Bhagwant Mann announces upcoming introduction of AI courses in government schools in Punjab.


On Wednesday, Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann announced the forthcoming introduction of artificial intelligence courses in government schools throughout the state. Mann stated that one lakh students will receive training in artificial intelligence, and an additional 10,000 teachers will undergo training to instruct these courses. Addressing a ‘Sikhiya Kranti’ rally in the presence of AAP national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Mann emphasized that Punjab, traditionally known for the Green Revolution and the White Revolution, is now poised for an education revolution.

The Chief Minister of Punjab announced an allocation of Rs 358 crore for the construction of boundary walls in over 7,000 schools. Additionally, Rs 25 crore has been earmarked for benches and other furniture, Rs 60 crore for washrooms, and a substantial Rs 800 crore for the creation of 10,000 new classrooms.

Mann revealed the appointment of a “campus manager” in each school and emphasized that Punjab is poised to become the first state in the country to provide WiFi connectivity to every school. He added that within the next six months, all schools in the state will be equipped with internet facilities.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to the welfare of students, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, Mann asserted that schools of eminence have been established for their betterment. He also stated that measures are being taken to enhance the expertise of teachers, including sending them for professional training both within the country and abroad. Similarly, students are being afforded opportunities to visit esteemed institutions such as ISRO to augment their knowledge.

Mann proudly declared that over the past 18 months, the AAP government in Punjab has generated more than 36,097 jobs for the youth across various sectors. He reiterated that these positions were awarded solely on the basis of merit and transparency, underlining the state government’s unwavering commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against corruption.