An Educational Paradise for Overseas Learners, University of Surrey


Came into existence on 9 September 1966 with the grant of its Royal Charter, University of Surrey is known widely for imparting education in a vibrant multicultural community with over 30 percent students coming from an international background where in total of 16,828 students, there are 6230 non- UK students. Based in an extremely cosmopolitan campus, the University allows its students to develop their global citizenship skills, which will be invaluable in the global workplace. The campus also includes an Indian Students’ Association with the University housing around 150 students from India. It becomes quite easy for the international students to survive and gradually grow outside their home country with the impressive and continuous supported provided by the University throughout the year.

The University is fairly famous in the higher education arena of the world, because of its avant-garde facilities and teaching and learning practices. From 5G Innovation Centre – one of the world’s first research centers dedicated to mobile communications and future internet technologies, that is home to over 150 researchers and 100 PhD students to its wide arrays of scholarship offered to students in various basis, the University of Surrey never fails to keep up with the changing trends of contemporary education. Besides the scholarship, the University also encourages its students to find part-time work (if they wish to) during their studies, giving them work experiences before graduating. Among the various courses offered by the University, the Indian students mostly opts for engineering courses (especially automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, mobile and satellite communications, process systems engineering and structural engineering), business (especially finance and accounting), economics, entrepreneurship and the Surrey MBA.

The University also in order to intensify its relationship with India have partnered with Indian industries and universities including recent projects of a study of research on air pollution in megacities such as Delhi which has resulted in a recent joint publication with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and another project with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and the University of Hyderabad. On recreational activities front as well, the University is second to none, by including the Indian Students’ Association (ISA) which celebrates and represents Indian culture and Indian students within the university.  Also, it is worthy to mention that the ISA is not just for Indian students; it is open to all who share an interest in any aspect of India- attempting to broaden the scope of networking among the students of different countries.

However, the teaching and learning side of the University is backed by a team of talented faculty members who encouraged research-led IT-enabled educational activities. The students are also motivated to indulge in virtual learning through the University’s SurreyLearn where students can access all of the lecture materials and supporting materials needed for their learning, and lecturers frequently deploy the flipped classroom approach, small group tutorials and other methodologies to ensure that students experience a range of learning opportunities. Each of the graduates of the University of Surrey are guaranteed to make a remarkable career not only because of the University’s exemplary education and research quality but also because of the University’s continuous effort in robust professional training including the available Professional Training Year- letting to spend up to one year in industry or a combined work/study approach- exclusively offered to the University of Surrey’s students.