Apex Institute of Technology (AIT-Chandigarh University) – Benchmarking Educational Standards


As the world is progressing slowly towards heavy usage of analytics and data in all our day-to-day endeavors, organizations too have started relying on business analytics and its usage, in pursuit of bettering their working methodologies and operations. Also, with the demand for individuals who are capable generalists who also have keen interest and knowledge of knowledge processing, cloud computing, and security, educational institutions have started on the path of imparting hybrid MBA programs, which consist of strong Business Analytics learning. Talking about one such educational stalwart, which has been helping students develop their talents to become future business leaders, Chandigarh University is one such institute which is proud of giving back to the world – a complete Business Analytics program in collaboration with IBM.

A home to complete industry-oriented curriculum comparable with world’s top universities, Chandigarh University’s Flexible Choice Based Credit System helps today’s students get converted into confident and well-learned world leaders of tomorrow. In addition, the project based, and experiential learning imparted on campus, gives students to choose from more than 70 open electives, encouraging pursuing of inner passions, in a complete advanced tech set-up, be it physical or online.

Known for being an all-rounded student-centric campus, Chandigarh University was established by the Punjab State Legislature, and now is among the top institutions of India with a NAAC A+ accreditation, along with UGC 12(b) status. The fact that CU has become a place where even the curriculum planning committee consists of student bodies makes the university true to its goal of serving as a best student friendly university of India, working towards outstanding achievements with sheer excellence.

Helping embrace passion
A highly diverse educational environment, where students from 28 different states & UTs make CU their learning home, the university has divided institutes based on their areas of specialization and carefully curated the best of courses, pertaining to today’s time. Subsequently, the Apex Institute of Technology (AIT) was established by the management of CU, providing exceptionally trained human resources in contemporary areas of Management & Technology. AIT, in addition, adopts a focused approach to develop human & intellectual capital in the latest areas of technology & management impacting economies of the 21st Century.

“All the programs offered at AIT are from emerging areas of Tech and Management, and have immense industry exposure and orientation”, stated – Dr. Satbir Singh Sehgal, the Registrar of CU and the spokesperson of the university. Along with taking us on a verbal/virtual tour of the university, Dr. Sehgal gave us deep insights on how a world-famous university is run, and what are their future, keeping in mind the changing times. Adding to his above point and continuing how education is effortlessly and effectively imparted at CU, Dr. Sehgal stated – “Education at CU and AIT is a unique blend of classroom and non-classroom methods of education delivery, which always results in skill outcome”.

Being an exclusive and an integral part of CU that offers industry-collaborated programs, AIT’s department of management is each day training the next-gen workforce in various areas of management. Apart from the MBA Business Analytics program in-association with IBM, the department also offers MBA in Banking and Financial Engineering in-partnership with Tally and a MBA in Strategic HR, in-collaboration with SHRM. Despite having partners actively involve themselves via subject experts and industry experts, the onboard faculty members who are a best in-class lot, provide unmatchable teaching experience to the students, in turn, motivating students to outperform both inside and outside the classrooms, at the same time, deploying a unique blend of mixed learning, delivering impactful teaching experiences to the students.

Talking in particular about the Business Analytics program with IBM, AIT/CU has gone all in with its dedication this time, as the course is not just an introduction for students to the world of business analytics, but also an ever-ready platform to excel at business analytics applications, Python, SQL and so on. Furthermore, especially catering to needy, meritorious & sports enthusiasts, CU ensures various scholarships, making sure education that comes with no price and just dedication is enough to make it in this competitive world. Lastly, the Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET), which is held annually is a welcome/challenging move to educational aspirants who are looking forward towards smooth educational experiences.

Every individual is a stakeholder

Not only are the students encouraged to explore new ideas and immerse themselves in a journey of continuous learning, but every individual also who is a part of CU is equally important to the university. Directing all its endeavors towards upscaling and rescaling of skilled talent, there is a special Department of Career Planning and Development found on campus, which gives training in personality development, enhancing employability skills of both students and teachers. Students are even given opportunities to apply for higher education, find job opportunities in PSUs and prepare for competitive exams via the department of career planning and development. Moreover, the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure made available for all facilitates easy growth in terms of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, which as a result has sent 2 participants in the prestigious Paralympics 2021.

All in all, being that place, which has even Nobel Laureates regularly visiting for delivering talks on various walks of life and their respective expertise, the beyond the classroom thought process is what makes Chandigarh University stand out when compared to its peers. Basing all its educational setup on the prescribed NEP 2020 model, CU has slowly started implementing some of the said norms, which even includes starting a certain UG graduate program with an honors option, which adds an additional year to the study period. Finally, boasting of offering a bouquet of opportunities to its students through customized academic options, Chandigarh University has proven itself, that it’s not just a place to get a degree, but perhaps, a place where you can get a value out of your degree.

Dr. Satbir Singh Sehgal – Registrar
A loyal personality true to CU since its inception, he has held important positions in his professional life, focusing his positive energy towards organizational upliftment. He also is responsible for internal quality assurance of CU and operates as the current registrar of the university. An alumnus of IIT-Roorkee, Dr. S S Sehgal is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and passion.