Belhaven University


Amongst all the western hotspots, the US continues to be one of the most preferred destinations by Indian students for pursuing higher studies. The many reasons the US is the favorite of millions of Indian Students are not just the impressive career and growth opportunities or the flexible academic environment or the cultural pluralism, it is perhaps because of the efforts the educational institutions put in towards bringing the real geniuses out of the students. While there are several top educational brands and names because of which the USA maintains its educational quality – year after year, universities such as Belhaven University continue to have positioned themselves as one of the lowest costs, and highest quality baccalaureate, master, and doctoral programs for their valued international students.

Focusing completely on holistic development for all students, Belhaven University prepares students academically and spiritually to serve Christ Jesus in their careers, in human relationships, and in the world of ideas. Belhaven University embraces students of all faiths and religions and works collaboratively to contribute to society and the betterment of all. Belhaven University is one of a few institutions that follow an all-rounded model and approach to benefit international students with knowledge, inclusion, networking, and eligibility for employment under the CPT program. We consider our students as family and our success is measured by their success, whereas our purpose and goal are to provide exemplary education and experiences that enable our valued students to reach their goals and aspirations, shared – Dr. Eric Harter, the Professor of Business Administration and Director of the DBA program at Belhaven University.

Continuing on his above point and elaborating on why Belhaven can be called a welcome haven for international students, Dr. Harter added – Meaningful international partnerships have been created for both students and faculty; as a result, Belhaven attracts students from twenty-four nations”. Also, through the conversation with Dr. Harter spoke about the special relationship with South Korea, which eventually was memorialized with the construction of the Dr. Billy Kim International Center, named after Korea’s premier Church Statesman. Belhaven also has a special relationship including a board position with Guru Nanak University in Hyderabad and its principals have both technology businesses and relationships throughout India. 

Excelling since the inception

Founded in 1883, today, the University has achieved the distinction of being among only 34 universities nationally accredited in each of the major arts—music, theater, visual art, and dance. The science curriculum is one of only two Christian universities recognized by the White House STEM Initiative. The University’s 15 athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division III. 

All campus buildings have been newly constructed or dramatically renovated within the last two decades. Located in the capital city of Mississippi, students easily connect with the advantages of an urban center, named one of America’s best cities for entrepreneurs, while living and studying on a charming campus located in a historic neighborhood. In total, Belhaven University serves 4,400 students offering undergraduate and graduate degrees at its Jackson residential campus, as well as an array of online, hybrid, graduate, and adult degree programs in Jackson.

Classroom and beyond

Belhaven University currently offers an MBA, MSITM, MSCIS, DBA (doctor of business administration), and dual degree programs to cover the spectrum of these disciplines. All programs are approved under the curricular practical training (CPT) program. Accelerated programs are also available for those interested in pursuing an occupational practical training (OPT) track. All the technology programs are approved under STEM and all programs have numerous concentrations and specializations. Some of the main specializations include – business intelligence and analytics, cyber security, health administration, human resources, project management, strategic management, supply chain, and logistics management, and many more. 

Not only does Belhaven motivate strong academic curves among the students, but it also encourages everyone to face the future with confidence and determination. All the endeavors are interwoven into academic preparation, and through an effective curriculum that emphasizes personal values, constructive attitudes are built each day at Belhaven.

Additionally, Belhaven University embraces continuous learning and training, where their valued professors receive periodic cultural, soft skills and compliance, societal, emerging technology and management practices, and research methods and publication training and practices. Also, all the students frequently share how pleased they are with the relationship and learning experience they receive from the professors and supporting staff. Moreover, Belhaven University seeks out professors that are both a practitioner and a scholar, and have extensive experience in multiple cultures and the global business and technology environment. These professors share current real-world examples and the latest research in the discipline, resulting in an invaluable benefit to the students. This includes but is not limited to a partnership (GSV/Global Silicon Valley) in Silicon Valley, California where successful serial entrepreneurs share valuable insight regarding technology and business ventures.  

Industry-academia connections 

Belhaven University and its practitioner-scholar faculty are very well-connected in the industry.  Although many of the current students have secured positions in the industry before or just following enrollment into Belhaven University, the University also has partnered with a US placement and staffing company that serves many Global Fortune 1000 customers. This enables Belhaven University to provide an alternative for enrolled students who secure employment with an international staffing agency and are subject to many limitations. Belhaven University and its professors use their professional leverage to support students which is a part of their institutional and personal missions. This also includes career coaching and H-1B/EB visa planning and application guidance to ensure the student has the best chance of being selected. 

Furthermore, almost all the professors frequently have senior managers from regional organizations speak at the academic residencies and refer students to organizations they are familiar with. This represents another key benefit and differentiator students have by choosing Belhaven University. 

Importance laid on R&D, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

Belhaven University is a private university and is not funded by the government or private organizations.  However, all the doctoral students and many of the master’s level students are engaged in research projects on campus or in the regional area. This also expands nationally as the University’s international students are spread across the length and breadth of the US. 

Lastly, by helping our readers understand how important Entrepreneurship is at Belhaven, Dr. Harter summed up the conversation by stating – Entrepreneurship is embraced and practiced at Belhaven University and as a result, is a keyword frequently used at Belhaven University”. He continued –We’re unique as we have programs and specializations in Entrepreneurship and faculty who are seasoned and serial entrepreneurs, and our global outreach and innovative approach to education and ministry are in many respects, an integral part of our mission and purpose.”

Dr. Eric Harter –  Professor of Business Administration and Director of the DBA program

Before joining Belhaven University and as an academician, Dr. Harter occupied the roles of a tenured Professor of Management, Chair/Director, Dean, Chief Academic Officer, and President/CEO and is considered an emotional intelligence scholar. His applied research on leadership and emotional intelligence appeared in and supported Goleman and Boyatzis’ New York Times Bestseller, “Primal Leadership – Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence,” published by Harvard Business School Press. Previously, Dr. Harter has been a VP, CFO, and/or CEO for many organizations ranging from venture-backed entrepreneurial startups to Global Fortune 200 organizations. He’s received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and numerous other industry awards as well as securing numerous liquidity events. He has spent over 25 years supporting international students through education and business/technology opportunities globally and most specifically in India. Dr. Harter holds a BS in business degree from the University of The State of New York, an MBA degree from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, a DM/DBA degree from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, and an OPM from Harvard Business School.