Annapoorana Engineering College – Giving Wings to tomorrow’s Nation Builders


The words engine and ingenious are derived from a Latin word ingenerare, which means “to create”. Ergo engineering thus became an art of gathering knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences, gained over a period of time studying a subject or a concept. Engineers were the first trained individuals of this current generation who gained professional training in pure and applied sciences, and engineers are the reason for pretty much everything of today’s trends and technologies. Engineers of today have to deal with the demands and needs of the current generation, yet stay up to date with all the technologies and statistics. Promoted by the famous Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variyar Thavathiru Sundara Swamigal Medical Educational and Charitable Trust (TKVTSSMEC Trust), known for over 3 decades for excelling in providing quality education in almost every field of education, Annapoorana Engineering College (AEC) in the year 2010 started on their ambitious journey of producing engineers of today.

AEC each coming day is involved in the continuous process of building and working together, towards becoming a place, where students feel at home under the guidance of the esteemed staff and the faculty and also feel the privilege of learning and gathering knowledge in the best academic ambience. The management of AEC strives hard towards giving equal opportunities to all its students to engage with the top academicians/professionals from varied backgrounds, and get the right motivation to take part in co-curricular activities/extra-curricular activities. With the right balance between study and play, students at the college are converted from regular engineering aspirants to well-rounded individuals ready to take their place in this competitive world.

Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

Since its inception, AEC has indeed raised the standards of engineering education manifold. With a vision of achieving greater recognition and to excel as one of the renowned engineering institutions, the college has already become a pioneer in producing a competitive student workforce. The success story of AEC is incomplete without mentioning the contributions of their Founder Chairman Dr. A. Shanmugasundaram.            A renowned personality, a philanthropist and a man of great intellect,                                      Dr. A. Shanmugasundaram made AEC a place for many social reform movements, cultural renaissance events and he also worked in the favour of awakening social responsibility and inert intellect among young men and women of our country. Promoting a totally ‘inclusive’ culture, AEC is a shining star in the sky of upcoming engineering colleges, giving birth to ‘Industry Ready World Class Engineers’.

Mr.N.V.Chandrasekar, Vice President , AEC  states that “AEC is a hub for intensive engineering learning programs, and to enable such learning, the college has a wide variety of unique features and facilities made available to the students”.

There are 36 ICT enabled classrooms, Mentor-mentee allotments, and in-addition to the regular course curriculum, the college also encourages the students to take part in Value Added Courses, Certificate Courses and Vocational Educational Training. AEC is also home to a well-established incubation center for all departments. ‘These incubation centers are places of opportunities for students to carry-out their ambitious projects’, stated Dr.A.Anbuchezian, the principal of AEC, during a brief conversation we had with him.

Dr.A.Anbuchezian, is a man of rich experience of over 27 years, and also a Ph.D in Civil Engineering, also enunciated the various points and factors, which make AEC stand out when compared to other engineering colleges in the neighborhood, and the country, and how AEC is way ahead of its time, working with an aim of creating skillful and mature engineers.

Modeling Excellence & Positive Change

With the prime focus on entrepreneurship development among students and teachers/faculty alike, the college is also home to an Entrepreneurship Development Cell. Talking to us about the entrepreneurship cell present at the college, Dr.A.Anbuchezian stated – ‘Every year 25 students from AEC take up entrepreneurial activities, and all possible guidance and assistance is rendered to them’.

Considering the current pandemic crisis the world is facing, AEC seems undeterred in its path towards ensuring an uninterrupted teaching-learning process. The faculty members at the college are instructed to work from home, and the whole of Teaching/Learning  process has undergone a phase-shift and everything is being dealt with online. To keep a track of success of the phase shift, on a regular basis Internal Quality Assurance Cell present at the college organizes webinars, which in turn help students and the faculty to gain ample knowledge directly from industrial and institutional experts.

AEC is a forerunner in providing its students with the world-class amenities and initiatives, and one such example is AEC signing MOUs with leading industries and institutions for student placements, industrial visits, internships and inplant training. Maintaining a collegial, supportive and a diverse environment, every year AEC makes sure that 90% of its students are placed in leading industries/companies like GE, CADD Center, Thriveni Cars, SKS Automobiles, Megawin to name a few. All in all, AEC is well right on its path towards being recognized as one of the elite engineering colleges of the region, excelling in the best engineering practices and the most effective transfer of concepts and results, well in sync with the latest trends and demands of today’s world.

The Principal – Dr.A.Anbuchezian

Multi-talented, humanitarian and an excellent academician, Dr. A. Anbuchezian is a man of vigour and finesse. With an impressive amount of experience in his ledger, the principal of AEC believes that technical education is the backbone of every nation, and is also the stepping stone for a country to move into a niche of a developed nation. He has a wide array of awards and recognitions to his name, just giving more leverage to his already existing persona of brilliance. As the principal at AEC, he works each day towards together with the faculty and the management empowering the students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training, both at the academic level of Engineering and in the highly competitive Global Industrial Market.