Christian College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai, Chattisgarh


In India, the need for quality engineering colleges has been on the rise due to the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing demand for skilled professionals in various industries. As the country progresses towards becoming a global knowledge hub, it becomes crucial to establish educational institutions that can provide top-notch engineering education and produce graduates who are well-equipped to tackle real-world challenges. The Christian College of Engineering & Technology (CCET) in Bhilai stands out as a welcome example of a premier engineering institution that addresses this need.

Started with an aim of providing limitless opportunities for students from all walks of life, and converting young individuals into confident engineers of tomorrow, CCET is guided by its vision of providing quality technical education. Operating as a private non-profit organization, CCET admits 420 students annually in Degree Programmes in 4 branches of Engineering namely Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering. CCET also admits 36 students in the Post-Graduate M.Tech. programme in CAD/CAM/Robotics and NanoTechnology. CCET’s academic programs are built upon a strong foundation of quality infrastructure and a dedicated faculty, all within an environment that fosters student engagement and maximizes their potential.

Where Education Meets Innovation

Christian College of Engineering & Technology (CCET) is affiliated with Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University (CSVTU), Bhilai, a State University established in 2005. However, CCET recognizes the importance of addressing current market trends and demands, and therefore, whenever there is a perceived gap, additional topics beyond the syllabus are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance the students’ learning experience.

Ensuring the all-round development of its students, at CCET alongside classroom learning, various avenues for personal growth are made available for all the students, such as personality development classes, seminars, and both outdoor and indoor games. They are also encouraged to participate in university, state, and national-level competitions, including sports and other events.

Recognizing the vital role of faculty members in fostering the holistic development of students, CCET places equal importance on their continuous learning and growth. CCET supports its faculty members by offering a range of exceptional opportunities. These include participating in Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), attending national and international conferences, conducting Research Projects sponsored by government funding agencies, and engaging in NPTEL Courses. These initiatives enable faculty members to expand their expertise, explore new domains, and acquire additional skills to enhance their professional growth.

Redefining Infrastructural Brilliance

Situated on a sprawling 17.45-acre campus in the Industrial Belt of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, CCET campus showcases a blend of architectural harmony and natural beauty. It is divided into three functional sectors – Hostels for Students (Boys and Girls), Health Centre, Sports Complex, Academic Buildings, Administrative Building, and Central Library and lastly a Residential & Guest House.

The academic buildings are strategically located in close proximity to the hostels and the Sports Complex. CCET has a dedicated Workshop for the Mechanical Engineering Department, equipped for the preparation and maintenance of wooden and steel work for all sister institutions. The campus also features an ATM of the State Bank of India and a Students Store.

The institute has its own Health Center, where a part-time residential medical officer is available. The Boys and Girls Hostels on campus are managed by Priests and Nuns. A spacious canteen is conveniently located near the instruction zone and hostels. CCET provides various sporting facilities, including playgrounds for Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, and Cricket. An Indoor Games Complex and an NSS unit are also present on campus. These facilities are well-utilized by students and campus residents alike.

Tomorrow Imbibed Endeavors

In 2022, the Christian College of Engineering & Technology (CCET) established the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India, aimed at Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). CCET’s faculty members actively engage in research activities, with 4 Collaborative Research Projects completed under TEQIP-III during 2019-20.

CCET is dedicated to streamlining and strengthening the research, innovation, and start-up ecosystem within the institute. This focus enables students to develop critical thinking, design thinking, innovative thought processes, and encourages an entrepreneurial mindset. To further support these endeavors, CCET has set up an IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Activity Cell under the IIC. The IPR Activity Cell creates awareness and provides assistance to students and faculty members in obtaining patents and copyrights.

Furthermore, CCET maintains strong relationships with local, regional, and other industries, leveraging its advantageous location near the industrial area. This proximity offers valuable opportunities for students to complete their internships in nearby industries. As a result, many students have successfully secured job offers from these organizations upon completing their internships.

To further strengthen industry-academic collaborations, CCET has established Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with several esteemed companies. The following industries have signed MoUs with CCET – M/S Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited, Bhilai, M/S Alam Software Solutions (OPC) Private Limited, Bhilai, M/S Techonet Private Limited, Bhilai, and several others. These MoUs facilitate knowledge sharing, research collaborations, and industry-oriented training programs, enhancing the practical exposure and employability of CCET’s students. It further strengthens the institute’s commitment to producing industry-ready graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to thrive in their professional careers.

Empowering Dreams, Easing Financial Burdens

CCET, a Christian minority institute, reserves 50% of its seats for Christian minority students. While there are existing scholarship and loan schemes available for minority and economically weaker students from Central and State Governments, CCET goes the extra mile by providing up to 50% scholarships to meritorious minority and economically weaker students.

As part of the Silver Jubilee project, CCET offers meritorious scholarships and partially or fully sponsored programs based on academic performance. The Bishop Mar Theodosius Meritorious Scholarship is awarded to students who secure 75% and above in the internal test conducted by CCET.

Additionally, St. Thomas Mission Society in Dimapur, Nagaland sponsors five students for each B.Tech and M.Tech program, providing a 50% concession in admission and tuition fees. And last but not the least, Economically weaker students also benefit from free hostel admission, ensuring they have a conducive environment for their studies.