CBSE & Facebook join together to run online educational programs in India


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Facebook have collaborated to launch a training curriculum for educators and students on ‘digital safety and online well-being’ and ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’. The course modules are designed for secondary school students.

Each of the two programmes aims to train 10,000 teachers. The registration process for these courses will begin from July 6 and will close on July 20. The augmented reality programme will be launched on August 10 while the digital safety and well-being course will begin from August 6, as per the official notice by the CBSE.

Schools and colleges will be nominating teachers and students for the programme and those who complete the course will get e-certificates. This is only the first phase of the training. In the second phase, CBSE will introduce AR and digital safety programs for 30,000 students in each category.

“Growing internet access and usage, online abuse, bullying, misinformation, fake news, internet addiction etc are increasingly becoming important issues to deal with,” CBSE said in an official circular. It added, “The ability to navigate through these challenges and situations has become more vital than ever. Considering this, CBSE has partnered with Facebook India to launch free and comprehensive training programmes.”