Bangalore Group of Institutions – Unbeatable Learning Experiences


The Indian population is beginning to see the value of education, and not just in their early years, but at all points throughout their lives. In this enhanced digital age, educational institutions need to get on board with the new technologically driven processes if they are going to provide the much-needed learning opportunities in the country and level the knowledge-playing field. With the new legislation surrounding online education in the country, the goal is to encourage people to earn higher education levels and give the country a boost when it comes to a population of employable and educated adults. Thereby, in these troubling times, educational aspirants are looking out for institutions that can make their education count and convert them into world-ready professionals, irrespective of the area of their interests. Talking about one such premier educational haven which is progressing each day with a clear aim of creating equal opportunities for every student, in their journey towards learning and succeeding – Bangalore Group of Institutions is catalyzing professional education through various courses and facilities.

An epitome of world-class education, the onboard faculty members propel students to excel both inside and outside the classrooms as skilled individuals, fostering innovation and nurturing future leaders. Having grown as a complete institution that has been catapulting over the years – slow and steady, Bangalore Group of Institutions has been adding a wide number of professional courses to the higher education domain, giving aspiring students a platform to develop into qualified professionals. Furthermore, having the finest of infrastructure pertaining to the requirements of a gen-z student, the management ensures commitment towards maintaining the quality of teaching, morale upliftment, boosting individual performance and potentials, striving day-in and day-out towards imparting educational excellence.

Just like any other great origin story, the origins of Bangalore Group of Institutions too can be traced back to the steadfast endeavors of visionaries, namely – Mr. Majesh Mohan & Mr. Prabhakara Reddy, who established the trust in the year 2008. Contributing towards the educational scenario, the trust set up a range of institutions that offer quality education in fields such as Engineering, Pharmacy, Management & Nursing. Since its inception, Bangalore Group of Institutions has set up several other educational institutions and started offering courses in Engineering, Management, and Pharmacy as well. Today, the group has more than 1600 students enrolled in various courses on Bangalore campus, resulting in a well-placed alumnus who boast of tremendous career graphs, which offer a clear and a strong testimony to the way the group has been contributing towards the society, in the past and will continue in the near future.

Aiming for the Best

Consisting of well-trained, experienced, and equipped faculty members who constantly push the frontiers of knowledge and ensure a futuristic approach, the students are made to stay in-sync with the world outside, irrespective of the crisis scenarios. Working together towards developing, improvising, and imparting appropriate knowledge, the onboard faculty members act as mentors, taking care of student’s professional as well as personal development. Making sure that every student churn into a transformed character, filled with discipline and integrity, every endeavor carried out across all the courses in Bangalore Group of Institutions is curated for getting the best out of both – students as well as the teachers.

Having the campus strategically built in Sarjapur Road area of Bengaluru, which is perhaps known for being an IT-corridor, the 17-acre green campus serves as an active inspiration for the students to aim high and become achievers. Additionally, making every new-age facility and amenity readily available for the students including latest tools and technologies help deliver the courses creatively and efficiently. Also, committing themselves wholeheartedly towards boosting overall holistic development of the students, all the campuses are made ragging free and smoking free, preaching a strong sense of true student-centered brilliance, welcoming everyone despite the differences in the various cultures or backgrounds they come from. Focusing on activities beyond the classrooms as well, students are encouraged to take part in sports and extracurricular activities, all thanks to the various sport amenities set-up, meant to spark inner sports enthusiasts. In addition to this, regular cultural events organized at the group help students grow into vocal and well-spoken individuals, who have a balanced intellectual and creative reach.

Wanting to help students and parents get a better gist of what BGI truly stands for in their journey towards becoming a complete educational hub of today, we interviewed Mr. Majesh Mohan, who’s brainchild is BGI and who also serves as the Chairman of the group. Taking time out of his busy schedule he took us on a virtual tour, explaining in detail about every aspect which makes BGI stand out, including the various courses offered to the faculty excellence. Enunciating specially on how unique all the courses offered at BGI are, he stated – “All our programs equip and let students focus on their attitude, knowledge and skill development”. Adding to his above statement, he stated – “We have effortlessly adapted to a completely competency-based curriculum, that lays equal emphasis on practical and theoretical skills, pushing everyone to outperform on a daily basis”.

Be it the Bachelor of Engineering program across major fields such as Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Civil, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning or the healthcare programs in nursing, pharmacy, Management and physiotherapy students at BGI are regularly exposed to challenging opportunities focused towards guiding them on rewarding careers and suitable positions globally. Moreover, by providing a value-added educational experience to all, a firm base for fast-track growth in diverse fields is ensured across all the courses.

Exhaustive Pharma Learning

As we all are aware about the ongoing pandemic and its drastic effect resulting in rapid growth in the whole sector of pharmaceuticals, including drug interactions, patient counseling and the immense need for trained personnel, the industry now demands in-depth knowledge from the outgoing graduates. Thus, catering to this certain demand and coming up with courses & curriculum where the future Pharma professionals strive on adequate knowledge and skills to practice their profession, Bangalore College of Pharmacy, a vital entity under the BGI umbrella hosts 2 programs, namely – D. Pharm (a 2-year diploma program) & B. Pharm (a 4-year pharmacy degree). Also thoroughly acknowledging the fact that the opportunities are immense for pharma professionals in top MNC drug companies, research units, hospitals or even becoming self-employed by starting a pharmacy outlet, the on-campus department of training and placements gives its best in imparting excellent training to the students. The impressive industry-academia connections the management has with top corporates such as IFFCO TOKIO, KRIBCHO, GENEVA INDUSTRIES LTD, AND DECCAN HYDRAULICS, and many more give students each year equal opportunities to find their true calling, right on track of their dream careers.

Lastly, even though transitioning from face-to-face to online teaching was a challenging task for all institutions across the world, at BGI it was more of a surprise. Learning from these times, and thus, preparing itself to create a sense of social presence, BGI is all for creating fulfilling learning experiences for learners as well as instructors. Working relentlessly towards a structured system of acquiring cognitive knowledge to produce positive learning outcomes, the chairman summed up the whole interview by quoting – “There is no class time missed due to illness, educational conferences, public holidays or even natural disasters”.

Mr. Majesh Mohan – Chairman

An industrialist, an educationalist, and a visionary, BGI is Mr. Mohan’s brainchild. His hard work and dedication led him towards serving as the director of Bangalore international Trading and Consultancy FEZ, Bangalore International Management FEZ, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE., Managing Director of Emilio Institute of Medical Sciences LTD, Managing Director of Jelitta Educare and HR Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Trustee of Global Educational and Charitable Society. Working along with the other members of the trust he engages himself in rural development and Charitable Educational programs, and as the Managing Director Eduvy Technology Pvt Ltd, Eduvy is technology support mobile app helping students and parents for taking admission online any course anywhere in India and other facility offered Online fee payment, Education Loan and E-Library facility. A proud recipient of the Best Business Excellence award from Ras Al Khaimah, Govt 2017, Mr. Majesh Mohan carries his excellence in the field of technical, academics, motivating every student on the BGI campuses, in turn guiding them towards a successful career and life.