Christian College of Engineering & Technology, Bhilai


For ages, engineering has turned imagination and fantasy into something that is tangible and useful. Since the dawn of the industrial age, the importance and influence of Engineering has grown at a blazing speed. The modern world we live in wouldn’t have been possible without the marvels of engineering. However, engineering has changed drastically in today’s time, and requires graduates to be all-rounders rather than just experts in their domains. Thus, tech institutes and colleges such as Christian College of Engineering & Technology (CCET), Bhilai are providing opportunities to talented, motivated students from all walks of life, guiding and training them into holistic individuals.

Guided by its vision of providing quality technical education, CCET is a private non-profit organization, which admits students in Degree Programmes in 4 branches of Engineering namely Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineering. CCET also admits students in the Post-Graduate M.Tech. programme in CAD/CAM/Robotics,High Voltage and NanoTechnology. The cornerstone of CCET’s academic programmes is quality infrastructure combined with qualified and motivated faculty, placed in an environment that encourages students to make the most of both.


Gone are the days of teacher centered and student centric learning, now in this collaborative learning era learning happens beyond the classrooms across every endeavor carried out at CCET, all the students are required to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. MGM group of institutions highly comprehend the idea of ‘Holistic Learning’.

From founder visionaries to present policy makers, ancient Indian philosophy of ‘simple living high thinking’ is highly blended for the all round development of each student.

The founding society, St.Thomas Mission Society, has completed 50 years of commendable social service in North and North East India. Bishop Alexios Mar Eusebius is the present Chairman of the college. Fr.Dr.P.S.Varghese, an educationalist and author, serving as the Executive Vice Chairman of this college,  mentioned that at CCET  “We take care of the all-round development of our students very sincerely.” We try our level best to inculcate the idea of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Earn while learning’ in all possible ways. 

Dr. (Mrs.) Dipali Soren, the Principal of CCET shared – “Except for classroom learning, our students are given the opportunity to attend personality development classes, seminars, play outdoor and indoor games; participate in university, state and national level games and other competitions”.

Abundance of Opportunities

CCET is affiliated to Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University (CSVTU), Bhilai, a State University established in 2005. Designing and curating the course content according to the market trends and demands, at the Tech Institute additional topics are taught to the students, beyond the syllabus.

Spread over an area of 17.45 acres in the Industrial Belt of the Steel City, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, CCET presents a panorama of harmony in architecture and natural beauty. From Hostels for Students (Boys and Girls), Health Centre, Sports Complex to Academic Buildings, Administrative Building and Central Library, and Residential & Guest House, CCET is a haven for world-class amenities and facilities, in turn, facilitating easy learning curves and comfort for everyone on th e campus. “We have good ICT-infrastructure and well equipped physical labs for all courses running in our institute to develop the required skill sets in the students as per current market trends and demands”, shared Dr. (Mrs.) Dipali Soren. Through the conversation with the principal she also spoke about how during COVID-pandemic CCET had developed a foot operated mechanical hand sanitizer machine and automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in all their workshops/labs.

The onboard faculty members play an important role in the all-round development of the students. So it is also very essential for them to learn new things and update their knowledge regularly and adjust themselves with the changing dynamics of the educational world. For this CCET provides the faculty with good opportunities, through active participation in FDPs, national and international conferences, motivating towards carrying out research projects under various funding agencies and through NPTEL Courses. 

CCET maintains good relationships with the local, regional and other industries, as the Institute is located near the industrial area, so most of the students get opportunities to complete their internships in these nearby industries.  After completion of their internships, few students also get job offers from them. Additionally, CCET has signed few MoUs with M/S Bhilai Engineering Corporation Limited, Bhilai, M/S Alam Software Solutions (OPC) Private Limited, Bhilai, M/S Techonet Private Limited, Bhilai, M/S Vishva Vishal Refractory Limited, Bhilai, and M/S Simplex Engineering and Foundry Works Limited, Bhilai.

Towards a Better Tomorrow

Considering all the rules and regulations laid down by the New Education Policy 2020, and working in pursuit of becoming a center of technical excellence, CCET has set up a new National Assessment Centre, called – PARAKH. PARAKH is a good initiative taken by AICTE as per the requirement of NEP 2020 in-sync with helping all students to improve their knowledge and skill.  As the institute is situated in Chhattisgarh where a large population is tribal and economically weak, CCET is happy that something such as NEP 2020 has been introduced, and the institute looks forward to helping all those local boys and girls. 

Apart from having impressive placement stats – every year, CCET also focuses immensely on boosting the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. This year, the institute has entered in its 25th i.e. Silver Jubilee Year. CCET is proud of its alumni who are working in very good positions in various reputed organizations and few have set up their own businesses/industries. They all are in contact with CCET through social media platforms and help the current students to get a good job as well as set up their businesses/industries.

Loans & Scholarships

Being a Christian minority institute where a 50% quota is reserved for the Christian minority students, CCET provides up to 50 % scholarships to meritorious minority and economically weaker students. As part of the Silver jubilee project, meritorious scholarships and partially and fully sponsorships based on their academic performance will be awarded this year. Also, there is a Bishop Mar Theodosius meritorious scholarship for students who secure 75% above in the internal test conducted by CCET. St. Thomas Mission, Bhilai the parent society of CCET has completed 50 years in mission service. As a Golden Jubilee project in every stream university toppers will get 75% in admission fees. St.Thomas Mission Society, Dimapur, Nagaland will be sponsoring 5 students each for every B.Tech and M.Tech program with 50% concession in admission and tuition fees. Lastly, free hostel admission for economically weaker students.