, and involving everyone in annual retreats, freedom of religion and faith is taught across every endeavor followed at the college. Subsequently, making students realize their duty towards the country and society, students take part in social service, in turn, enhancing their philanthropic ideals, by helping the ones in need.

Besides being a haven for all-rounded development for engineers, AJCE also strives hard to serve the underprivileged and the deserving. Many students receive merit cum means scholarships, under minority community, central sector schemes, and other schemes of AICTE. GATE scholarships are also provided for M.Tech students and fee concessions to the tune of Rs. 2 crores are offered on a regular basis. All in all, ever since its inception the engineering college has been working for benefiting humanity, and working tirelessly, pursuing high-quality technical teaching/learning, making the whole experience of AJCE look like a grand harmony of learning and growth. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

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