BGS College of Education, Mandya – Connecting Life to Learning


As India has always been a prime destination for quality education, post the dawn of globalization, the population of India began to appreciate the value of education in a global economy and demonstrated an increased willingness to participate in the movement of equality, via showing immense interest in education. Also, with the Indian education space evolving rapidly, the need for employable individuals who can lead as able professionals cum leaders is on a drastic rise. As all the states of India have shown their dominance as hubs of educational brilliance, Karnataka out of all has proven itself to stand out, when compared to others, in terms of best opportunities provided to both students and teachers alike. Moreover, with India having seen a fresh emergence of new niche sectors like vocational training, finishing schools, child-skill enhancement and e-learning among others, one set of institutes have dedicated themselves towards teacher upliftment, converting individuals into capable teachers of tomorrow. One such renowned brand, which is currently emerging as a front runner in the field of teacher education – BGS College of Education (BGSCE), is committed to excel in teaching, training, capacity-building, entrepreneurship development and social service through its best curated Bachelor of Education program.

Established under Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust®, BGSCE is a teacher-education institution running under the visionary leadership of His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, Chancellor, Adichunchanagiri University. Ensuring that both the students and its teachers are exposed to its rich culture and heritage, the university continues on the lines of operating as a multi-disciplinary university. Situated in B G Nagara – Mandya, BGSCE has an ICSE School on campus as a clear demonstration school, where the teacher-trainees get real-life learning experiences of all the endeavors carried out at a regular school. Also, as per the recommendations of the NEP 2020, different clubs like Health and Wellbeing club, Faculty Empowerment and Professional Development Committee, Science Club, Mathematics Club, Language Club, Music and Dance club etc. are formed on campus, involving the faculty of demonstration school, in turn, pushing all its teacher-trainees towards all-round development.

Working relentlessly towards providing endless opportunities to bring about positive change in students, a clean, green and a pollution free environment is facilitated for all. Furthermore, having a state-of-the-art infrastructure in a pristine backdrop, BGSCE has indeed become a haven for effective learning experiences, where no stone is left unturned in the development of a green ecosystem to provide enrichment to the mind, heart and soul of the students. Campus also has a mini forest with 1000+ plants including about six hundred medicine plants and beautiful flowers to create a homogenous feeling amongst everyone within the campus.

Growing, serving

Pursuing on the path that – education is one of the most important factors in the development of individuals and nations, at BGSCE it is ensured that every year concessions and scholarships are provided to nearly all of the students, based on their socio-economic backgrounds. Preaching a sense of belonging in every nook and corner of the college campus, every endeavor carried out is completely student-centric, motivating learning curves, like never before. With a fully tech-enabled campus, and world-class amenities such as Digital language lab, Computer lab, e-library and each class room equipped with LCD projector and smart boards, the teacher-trainees learn beyond their textbooks, getting slowly transformed into tech-savvy professionals of tomorrow.

Being a hub for strong mentor-mentee relationships, teachers at BGSCE lead the learning via theory courses transacted through lectures, discussion, team teaching, classroom presentations, seminars, assignments, tutorials and so on. Operating on a mentoring mechanism, where mentees are pushed to gain knowledge and the required skills that will in future help them succeed in their respective careers, mentos are available to offer and serve as a resource to the mentee whenever the need may arise. Taking the bonds beyond the classroom hours, the onboard faculty members even function as councilors cum guides, especially guiding students in both their personal as well as professional fronts, during these times of high uncertainty and turmoil, revolving around all our lives.

Along with hosting a 2-year Bachelor of Education program, BGSCE even offers certificate courses in Communicative English (CCCE), Communication Skills (CCCS) and Innovative Teaching (CCIT), and a Ph.D. in education. “As BGSCE is a constituent college of a private University i.e. Adichunchanagiri University, ample scope is provided for modifying the curriculum based on the demand of the society”, stated Dr. A T Shivaramu, the principal of the college, giving a real-world view into how different, the whole curriculum and the teaching methodology is at the college, considering its affiliation with the Adichunchanagiri trust.

Towards a better tomorrow

Helping all the teacher-trainees excel as expert teachers, irrespective of the board or curriculum followed, they are prepared to work in different board schools as Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Education officers/Coordinators during the training and finishing Program conducted for 2-3 weeks at the end of the B. Ed program. In addition to this, the college provides extended placement training across the B.Ed. program on Employment Skills, also, training students for facing competitive exams like TET, CTET under its (college) ACE Coaching Center.

Considering the current times of the pandemic knocking on our doors and realizing how the times have changed resulting in the whole world coming to a halt, at BGSCE however, it was hardly an affair of mere inconvenience. Staying well-equipped way ahead of the pandemic, Professional Capacity Courses like Communication Skills, Micro Teaching, Integrated Lessons and ICT Basics of 1st Semester were conducted online, and were enhanced effectively, to meet the demand. Also, as these are skill based activities, it was not possible for Student-Teachers to practice well, thereby, the College organized Skill Enrichment Program for the Student-Teachers of 3rd semester with an objective to fill the learning gap of practical online classes of 1st semester during the lockdown period, hence one month earlier the classes for 3rd semester students were commenced. Subsequently, the infrastructure, seating arrangements, Internet facilities were facilitated for both virtual and offline mode of teaching as per the protocol of UGC, ACU and Government of Karnataka to suit pandemic situations like Covid-19.

All in all, being a NAAC ‘B’ grade accredited institution, BGSCE has been given the responsibility of supervising and monitoring the adopted government schools by Adichunchanagiri University. Lastly, being a hotspot of training programs, teacher-trainees leaving the college carry forward a legacy of enhanced professionalism and competencies, clearly living up to the statement – “there is only one Religion – The Religion of Love; and, there is only one Caste of Humanity; and only one Language – The Language of the Heart”.

Dr. A T Shivaramu – Principal

A Dean and a Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Adichunchanagiri University, Dr. Shivaramu has also served as Administrative Officer in Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust®, Sri Kshetra, under the leadership of his holiness, Jagadguru, Sri Sri Sri Dr.Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji. He has also worked as the Principal of BGS College of Education with a vision to build Pragmatic based educational programs & curriculum development to inspire Z-Generation. Presently leading 480+ institutions across Karnataka, he works closely with the BGS leadership team in building pedagogical systems and processes that impact each BGS Powered college, schools, and students.