Centurion University of Technology and Management – A Community of Achievements with High Academic, Industry and Social Relevance


As we all know, that 2020 has been a complete roller coaster ride for everyone on this planet. From manufacturing to hospitality, the pandemic proved to be a major problem in terms of mode of operation and thus became a big disruptor eventually affecting breakthroughs in every domain. The education sector wasn’t spared either, which had to deal with the impact of the crisis head on.

Aiming towards thorough student/teacher safety, the whole backdrop of education had to be changed gradually, well in the pursuit of progressing towards normalcy. With educational institutions across India and the world still struggling to make ends meet, one educational hub which believed that world will soon recover from this crisis and continued in their path of imparting effortless quality learning to all – Centurion University of Technology and Management, came as a shining ray of hope, even during these gloomy times of crisis.

Believing in the concept of making the world learn, and in turn, learning from the world, Centurion University stands out when compared to other universities and educational institutions in terms of focused & developed hands-on training and tutoring in almost every domain of education. Being the literal haven for unconventional learning across various domains, Centurion University integrated skills needed by the 21st century professional into higher education, coupled with flexibility and adaptability.

Achieving Excellence Together

Started together on a journey filled with dreams and aspirations of creating a hub of high quality learning/teaching with a global perspective, a group of ambitious academics took over an ailing engineering institute – JITM in the year 2005. This ended up being the best decision of their lives, and  the first step in the journey called ‘Centurion University’. Subsequently, via all the tremendous efforts and hard work put in by the founders, JITM was transform into Centurion University of Technology and Management in August 2010, through an act of Odisha Legislative Assembly. Also, realizing that education is undeniably the most powerful tool for empowerment, the founders put their main focus towards imbibing an employment-linked education within the reach of those who needed it the most.

Centurion University has skilled, trained and linked 80,000+ poor, more poor and ultra poor youth to find gainful employment”, quoted Dr. SupriyaPattanayak, the Vice Chancellor of Centurion, during a brief conversation we had with her, where she spoke about the whole working ethos present at Centurion, while emphasising the philanthropic nature of Centurion’s very existance. Posing as budding education aspirants, we tried our best to get answers to the most asked/needed questions of today’s time, and Supriya being the lead in charge at Centurion, answered all our questions with ease, giving us an inside-view of how it is to be a part of Centurion.

Always been known for its pioneering initiatives/experiements in the area of skills integration since its inception, employability and entrepreneurship are very famous keywords at the university. Facilitated with state of the art infrastructure, industry integrated labs, production linked action learning centers & digital platform based learning spaces, students at Centurion, progress each day in terms of being innovative and talented professionals of tomorrow. Furthermore, involving themselves in innovative projects, and at the same time engaging in community based activities and projects, students at Centurion are nurtured towards being locally grounded while being global citizens. In its endeavour to address the most challenging societal problems of poverty,zerohunger,good health and well being,quality education, clean water and sanitation,genderequality,climatechange,Centurion attempts to align itself with the UN sustainable Development Goals.

Constructive Education for All

Setting highest standards in recruitment of faculty, Centurion University works relentlessly catering to the demands of the highly dynamic ecosystem of learning and growth, by providing students with mentors, than just, teachers”, stated Dr. Supriya, talking about the mentor-mentee relationship, the management tries to build on campus. Furthermore, with a focused induction program wherein newly appointed faculty are made familiar with the university’s vision and mission, equal emphasis is laid on teaching as well as research and innovation. Collaborating and motivating students on all fronts, the faculty is expected to work with multidisciplinary teams, focusing on product design and development, aiming to patent and enter into commercial production in the future.

Offering courses across different disciplines, designed and packaged by a highly experienced team of faculty members and industry experts, all the courses from tech management to animation and gaming, are built towards meeting the needs of the future workforce and society. The courses and the whole atmosphere at Centurion is focused towards encouraging cross-discplinary skillsets.

Lastly, keeping up with the brand-value and perhaps the societal responsibilites, Centurion University has always been a place where human rights and ethics are imbibed in every individual present on the campus, and will surely continue to be. Benefiting a whole lot towards being professionals, which the world needs now, considering the ongoing pandemic on us, the boundaries of discpline are pushed at Centurion, in turn, converting today’s students into leaders of tomorrow.

Dr. SupriyaPattanayak, Vice Chancellor

The VC at Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha, Dr. Supriya has her qualifications from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (MA) and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (MPhil), India and RMIT University, Australia (PhD). She has extensive teaching, research and policy experience and her research interest is in the field of gender and development issues, and social work pedagogy in different contexts. She has several publications to her credit, the latest being a book she edited along with Dr. Margaret Kumar entitled ‘Positioning Research: Shifting paradigs, interdisciplinarity and indigeneity’ (Sage Publications, India, 2018). She has worked with NGOs, multilateral and bilateral agencies, federal and state Governments and Universities in India and Australia. In her role as State Representative (Odisha), Department for International Development India (British High Commission), she worked closely with the State Government of Odisha for the implementation of several development projects and collaborated with various development partners in pursuance of harmonization of development efforts and achievement of MDGs. Presently, she is the Vice Chancellor of the Centurion University of Technology and Management,Odisha.She is also an Industry Liaison Person with RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and Research Fellow at the St Petersburg State University, Russia.