Celebrate academic excellence, innovation and success with Asian Education Awards, Bangkok, November 2022


Asia Education Conclave (AEC), a global community which provides the platform to the extraordinary teachers/trainers, remarkable educational leaders and professionals associated with education industry to meet, connect and celebrate innovation and academic excellence, is organizing a gala awards ceremony and summit, Asian Education Awards in Bangkok, Thailand on 12th November, 2022.

Asian Education Awards will be one of a kind award ceremony and summit where the exceptional educators and institutions will be honoured for excellence in education and at the same time there will be dignitaries from the different nations who will be exchanging ideas and discuss current trends in the field of education and what we can look forward to the future.

Asia Education Conclave (AEC), in partnership with Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the multiple award-winning teacher training institution with 50,000+ alumni and a destination of choice for the aspiring global educators, is more than 15 years old and has promoted excellence in teacher education throughout Asia and beyond. AEC is dedicated to strengthening the field of teaching and education and increasing the visibility and efficacy of the profession.

Asia Education Conclave provides the platform to the teaching community to manifest new ideas and best practices pushing the boundaries of innovative thinking and bring the best educational process at our glittering award ceremonies, international educational symposiums, best academic summits and conferences.

Asian Education Awards Committee is inviting the entire teaching fraternity and the educational institutions in Asia, Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East to send their nominations by choosing from the categories below. The Award categories are broadly divided into 3 segments and under each segment the individual categories along with the criteria are given. Interested participants are requested to read the criteria under each category and send their nominations accordingly. The nominees and winners will be selected based on the criteria and the areas of expertise as determined by Asian Education Awards Judging Panel.

AEC is inviting and setting the stage for the teachers/trainers, academicians, educational leaders, professionals associated with the education industry to meet, connect and celebrate innovation and academic excellence. Asian Education Awards and Summit can be the ideal platform to showcase individual talents and an institution’s achievements and will help one to strengthen the business network. Networks are hard to come by and getting the opportunity to become a part of one where one can meet people with shared experiences is extremely crucial for an individual’s long-term personal and professional growth.  

Asian Education Awards will help individuals gain perspective into the field of education and teaching in Asia and beyond, helping to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and skills to help gain insight into the current market trends. Networking with the educationists and scholars is a great way to make one’s brand visible and ultimately launch a career/brand in a new country. From Individuals to regional and international networks, Asia Education Conclave enables participants to network both socially and professionally.

The only real way to get ahead is with institutional/individual branding. Being a part of Asian Education Awards and Summit will help in brand visibility and if used correctly, this branding will allow participants to make an emotional connection with their target audience and convince them to choose participating individuals/institutions over their competitors. The global education landscape is competitive, so drawing out what distinguishes one from others is an essential tool and this is where AEC can help with branding which plays a crucial role.