Children Welfare Centre Law College


Choosing the right law college is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your career as a lawyer. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to pick a law college that meets your needs and preferences. However, there are a few renowned law schools such as Children Welfare Centre Law College who are striving to align with your goals and aspirations and provide you with a solid foundation for a successful career in law.

Established in the year 2010, Children Welfare Centre Law College, located at Marve Road, Malad West, on a sprawling campus, was started with an aim of giving back to the society and with an objective to produce competent law professionals year after year. The college is affiliated to University of Mumbai and enjoys recognition by the Bar Council of India and Government of Maharashtra. 

The educational institution provides advanced programs in a location that spans across the expanding and diverse city. It operates under the Public Trust Act of 1950, with the goal of promoting the comprehensive development of every student and spreading the benefits of education to all segments of society. The Children Welfare Centre and teachers have made remarkable strides in preparing students and alumni for lifelong learning with a positive outlook, as evidenced by their achievements.

Empowering Minds

Children Welfare Centre Law College is equipped with modern facilities that are suitable for current teaching and learning needs. It has an in-house, computer lab, an audio-visual room, a library, and recreational amenities. The management prioritizes providing the best facilities, as evidenced by the clean and hygienic restrooms and canteen. The institution has trained and skilled teachers who play a significant role in the academic and personal development of students by mentoring and coaching them. They are also responsible for instilling values such as honesty, respect, and diligence in the students. Children Welfare Centre has a remarkable track record of achieving better opportunities and prospects, and its performance has been suitably recognized. The programs offered by the college include – a three year LL.B. course, a five year B.L.S./LL.B. integrated course, a two year L.L.M course, and one year diploma in IPR and Cyber Laws.

Our college stands out as a unique institution, taking into account the responsibilities of the 22nd century. We have introduced numerous innovative courses for the overall holistic development of our students”, shared Dr. Anant Kalse, the I/C Principal. He continued – “As the principal, I have personally studied various universities in Sydney, Australia, Melbourne, and New Zealand, and I aim to incorporate a universal education system in our college. Fortunately, our management fully supports me, and with the implementation of a robust legal system, we are well on our way to achieving this goal”.

The College provides its students with a wide range of opportunities to enrich their academic and extracurricular experiences. These include seminars, legal literacy camps, workshops, and legal aid clinics, which help students stay informed about the latest developments in the field of law. Study tours are also organized to help students gain a deeper understanding of socio-economic-legal issues. Additionally, students are encouraged to conduct legal research and compose essays on socio-legal and eco-legal topics. To provide students with hands-on experience, visits to various courts are arranged to enable them to observe legal proceedings firsthand. The College also conducts Add-on Certificate Courses, Moot Courts, Debates, Elocution Competitions, and other Intra and Inter-Collegiate Competitions to help students develop their legal knowledge and communication skills. Moreover, the College emphasizes the importance of safeguarding the human rights of all citizens, including prisoners, which is a responsibility of the State. As part of this, the college also arranges visits to prisons to familiarize students with life behind bars. These activities help students develop a deeper understanding of the legal system and prepare them for a career in law.

Each year, the Law College conducts an Annual Sports Meet & an Annual Fest which focuses on Literary Arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts to uncover hidden talents among its students. With the aim of fostering the overall development of its students, the college focuses on cultivating skills in Sports, Theatre, Dance, Literary and Fine Arts, as well as Music. As soon as the academic year begins, students are encouraged to take the stage and showcase their talents. Furthermore, they are urged to participate in both intra and intercollegiate events and competitions. This approach helps students not only discover their strengths but also develop their skills in various artistic areas, leading to a well-rounded education. Also, for law students, maintaining a healthy mind and body is important. Thus, the college regularly arranges various indoor and outdoor sports events to promote this objective.

Children Welfare Centre Law College is committed to providing its students with value-based education with applied knowledge so as to ensure that students are prepared to take on the complexities of the legal world once they step into the legal profession.