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Max McKeown, an English writer, consultant, and researcher, once beautifully quoted, “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, not many schools and educational institutions in India have ensured to master this art of adaptability. Standing tall amidst this crowd is Cambridge Public School (CPS), a premier school established in the year 1999, has adapted not just to cope but win over the drastic impact of COVID-19. Taken by surprise initially, CPS later soared ahead with success during the pandemic due to its decades of legacy in the education industry, highly experienced faculty members, and a strong IT team that rendered seamless support.

Cambridge Public School nestled in the cozy neighborhood of HSR Layout, Bengaluru, aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for the students, in turn, ensuring a perfect balance of academics, sports, artistic and social opportunities for the young minds. CPS stands unique amongst the other schools as the teachers have involved themselves in acquiring knowledge, emotional development, personal development, giving individual attention to the child’s development and making the institution one of the most progressive, proactive and vibrant schools. The school’s education system balances the academics, co-curricular activities and encourages the child to excel in different categories.

Making its students stand out from the rest, CPS adheres to a specific benchmark, and an academic curriculum (affiliated to ICSE) that focusses on enhancing their skill sets and knowledge. The school plans on allocating projects, assignments, conducting Olympiads and preparing students for entrance exams thus making them strong on the academic front. “Apart from the textbooks children need to be exposed to the practical methods and more of experiential learning. They should not be just bound by textbooks, but also enhance their knowledge through experiential learning”, shares – Judith Singh, the principal of the school. During a brief conversation opportunity with her, we asked her every question about what makes CPS the best performing ICSE School of Bengaluru, and how it sets benchmarks in terms of quality education. Adding to her above statement, she stated – “Cambridge Public School always focuses beyond educational attainment for students, thanks to our ace team of staff members who are well-trained for their roles in a larger aspect”.

A universe of possibilities
Being a hub that provides a gamut of exploration areas that includes specially designed modern laboratories, reading rooms, state of the art computer labs, multi-purpose playgrounds, professional sports coaches, and ‘smart-class’ technology-enabled classrooms, the active involvement of onboard teachers makes CPS a special place for immense growth and learning. Having children from various backgrounds of life, all welcomed in an inclusive environment, teaching is designed in such a way that encourages students to pursue learning beyond the classrooms. Multiple intelligence theory is effortlessly applied in every learning procedure at the school, helping every student present on the campus grow in-sync with his/her peers, despite the different learning paces each one of them have. Adding to this very point, Ms. Judith Singh stated – “We want our children to be a better citizen, and to do good in their professional and personal lives”.

Not just cultural exposure, but a strong sense of community building is also essential for students, so that they develop qualities like good character, citizenship, fairness, concern and love for others. That’s why Cambridge Public School focuses on their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Aiming at providing holistic development the school proudly organizes a 12-day educational tour to NASA (Kennedy Space Centre) in Orlando, USA, comprising 21 students from class 6 to 10 accompanied by their teacher, Ms. Uma Venkataraman. The trip is designed keeping in mind the importance of an adequate blend of learning and recreation. During their visit, students spent 10 days touring the facilities at Kennedy Space Center and interacting with NASA astronauts. They were briefed on space travel and were shown the historic launch of Apollo 8 at the Firing Room theatre. The industry-bonds the school has are so elaborate that – the students get regular chances to learn real-world perspectives and skills. They visit various industries and laboratories, and experience engaging learning via 2-d and 3-d videos and web sessions.

Also, envisioning a wise world led by intelligent youth, the school has one of the best in-class infrastructures in the country to nurture the aspirations and dreams of the young children. Through its balanced schooling concept, CPS strives to develop nine kinds of intelligences, facilitated by encouraging kids to participate in the different clubs steered by experts. Lastly, the school ensures that students learn amidst a safe environment, it also makes sure that they gain exposure to different cultures, so that they learn to appreciate and respect them. Accordingly, through the various Science Quizzes, Math Club Competitions, Spell Bees, Hues, The Debate and Omaggio, Cambridge Public School offers students enough avenues for gaining substantial experience, skills & talent. By analysing & evaluating outcomes, and discovering personal aptitude, slowly moving towards becoming individuals of tomorrow, students are ready to lead with confidence.
We as educators are very grateful to the Management, Lighthouse Learning Pvt Ltd in keeping us updated with the latest technology (ARGUS) to enhance our skills on digital platform, teaching skills through various workshop and group training. We proudly announce Cambridge Public School as EuroSchool HSR.

Ms. Judith Singh – Principal

Three decades of experience in the field of education and her immense love for children has been the main reason for Ms. Judith Singh to blossom as a teacher par excellence and an able administrator. She did her schooling in St. Joseph’s Convent, and went ahead to pursue her Bachelor of Science’ (Biology), Bachelor of Education’ (English and Science) in Kolar, Bangalore. Also, as the current principal of Cambridge Public School, Ms. Judith helps and develops a strong student discipline management system that results in positive student behaviour, emphasising the importance of having life skills and communication skills, working towards a healthy environment of schooling for all.

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