Anugraha Mandhir CBSE Senior Secondary School – Promoting Educational Excellence


When today’s children have an unprecedented volume of information readily available, growing up with this level of technology is an all-new experience. Growing up today is all about learning new skills, techniques, & gaining immense knowledge, which they will need to succeed in this ever-changing new world. Schools and colleges of today strive hard towards giving the right level of a confidence boost to the children, to practice skills learned and in turn, try to make a difference to society. Inculcating the right attitude in them, to help them grow as a person in the process of making them learn to value life, love, relationships, integrity, values, and the joy of sharing is very important in today’s scenario. Growing as a vibrant school, providing activity-based learning, a stress-free, child-centered, holistic education to all, without compromising on the quality, Anugraha Mandhir CBSE Secondary School came into existence.

Started as Eurokids Anugraha in 2005, Anugraha Mandhir is a tremendous growth story come true. A National Award recipient, Thiru. N. Chinnaswamy Naidu, one of the finest educationists our country ever produced, is the inspiration behind this school. Anugraha is committed to open life-changing opportunities for children through quality education irrespective of their caste, creed or socio-economic backgrounds. At the school, students are inspired towards achieving the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program.

An Environment of Change

Run by Anugraha Educational Trust, a non-profit organization, Anugraha Mandhir School is a ray of hope providing quality education for all the rural children in Sulur and the surrounding villages covering a radius of 20kms. Built on a 3-acre land, Anugraha School follows all the norms set by the CBSE board, excelling each academic year. Started off only with 5 students studying at the school, the school now boasts of the current strength of over 800 students. The new hostel facility nearing completion with a gymnasium, pool, library, an entertainment room along with indoor/outdoor play area will accommodate 100 students.

The campus of the school accommodates all the necessary school amenities required by a 21st-century child, in his/her path towards gaining excellence in academic, extra-curricular, & co-curricular fields.  There are modern classroom facilities available at the school & an environment-friendly open auditorium, which greatly helps enhance the teaching and learning opportunities for the students at the school. The auditorium also serves as a provision of a facility for community use.

Merit-based scholarships are a norm at Anugraha School, also offering scholarships on compassion basis depending on the difficulties some kids have gone through such as, loss of one’s parent or kids who were born in an underprivileged household.

Towards a Better & a Brighter Future

Having a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment in the backdrop, students are mentored towards developing into trained & well-behaved individuals in aspects like emotions, social-skills, & academics. Every student at Anugraha is treated as a unique individual, and his/her learning capabilities are given equal consideration, in turn, altering the teaching styles based on their distinct talents, interests, & needs.

Teachers at the school are a bunch of qualified, talented, and dedicated personalities, who engage themselves in facilitating quality learning to the students via engaging learning programs. Innovative techniques, rich resources, proven instructional strategies help teachers enhance the whole student learning experience. Teachers also engage in 1 on 1 mentoring session with students, instilling a strong student-teacher bond.

The focus at Anugraha School is the emphasis given on self-discipline, and to elaborate on this point Ms. Shobaa, the correspondent at the school stated – “We focus on self-discipline as we strongly believe that discipline is necessary for our students’ happiness, well-being and success”. She added to her earlier statement by saying – “Self-discipline helps them stay focused on goals, gives the ability to accomplish difficult tasks, and allows them to overcome obstacles and discomfort as they push themselves to new heights”.

Students are well trained towards developing strong responsibility for their own behavior, and the choices they make. Communal harmony and responsibility are preached among the students, thereby instilling a strong sense of nationalism and tolerance among the children at Anugraha.

Learning Beyond Books

Anugraha Mandhir CBSE Secondary School is a hub for nurturing budding personalities. A strong stimulating environment exists at the school, developing students into conscientious citizens of tomorrow. Students are taught towards being responsible citizens of the country, and the society, in the process of realizing their rights and duties towards their nation.

A very competitive system exists at the school, where teachers ensure children’s overall development making them future-ready. Assessments and homework are real-life experience-based, churning children into individuals with more scientific temper when compared to their peers from other schools.

The curriculum followed covers all major aspects of learning, from communication to language. Child-friendly and student-centric learning tools, which help students focus on developing skills and abilities, at different stages of their schooling age, are implemented effectively and timely.

Eco-friendliness is taught at Anugraha, making children engage in activities that help them respect the Mother Nature for all her might. Activities such as watering the plants, usage of trash bin, and most importantly encouraging the minimal usage of plastic are encouraged. As a result, the school is a plastic-free zone, pushing towards a plastic-free society.

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities play a major role in creating an active campus life for the children. Karate lessons are compulsory, empowering the students to safeguard themselves under any given circumstances. Keeping students fit mentally and physically is also one of the major concerns of the school. Offering various physical education activities and facilities such as Athletics, Badminton, Basket Ball, Swimming, the school strives towards giving a complete holistic education to the students, striking success stories both in the exam hall and on the field.

Ms. Shobaa, the Correspondent

Anugraha Mandhir is Ms. Shobaa’s dream and ambition, soulfully connected to the institution; she is the face of operations at the school. Marketing, strategy, finance, institution culture, HR, health & safety regulations of the school are carefully monitored by her. With a vision of seeing India become a country of responsible & impeccable citizens, she along with a team of 72 members at Anugraha work day-in and day-out towards making the school, a haven for brilliant education for all.