Blood Plasma Therapy – The way out of this Virusy Situation?


As the whole world struggles with the current COVID 19 pandemic, pharma companies, scientists and innovators across the globe are trying their best to find a solution to get our lives back to normal. With pharma companies almost on the verge of testing the vaccines on humans, Convalescent Plasma Therapy is the current ray of hope for mankind. After a Delhi patient successfully recovering from COVID 19, with the help of this therapy, patients with severe cases are being treated using this. 

“In convalescent plasma therapy, a dose of antibody-containing plasma obtained from the blood of recovered individuals is transferred to persons with the disease in order to treat it. It’s an experimental therapy going back a hundred years, having found use – to different efficacies – in the treatment of the Spanish flu as well as, more recently, the 2009 H1N1 influenza, SARS and MERS viruses.”

Convalescent plasma could shorten the duration of a COVID-19 illness or render it less dangerous. The therapy can be administered at different stages: after exposure to a known carrier but before infection to boost immunity, and to critically and non-critically ill patients to improve their outcomes. Currently, there are more than 20 clinical trials using convalescent plasma being conducted worldwide, and all we can hope as common janta, is this works in our favour and we get back to our normal lives, better than before. 

Stay home, Stay Safe!