Chitkara Business School – A World of Opportunities


Living in today’s time might seem difficult. With all the competition around and people trying to break out of the box, innovate, create, and try to achieve something great in their lives, having just one degree credited to your name is quite intimidating. People end up getting tempted to move as fast as possible towards earning their next degree. However, moving too early or moving too slow in your career path can lead to a lot of time wasted and hence increase the time you will end up spending, climbing up the career ladder. It is all about the right amount of leadership potential one possesses, and how they can drive a positive change in the workplace and the workforce. If you are looking to building a leader within yourself, and still have a qualification worth talking about, a business/management degree is the need of the hour. The next important step in your life would be to find an elite program in a prestigious MBA college/institute, which can give you the right amount of push into your leap towards success. Putting an end to your search for an elite yet quality b-school, which is also the fastest-growing institute of our country, Chitkara Business School acts the perfect platform for a budding management aspirant to fulfill his/her dream of becoming a future manager, entrepreneur or a leader in this ever-changing dynamic landscape.
With the aim of producing not just graduates but dynamic individuals, who are continuously evolving, Chitkara Educational Trust established a dedicated 30-acre sprawling campus for the Chitkara University, in the year 2002. And eventually, in 2008, Chitkara B-School, a constituent of the Chitkara University, started on its ambitious journey of giving the best management education to the masses, in turn, converting management aspirants’ into industry-ready personalities.

A Real-world for Real-Education
Teaching at Chitkara B-school is exceptional and effective. With teaching taken out of the classroom and by giving it a real-world feel, learning outcomes received from the student’s end are worth mentioning. Industry bonds are maintained at the b-school, in turn, co-creating the most relevant and updated course curricula, for in-depth practical-based learning. Students are encouraged to take part in project works, international exchanges, internships, such that, at the end of their study-period at Chitkara, they become well-spoken individuals having expert knowledge in fundamentals and have enough application-based knowledge pertaining to their niches, ready to make the jump from being a student to becoming a future leader of our country.

The faculty got on-board by the management are a bunch of achievers and well-learned personnel, who excel at the art of teaching, and bring their knowledge and real-life experiences to the classroom for a truly immersive applied education. The B-School strongly believes in giving equal importance to every person at the institute, be it the students or the faculty, everyone is given equal opportunities to learn and grow. “Our Faculty is our strength. Our Industry partners are our core. Our MBA students are our pride. Our faculty has teaching expertise, research acumen and a stint of a practitioner. So Teaching-Research-Practice go hand in hand at Chitkara Business School”, stated Dr. Madhu Chitkara, the Pro-Chancellor of the university, during a brief conversation we had with her, regarding how the management strives towards keeping the brand value of Chitkara intact and their big family, happy and content, in being a part of such a renowned institution.
The management clearly knows the difference between today’s manager and tomorrow’s manager, thereby; the programs are altered, making them more rigorous, yet completely flexible. “With more than 100 international academic partners, Chitkara works in the direction of creating interdisciplinary & entrepreneurial minds, who are socially capable with globally acceptable skillset and having strong interpersonal skills”, added Dr. Madhu to her earlier statement, talking about how Chitkara changes the lives of the students by making them real-world compliant, and well-rounded human beings.

Making your Future Easy

Ranked among the top 75 management institutions of India, Chitkara preaches holistic brilliance. In addition to the various course programs held at the institute, CBS strongly recommends new and innovative ideas for teaching-learning. Methodologies like Simulation Activities, Case Study discussions, Internships, Brain Storming sessions, team building activities, experiential learning, and so on, are a norm at the b-school, which is a welcome change to the existing teaching process followed worldwide. We at Chitkara Business School strongly believe that job placement is an outcome of hard work any student put in into his/her academics. We make it easier to achieve for our students by providing them several hundreds of job and intern opportunities on the campus.

A secondary or alternate outcome of pursuing management studies is to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is an art, which consists of a skill set that not everyone can master. At Chitkara, Entrepreneurship is given equal consideration, and as a result, the Centre of Entrepreneurship Education Development (CEED) was established. At CEED, the mission is to increase the ecosystem’s productivity by simplifying the task of connecting people with the right opportunities. “Initially a value is created within the ecosystem, and then that value is shared with our ecosystem partners, mentors, investors, and startups,” stated Dr. Madhu, ecstatically. With a state-of-the-art incubation space of over 15,000 sq.ft located at just 1km distance from Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh, the start-up family of Chitkara has 53 dynamic tech startups. These startups actively engage with each other to share their success stories, failure lessons, and sometimes, give rise to long-lasting friendships.

Moreover, Entrepreneurship being a strong part of the curriculum at CBS, the University campus has an incubator, which encourages students of different disciplines to think entrepreneurial. A structured mentoring program is held, to help students have a strong focus on student startups, provision of seed fund, and provision of subsidized incubation space and availability of subsidized incubation space.

Since being a part of more than 150 international partnerships ranging from study abroad programs, student exchange programs, and so on, CBS is a hotspot for strong on-campus recruitments. From laying the seeds to harvesting the fruit, CBS always stays side-by-side with their students, helping them maintain intensive focus, guiding them through every step they take and in the end, give a final push to make a successful leap into this huge world, ready to take over whatever comes their way with ease and confidence.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro Chancellor

A co-founder of the Chitkara Educational Trust, an eminent academician, and an innovative entrepreneur, Dr. Madhu Chitkara, has articulated and designed the road map for the trust and actively participated in its growth. With a passion for academics and great business acumen, she has had a diversified career and variegated experience in the field of education spanning almost four decades. Knowledgeable focused, and a strategic leader, Dr. Madhu Chitkara has adeptly managed numerous academic ventures and remains a true leader who ‘leads by example’ – is warm, sincere, and always willing to walk the extra mile to deliver on her promises. Her support to several humanitarian causes, in association with various NGOs, is indeed a tribute to her philanthropic nature, zest for life and desire to transform other’s lives for the better, pushes her forward towards her dream of bringing a positive change to the society.