Athena School of Management – Global Leaders in the Making


For leaders, the future of work is now. Shifts that we anticipated would occur over the coming decade happened virtually overnight as the pandemic forced new ways of working on all, around the world. The good news is that these shifts were perhaps inevitable. Today’s environment being simply smart leader friendly, is facilitating necessary changes immediately and more decisively, and strengthening their role as competitive leaders now and for the years ahead. Additionally, one dedicated entity which has shown its true sense of passion, commitment and vigour in creating business leaders of tomorrow, and continuing on the path of excellence, despite the consequences of the pandemic are the b-schools and colleges across the length and breadth of our country. Ensuring that everyone on their respective campuses are alert to possible changes, and are steadily prepared to bring unique ideas and business solutions, b-schools of today are creating a sense of new perspectives among the gen-z. Thereby, one such renowned business school which is known for being an epitome of right questions at the right time, at the same time displaying its true student-centric brilliance – Athena School of Management, comes a welcome ray of hope for budding management aspirants, even during these tough times of uncertainty.

As today’s managers cum business experts are needed to be in the forefront of global challenges, and are required to be thorough generalists, at Athena young students are accordingly being converted into positive, agile, entrepreneurial, dynamic and inquisitive business professionals one student at a time. Focusing all the programs towards experiential learning, which are filled with internships, immersions, and character-building activities, all the endeavors carried out are aimed for the best, by the best. Athena also hosts a wide range of international programs in association with top universities and institutes such as Kedge in France, McGill University in Canada, Shanghai University in China, SGH Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, and many more, such that, all the students are taught to multitask, collaborate and lead dynamic teams so that they can not only adapt to change – in fact they can create the change.

Existing in a time where high competition and demand to stand out is at its peak, and at the same time where cutting-edge technologies are needed the most, Athena School of Management believes in the aspect of inspiring to innovate, in turn, making an impact completely on the society. Being the only b-school to be nominated as a Finalist at the AMBA Business Excellence Awards 2021 (which is one the world’s Top awards for Business Schools) under the Business Impact Category and winning a Silver Award, hence forth, boosts confidence levels of the everyone on their campus to outperform on all fronts.

Furthermore, striving on the lines of Innovation, Creativity and Experimentation throughout their operations, clearly helps Athena School of Management overcome the challenges that came along with the pandemic. “It’s not just about evolution or revolution – instead we believe in re-evolution (learning, de-learning & re-learning) as we face a world with increasing challenges & uncertainties”, stated – Prof. Aditya Singh, the director of b-school, explaining to us how Athena is well in-sync with the current atmosphere and how it will continue to stay unique. Adding to his above statement, and continuing on how Athena is a through and through student-centered haven for business management learning, he stated – “Our students learn verticals including International Business/ Entrepreneurship/ Marketing/ Finance/ HR/ IT/ Business Analytics and so on, which give them unique insights and opportunities, motivating them to compete with the best B-School students not only in India but across the globe”. Athena is also proud about being a part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which gets the world’s top organizations to unite for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Converting dreams into reality
As we all know that in a 21st century b-school, teachers play the most important role as agile and flexible individuals, who are ever ready to embrace new ideas and tech. Thereby, at Athena it is ensured that only the experienced business & academic personnel are given a part to be a part of the journey called Athena, as the valued faculty members. In-addition, students get the best out of their lectures and subject-activities from their onboard teachers and personalities from the world’s Top Business Schools including Wharton, Kedge, Imperial, FDC, CNAM, SGH, SUNY etc. where they visit the campus physically and virtually to deliver lectures, on a regular basis. The small class sizes maintained at the b-school result in a high-quality teaching ethos, where personalized attention is magnified to the maximum. Also, considering the current uncertainty atmosphere persisting around the student community – worldwide, the teachers at Athena, also give out their best as gurus, guiding them on both – personal as well as professional pursuits.

A true global b-school in the making, Athena has become that institute which every management aspirant dreams about. Started by senior business leaders in the pursuit of creating a haven of complete business management learning, Athena boasts about being the best corporate b-school in the country. Enabling high-levels of employability among all their students, special focus is laid on making students become future leaders by teaching them presentation skills, interpersonal communication, networking skills, business etiquette and so on, making them get prepared for the dynamic world outside. Letting students do Multiple Internships during the course. (Total of 6-7 Months of Internships during the Course) in India and across Europe, Asia & Canada, Athena Students intern with companies across the world which are innovators & those who are creating a global impact.

With a Campus at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai – Mumbai the students get the real corporate feel during their whole tenure at the b-school, as Athena is strategically situated in the neighborhood of the top Corporate Headquarters in India. Further students also get to have key access to and participate regularly in multiple activities like soccer, sports, trekking, adventure sports and much more. The strong industry connections the management of Athena has, guides students effortlessly towards successful placements with large Multinational Companies (MNCs) & Corporates or help them towards starting their own entrepreneurial paths.

An epitome of change, adaptability & sustainability
Being named as the first movers embracing the concept of digitization of learning much before the covid crisis, Athena was well-versed with the online learning and took part in the adaptability drive considering it as a wonderful opportunity. Treating the whole pandemic scenario as a prime chance to expand horizons (from a conceptual and a geographical perspective), challenges which came along with the old paradigms were overcome and new formats were experimented. At Athena COIL has now become an integral part of the learning process, enabling a wide range of activities including Joint Virtual Projects, Virtual Exchanges, Joint Faculty Exchanges, Case Study Research, Business Plan competitions etc.

“Welcome to the new world of Business education!” stated Prof. Aditya ecstatically, concluding how incredibly lucky Athena was to be around to see such profound changes in the way knowledge, skills and ideas are being transmitted & exchanged. All in all, with a firm belief in Internationalization & Multi-Disciplinary learning, the focus day-in and day-out at Athena is on expanding its area of influence & positive impact on learning, education & skill preparation for young leaders. Lastly, by becoming that platform for students, teachers and their stakeholders to learn and grow, coordinating and collaborating with people around the world – in turn, creates an interconnected web of knowledge with Athena as the platform for learning & delivery. Most importantly, believing in the power of partnerships & collaborations to act as true force multipliers, aids Athena School of Management in its vision & mission of changing the nature of the global economy, one step at a time.

Prof. Aditya Singh – Director
An adept and a passionate entrepreneur cum educationist, Aditya Singh heads Athena School of Management as the Director of the institute. An alumnus of SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, he has worked in top-corporates of the country such as Tata group, IBM, Kotak as a consulting personnel. A man with many degrees to his credit, post his Post Graduation, he pursued his ADP from Wharton University, USA. As a teacher he started his career as a professor in Leadership Development. Also, An active member of Rotary International & a prolific speaker on topics such as Leadership, Differential Thinking, Entrepreneurship, & Military History, he guides and motivates students at Athena with all his vigor, encouraging them towards bettering themselves personality vise and also academically.