Automation Institute of Year 2020 : Talent Source Automation – Experienced to Excel


“TSA is spreading their branches beyond India, and have started offices in New York, USA & London, UK to serve international Students”

The students of today follow different ways of choosing a career post their degree completion or their high schooling. Starting from ‘my friend is doing it, so it will right for me also’ to other reasons such as ‘I know an uncle who is working in this field’; students base their career decisions on the blind following or hearsay. You will find many people around who are not happy with their jobs but continue with it just for the salary. However, there are also many people who do not care about salary and love their jobs. You will always notice that it is the latter who draws a better salary or grow faster than the former.  Irrespective of the background of education, one comes from, upgrading oneself for the future by upskilling in the upcoming and evolving IT trends is important, in addition, finding the right job pertaining to your likes and interests is equally important. Acting as guides in disguise assisting and showing young/fresh graduates to learn new skills and expertise required to take their careers one-step ahead, Talent Source Automation (TSA) comes as a ray of hope.

Mrs.Ellammal Mani, Founder
Mr.Babu M, Managing Director

Building futures through knowledge

Working with the aim to impart comprehensive technical training to all its students irrespective of their educational backgrounds, TSA is lead by Babu, an experienced automation architect, guiding the light towards success for all the students at the institute. Situated ideally in the city of Chennai, TSA acts as the connecting bridge between the industry and the academia, helping the students get the best of both the worlds. Working together through all the aspects of teaching and learning, the curriculum designed at TSA is unique and easily graspable by individuals coming from any educational background. Students are trained in the latest technologies and also given the right amount of knowledge and confidence to crack any interview, in the journey towards becoming successful in the field of automation.


The various programs offered at TSA are Selenium, Jmeter, Appium, IoT, Data Science, Oracle, Java, Python, Manual Testing, and many more. The courses are not only targeted towards freshers or young graduates but also many working professionals, who take their time off from hectic work schedules to upskill themselves for better work-life opportunities.

There are numerous success stories that sparked with the help of TSA, which is a clear example and proof of the immense hard work put in by Babu and his team, in the direction of creating better lives for others. One such success story is PrasannaVenkatesh, a confused rather timid personality who was searching for a path in life and thus was guided towards a route, where there was no need to take a U-turn. After successfully completing his automation course from TSA, Mr. Prasanna is working as a lead engineer in a respected private firm in Bangalore, thereby, easily; he owes all his success and knowledge to Babu and the gang from TSA.

One more successful individual who learned and gained with due credits to TSA is Deepak. A young happening individual who has nothing but praises for Babu and his team of dedicated teachers. During a brief conversation with Deepak, he elaborated on the working style of the trainers and the immense hard work they put in to make the subjects easy for the students. He stated, quite ecstatically saying- “Trainers have a clear agenda of what they are teaching us, content delivery is very good and Practical live sessions are conducted parallelly with the lectures”. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “Trainers are the best in regards to doubt-solving, additionally, each session is recorded and is provided to every student for their future references”.

With the best feedbacks coming in from almost all their students, TSA has grown into more than a training institute. With the rigorous training involved targeted towards the students, sometimes the trainers feel the need to upgrade themselves too. Funding the upskilling and standing as a strong pillar for the trainers, TSA fulfills the assurance towards quality with ease and confidence. After training more than 2000 professionals in the field of software testing, both manual and automation, and after creating trained and talented individuals who are ready to take their places in this huge world, Babuhappily quotes – “We can now proudly say that TSA has been the stepping stone to the industry to many successful engineers”