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In the bustling realm of Indian education, where innovation meets tradition, the call for International Baccalaureate (IB) schools has resonated with families like a harmonious melody. With the world shrinking and cultures intermingling, IB schools have emerged as the veritable magicians of academia, conjuring an educational potion that blends global perspectives with local values. In this age of interconnectedness, where the ‘home’ is no longer confined to just a dwelling but extends to the entire planet, IB schools stand as the need of the hour, painting young minds with the hues of cultural diversity, critical thinking, and open-mindedness. And amid this symphony of educational evolution, Christ Junior College’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme shines as a radiant star. Infused with the ethos of creating internationally astute learners who dance to the rhythm of empathy and curiosity, the CJC – IBDP transforms educational households into vibrant tapestries of worldly wisdom and infinite possibility.

Christ Junior College in a Nutshell

Christ Junior College, guided by the foundational principle of Excellence and Service, firmly upholds the belief that tireless endeavors and a thirst for growth are the bedrocks of achieving excellence. This pursuit of growth takes on profound significance when coupled with a deep sense of social responsibility. Rooted in its overarching mission, Christ Junior College dedicates itself to fostering the comprehensive development of each individual, thereby enabling them to make impactful contributions to society within an ever-evolving milieu. The institution’s ethos stands as a nurturing crucible where holistic growth finds its wings, poised to empower individuals to enrich the fabric of society in a dynamic and meaningful manner.

Christ Junior College fosters a new generation of learners who epitomize global-mindedness, embracing a perspective that reveres diversity and the multifaceted nature of humanity. Within a nurturing and socially enriching environment, the institution empowers students to flourish not only academically, but also physically and emotionally. A rich array of activities spanning literature, science, business, and fine arts resonates with real-life contexts, seamlessly blending learning with lived experiences.

Immersing students in a dynamic blend of project-based initiatives and service learning, Christ Junior College weaves a fabric of research, service, and metacognitive exploration. This multi-faceted pedagogical approach enhances the value of these endeavors, bridging the realms of language, skills, and knowledge. Equipped with this holistic foundation, learners emerge poised to confidently navigate the ever-evolving global landscape, embarking on careers that promise fulfillment and success across international horizons.


In 2018, Christ Junior College introduced the IBDP curriculum onto its campus, following two years of meticulous planning and obtaining authorization. Over the past few years, the approach to delivering this curriculum has evolved significantly, resulting in students who possess heightened open-mindedness, knowledge, principled values, and an insatiable curiosity about the global landscape. The school’s teaching methods have undergone transformational changes, shaping students into empathetic critical thinkers who recognize the imperative of taking action in an increasingly uncertain world that transcends geographical boundaries. These students serve as a vital link in upholding the illustrious legacy of St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara and his educational vision, embodying both its beneficiaries and torchbearers.

Christ Junior College (CJC) adheres to a well-crafted Inclusion and Access policy, seamlessly aligned with the principles of the IB philosophy. The institution takes pride in a myriad of outreach initiatives, encompassing impactful service-oriented projects such as crafting educational modules and activities for orphanages and government schools. Active participation in advocacy programs and skillfully orchestrated fundraising endeavors further demonstrate CJC’s commitment to social betterment. Notably, several students are engaged in NGO activities, with some even venturing into self-initiated enterprises dedicated to societal welfare.

Guiding students towards their future endeavors within this nurturing environment is a crucial responsibility assumed by our Career Counselor,” states Mrs. Sheela Chacko, the Diploma Program Coordinator. She adds, “The institution’s dedication to comprehensive guidance is evident in the orchestration of Education and Career fairs, interactive workshops, and seminars that delve extensively into higher education and career pathways.” Through our conversation with Mrs. Chacko, it became evident that CJC is dedicated to establishing robust connections with external organizations, universities, and experts. The counselor adeptly assists in all aspects of career counseling, encompassing aptitude test preparation, application and visa processing, and meticulous management of school report submissions for university applications.

A Tomorrow-Ready Institute

At Christ Junior College (CJC), the essence of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is rooted in transformative learning achieved through the active ownership of students. Central to this philosophy is the cultivation of student leadership, where learners assume proactive roles in shaping their educational journey, nurturing positive mindsets, perspectives, knowledge, and skills. CJC’s pursuit of nurturing student leaders is driven by the ambition to foster a culture of ownership, collaboration, and community within the classroom environment.

CJC’s commitment to promoting student leadership is manifest in various pedagogical approaches employed within the classroom. These include Project-Based Learning, Task-Based Learning, the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) program, and collaborative projects. Students also contribute to the assessment process through peer evaluations. Beyond the academic sphere, CJC entrusts students with leadership responsibilities, empowering them to plan, organize, and execute diverse school activities and programs.

The invaluable support of parents is a cornerstone of CJC’s educational ecosystem. Parents enthusiastically engage in school activities, CAS-related initiatives, and consistently participate in meetings. Their unwavering encouragement and appreciation of the school’s endeavors, coupled with a deep respect for the teaching staff, underscore their vital role in the educational partnership at CJC.

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