Aurora’s Business School – A Tradition of Pride


The quality of a B-School is measured based on the quality of students leaving its campus. With a degree in their hands and also well-equipped with all the necessary resources required to survive in the 21st century, the students going from a B-School into industries and taking up various other opportunities, carry a sense of belonging to the B-School they got their learning from. Aurora Business School is that rich resource, where ex-students still recall every moment spent at the college and relish the offerings the college had to offer. To discuss these factors and aspects of ABS in detail, we got an opportunity to talk to one of the alumni members of ABS – Shaikh Shahrukh.

Based on the reviews and the feedback from former students and reliable sources, Shaikh Shahrukh joined ABS with a hope and dream of making it big in the management field. He enrolled himself into an MBA (Marketing) course in the year 2017 and thus began on his journey towards accomplishments. He recalls the campus life at ABS and quoted ecstatically about it one in one word – “brilliant”. When we asked him about the teachers and the faculty at the school, he stated – “They are a bunch of talented warm individuals, who are equally caring and understanding”. He also added to his earlier points about the teachers, by saying – “Every doubt/clarification of students was dealt with equal importance and all the students were treated as unique individuals”.

Read, Lead, Succeed
The pace in which technologies and trends are changing each day, the teaching-models and techniques followed at B-Schools have to be altered drastically. In the wake of evolving crossroads between financial services and technology, the need for specialized professionals, ready to take up demanding intellectual job-roles have increased manifold as well. ABS is that up-beat management school that overlooks the demands of society and supplies sufficient trained personnel, who position themselves in respective expertise fulfilling the real-time demand.

Focusing on the learning beyond the classrooms, ABS gives equal importance to syllabus as well as personality building of individuals. The market today demands high-quality graduates, and thus ABS is that factory which converts students into confident and competent professionals. The students at the institute are regularly given opportunities to interact with esteemed personalities from industries, giving them a real-time knowledge of the happenings of the market. With an unrelenting urge towards molding the students at the institute into top-class business leaders, ABS is endowed with all the requisite features that are needed for an institute of National renown.

Expect the Best
After giving out exceptional PGDM education for 10 years, ABS has already become one of the most sought after names in the B-School industry. Located ideally in a prime location of Hyderabad, the institute stands out from its peers in various factors and aspects.

Having good teachers imparting exceptional education to students is what every institute in the world craves for. However, the biggest plus point at ABS is their distinguished faculty having credentials from the most prestigious universities and B-Schools of the world, including IIMs. Having an immense international reputation and exposure, the faculty is regularly sent on various seminars, workshops across renowned universities in the different parts of the world. Some of the teachers from ABS get invited to deliver lectures in various universities and management institutes too.

Teachers at ABS act more like mentors to the students, rather than just being learning facilitators. They guide them through the learning process, and also guide them ahead of their future endeavours, enabling a smooth transition from college life to corporate life. Teachers also create a sense of social responsibility and awareness among the students, encouraging them to visit orphanages, extend help to the needy, take part in constructive programs like cancer awareness run, voter awareness run and so on. The angle of social service is fulfilled to the fullest at ABS, where the faculty are the front-runners of these initiatives.

Motivated Achievers, Perform, Learn, Excel
Continuing our conversation with Mr. Shahrukh, we were quite intrigued about the whole internship/placement program scenario at ABS, and Mr. Shahrukh was humble enough to elaborate on this. According to him, the internship/placement opportunities at the institute are beyond exceptional. The management strives hard towards maintaining good academia-industry bonds, resulting in companies and industries visiting ABS with opportunities for young professionals.

Mr. Shahrukh seemingly overjoyed stated that he got an opportunity to do his final year internship in ‘Bajaj’. In addition, he also stated about the placement scenario of the year 2019, when he passed out of ABS, stating – “All of 120 students were successfully placed in renowned companies”. He himself, being placed in ‘Bajaj Finance’ with an impressive 5.2 LPA package.

With already more than 50,000 ex-students/alumni of ABS working across the globe, excelling in their very own expertise and in turn bringing great laurels to Aurora B-School. The faculty and the management at the institute strive hard day-in and day-out towards creating more such students, who go out into this vast world, confidently and well-equipped benefiting society and the world at large.