Cover Feature – BNM Institute of Technology, An Exemplary Community of Learning


Since the time the pandemic hit us, as a global community we are experiencing unprecedented change on what seems like a daily basis. Many of us also have, dropped everything and devoted our expertise to help our state, country, and world combat this virus. As the front-runners, who seem to be doing their best in finding alternatives in the process of helping us control the spread of the virus, are our engineers. Thereby, these gloomy times demand trained and well-equipped engineers, to act as helpers/innovators to guide us out of these tough times. Having a clear understanding of the current state of affairs and, with a thorough vision of producing skilled and highly technical, dynamic & abled manpower, BNM Institute of Technology strives each-day at providing quality technical education to the masses.

Considering these times of crisis as an opportunity to improve the ICT infrastructure at the institution, and very-well, building on establishing a strong mode of teaching/learning irrespective of the medium used, BNMIT acts as a role model for many upcoming engineering colleges. The idea of BNMIT dates to the year 1972, when the Bhageerathi Bai Narayana Rao Maanay Charities started B.N.M. Educational Institutions with a focused vision of imparting value-based quality education irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds the students come from. Eventually founded in the year 2001, B.N.M Institute of Technology has always emphasized on complete skill development among the students, by identifying the skills required by the market and train students accordingly, preparing them ahead of their bright futures.

Building independent and creative thinkers of tomorrow

In the pursuit of becoming one of the premier institutions of Engineering and management in the country, BNMIT strives towards imparting technical knowledge as well a high degree of moral and ethical values in their students. Using project-based teaching and learning, the faculty members encourage students to practice theory through projects. In turn, helping students grow as trained individuals, having equal knowledge in both the theoretical and practical aspects of their respective fields. At BNMIT, upskilling is deemed mandatory, thereby, making it compulsory for the students to get global certifications via online courses and programs. An impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities exist at BNMIT, facilitating students and the faculty alike, with ample opportunities to acquire life skills through Music, Dance, Theatre, sports and Yoga, thus making BNMIT a holistic environment of fun and learning.

To understand in detail, the whole working ethos present at BNMIT, we got an opportunity to talk to many important personnel at the institution, who are the real flagbearers of BNMIT. One such important personality we got to interact was – Sri. Narayan Rao R. Maanay, the Secretary of the institution. Thereby, during a brief conversation with him, we asked him about the unique teaching techniques followed at the institution. Quiet ecstatic in his response, he stated – “BNMIT has adopted the flipped classroom technique of teaching-learning”. He elaborated on this point by saying – “The students are given a lesson plan for the next lecture in advance with reference material so that they can come prepared for the class to enable Professors to engage them in an interactive mode to clear all their doubts”. Adapting such unique teaching techniques, the institution benefits hands down in facilitating the professors and the faculty of the college to have more than 50% of the time during the classes spared for interaction, which in turn leads to strong teacher-student bonds on both personal and professional fronts.

Adding to the brilliant coaching and training provided by the teachers and mentors, a strong focus is given on the academic inputs, in turn strengthening the concepts and fundamentals of students”, stated – Dr. Krishnamurthy G. N., the principal of BNMIT, when eventually we got to interact with him. Furthermore, he also explained that, in the process of promoting confident, well-rounded individuals, soft skill training is integrated into the curriculum. In addition, making regular personality development programs and activities a norm at BNMIT, the management strives each day towards imbibing strong societal responsibilities and duties into students, converting them into well-prepared citizens of the country.

Helping you discover your best

Talking about the impressive campus of BNMIT, the Director of the institution, Prof. T. J. Rama Murthy stated – “The infrastructure at BNMIT is built in order to cater to all the needs of today’s engineer”. He elaborated on his earlier point by stating – “Located ideally amid the best connections of transport in Bengaluru City, all the classrooms are ICT-enabled, and the labs have the best modern equipment, pertaining to the latest of technologies”. We also learnt that, several centers of excellence (COEs) exist on campus, serving the research fanatics among students and teachers. Students benefit from the excellent auditorium and seminar halls, helping them use these amenities for a wide array of extra-curricular activities to be hosted on campus. Promoting a clean and effective living, homely and well-furnished hostels are available for both boys and girls. Also, a multicuisine food court is built which clearly meets the food requirements of all the personnel present on campus.

The faculty at BNMIT are a bunch of well-experienced academicians, with equal experience in both industry and academics. Acting as mentors, they guide students through their rough times, helping them gain a positive learning curve throughout their duration at the institution. Using a technology-driven learning system, students learn from e-learning platforms, digital lectures, as well as in-person teaching. All in all, the teaching at BNMIT perhaps can be called a blend of a collaborative and flipped classroom learning, employing strong Learning Management Systems in the curriculum. Moreover, industry experts and the esteemed faculty of BNMIT get together to curate the best in-house curriculum for the students, which carefully consists of all the necessary updates and trends running in the market today.

Addressing all the important personalities at BNMIT, we eventually spoke to the Dean of the institution, Prof. Eshwar N Maanay. Having visited the campus, ourselves and witnessing the true-brilliance of education and infrastructure combined, we questioned him about the industry-academia relationship present at BNMIT. In his response, he stated – “BNMIT has signed various MOUs with top-brands and industries, in turn motivating our students to attend mandatory internships”. Elaborating on this important point, on more of the important personalities of BNMIT – Dr. S.Y. Kulkarni, the Additional Director, stated – “Some of the internship opportunities made available for the students are paid and the probability of that internship getting converted into a job is high”.

For the various monitoring purposes, the college boasts of a centralized mentoring cell comprising of senior-faculty, who in turn monitor the progress and relevance of the internship. More than 100 reputed companies visit BNMIT for placements every year. All eligible students of circuit branches get offers in such companies resulting in 100% placement, and thereby, the overall placement including all other specializations is about 85%.

Having gotten the best technical education and learning, the students pass out from BNMIT with flying colors. Be it getting placed in top-brands or end up giving wings to their very own dreams. Students also savor every facility, initiative or an amenity made available to them, remembering every minute spent at BNMIT. Valuing its alumni and considering them as its brand ambassadors, BNMIT influences the companies which have their alumni working, and makes sure that they get the highest of privileges. Cherishing every memory, they spent at BNMIT, and carrying these memories across their lifetimes with smiles on their faces, the ex-students of BNMIT carry the tradition forward, influencing a positive change in and around them, working towards a better country and society.

Sri. Narayan Rao R. Maanay, Secretary

A thorough academician, a multi-talented individual, and well-renowned philanthropist, Sri Narayan Rao Maanay is a man of great knowledge. Having secured 6th rank in BU, he pursued his PG degree in Flour Milling Technology (FFMT), London and secured 2nd Rank among 17,000 students. An immense animal lover, he also finished his PG diploma in Environmental Law (PGDEL) from the highly reputed NLSIU, Bengaluru. Being a philanthropist at heart, he is involved in many social-service related activities. Finally, serving BNMIT as the secretary, he works day-in and day-out towards imparting the best technical education to the masses, converting students of today into leaders of tomorrow.