Best 10 Universities & Colleges in Canada 2023 for Indian Students

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Canada is one of the favored countries by Indian students as their study abroad destination. It is home to a bunch of top-rated universities and colleges with affordable tuition fees as well. This makes it all the more appealing. The fact that Canada offers some stellar job opportunities is the cherry on top. Canada had a whopping 4,50,000 new international students in 2021, which is a record intake. Their easing of travel restrictions and Post-Graduation Work Permit (PWP) rules have led to this surge in student intake. Apart from all these, the scenic beauty, multicultural diversity, and all-welcoming people are worth it.
Canada is also known for its Spend less, live good policy providing a budget-friendly living to international students, which makes it a better choice than other countries. The living cost would depend on the area, but it is far better even then. The average cost of living may range from 700 to 2000 Canadian Dollars, which may be equal to around Rs.41,500 – Rs.1,15,000.
Canada has a set of world-class universities revered worldwide. A degree earned in Canada has a huge reverence. It is also worth noting that 4 Canadian cities have been included in the Top 100 Best Student Cities In The World by the World University Rankings. Additionally, all the international students studying in Canada can work up to 20 hours a week part-time. They can also work full time during their summer and winter breaks. This helps you earn some extra bucks and spend for your needs. So, the students can enjoy the freedom. Lastly, with its charming cities and refined cultures await you: Canada is a place where you see a mix of bustling city life and a serene landscape. From Niagara Falls to the Royal Ontario Museum, the country waits for you to explore. All these assure you better living standards and job opportunities.
Thus, we at The Academic Insights have prepared a curated list of colleges and universities, and feature them in a title called – “Best 10 Universities & Colleges in Canada 2023 for Indian Students”. This edition is a combined work of a panel of experts working together with an aim of being the voice of the Indian Student, who has dreams of pursuing his educational and professional career abroad, preferably the Italian. aspects like Technological Brilliance, Infrastructural Marvel are considered to be ranked one among the best.
We strongly believe that going through the institutes that we have featured here, Indian Students back home might find their new calling, working in the direction of achieving a productive and a blissful future in Canada. Whether they envision starting their own entrepreneurial journey or get a foot into professional life, the institutes that have been listed here promise to provide everything a budding education aspirant of the 21st century needs.

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