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With 2020 marking the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale, a globally renowned personality in the field of nursing, the WHO chose 2020 to be the Year of the Nurses. Ironically, with the dawn of the pandemic of COVID-19 on our lives, nursing professionals worked the hardest during this year, risking their lives, working as front-line warriors, ensuring a strong health system response needed for the people in need. Also, these times of crisis also showed us how important nurses are for a healthy and wealthy nation, redefining the way the people look and treat nurses and nursing professionals.

Just like its father branch – medicine, the nursing profession has sub-components as well, where nurses learn to perform different roles in their profession. Ranging from auxiliary nurse midwives to public health nurses, nursing students learn to specialize in various branches of clinical nursing. However, due to the mushrooming number of nursing schools and colleges in the whole of India, nursing aspirants are perplexed about their career choices. Fortunately, coming as a ray of hope, even during these gloomy times, and acting as an institution which works relentlessly in the upliftment of unique personalities, Bangalore Group of Institutions came into existence.

It was 2010 when Bangalore Group of Institutions laid its first baby steps in the field of nursing. Starting off with a Nursing Diploma School, it was a literal dream come true for the visionaries Mr Majesh Mohan and Mr Prabhakara Reddy, who were the founding members of the trust, who envisioned thoroughly contributing to the educational fellowship. Consequently, due to the impressive performance of the nursing school, in just 10 years, Bangalore Group of Institutions – Nursing, is well on its way to becoming one of the best nursing institutions in Bengaluru, and Karnataka, imparting the best-rated up to date academics.

Trusted to care
Home to programs which equip and let students focus on their attitude, knowledge and skill development, the nursing school of Bangalore Group of Institutions, is an example learning haven for the other nursing schools in the neighbourhood. Having been offered a challenging, yet rewarding environment of inclusivity, students from across the length and breadth of India, come to be a part of this renowned institution. Adopting a competency-based curriculum, equal emphasis is laid on practical skills, where they are in turn pushed towards outperforming on a daily basis.

“Aiming towards a value-based and value-added nursing training, we imbibe a firm base for fast track growth in diverse fields of healthcare”, stated Mr Majesh Mohan, the chairman of the educational group, during a brief conversation we had with him. Furthermore, during our conversation, we posed as budding nursing aspirants and tried our best to get answers to the most asked questions of today’s nursing aspirant. From teaching, teachers to infrastructure, all the required questions were directed towards the chairman. Quiet calm and quick in his response, he addressed to all the questions with ease.

He added to his earlier statement talking to us how BGI stands out compared to its peers, by saying – “With our excellent infrastructure, highly qualified faculty and modern equipment, we will harness your potential and help you to become a vital link in the health sector. ” In the pursuit of creating leaders of tomorrow, industry experts and renowned nursing professionals come onboard as visiting faculty, giving students an inside view of their future work environment, and the latest advancements in the field of nursing, preparing them towards a better future.

Preaching commitment filled with sacrifice
Having already utilized and adopted to the ICT-enabled learning environment, well before the dawn of the COVID-19, BGI – Nursing overcame this disaster in a stride. Ensuring the maximum safety of students and the staff, there is a virtual campus built for all, where everyone comes together as friends, working with an aim of helping each other in every endeavour of their respective lives.

New-age teaching/learning techniques such a Roleplay, skit, models, video interactions, ad so on, are regularly used, motivating everyone on campus to work together in turn building a learning environment of interaction and mutual respect. Also, simulators are used to present concept and practice to nursing students in a very interactive way

Based on the level of understanding the various students have, the teaching methods are altered accordingly. Therefore, few of the teaching/knowledge imparting methods are – Case-Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, E-Learning, and so on. The onboard faculty themselves being well-renowned personalities in the field of nursing and nursing education, the faculty members act as mentors to the students. From professional issues to personal issues, the faculty members are a bunch of over talented individuals, working together, in turn, creating the nursing professionals of tomorrow.

Lastly, due to the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the exceptional industry-academia connect the institutions have, students benefit from these amenities completely. Having brilliant labs and classrooms at the offering, students feel at home every second they stay here, and in turn, excel inside and outside the classroom. Also, the strong connect the institution has with top corporates and health organisations, students are treated with top-class internships and placements. Giving an all-new meaning to the nursing profession, by creating tomorrow’s abled nursing graduates, BGI members and the trustees – guide every nursing aspirant, helping him/her convert their dreams into reality, teaching them lessons in imbibing a strong sense of patriotism and sacrifice, working together for a better tomorrow and a better society.

Mr Majesh Mohan
An industrialist, an educationalist, and a visionary, he started Bangalore Group of Institutions in 2010. Also, he serves as the director Bangalore international Trading and Consultancy FZE, Bangalore International Management FZE, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE., Managing Director of Emilio Institute of Medical Sciences LTD, Managing Partner of Eduvy Technologies LLP, Trustee of Global Educational and Charitable Society. Furthermore, along with the trust he engages in rural development and Charitable Educational programs ,and as the Managing Director of Jelitta Educare and Hr Consultancy Pvt Ltd, he manages abroad job-seekers training as well. A proud recipient of the Best Business Excellence award from Ras Al Khaimah, Govt 2017, Mr Majesh Mohan carries his excellence in the field of academics, motivating every student on campus, in turn guiding them towards a success filled career and life.