Closing schools not a solution amid Covid-19 spike


Covid-19 has again become a reason of concern as the number of cases is rising. Schools in Delhi will be following guidelines again to curb the spread of infection. Unlike previously, schools will not be closed now. Instead, a particular classroom where someone tests positive will be sealed.

It is explicit that closing schools is not the solution. According to Shubhi Soni, Head of The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini, coronavirus will never go but the hysteria around it will end. “It will be reduced to an endemic, influenza and seasonal flu in the coming years. The government’s decision to make mask-wearing optional in public places is the reason behind the current spike in Covid cases.

“We must not wait for the situation to get worse and strict protocols should be enforced in full swing without any delay to control the situation,” Soni said. She said the parent community will panic if their child’s health is affected.

“The move, in such a scenario, should be to allow a blended approach to learning that is, starting three days of offline schooling and two days of online schooling in a staggered way.

“School closures, in any way, are not the solution as the students have backtracked in learning and it has taken a huge toll on their social and emotional well-being,” she said.

Anshu Mital, Principal, MRG School, Rohini said they are taking all the necessary measures to avert the spread of COVID-19 like constant cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, practising physical distancing, undertaking staggered dispersals, and using open spaces for activities.

“Maintaining a strict vigil to ensure the good health of students and staff administration is our top priority. The wellness staff headed by a counsellor is always available to address the concerns of parents and look after the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the learners.

“We, as responsible citizens, must ascertain the veracity of news and only believe in facts. We must not fall prey to fake information as it infuses fear among the stakeholders and generally, the society. As an educator, I hope that there are no school closures and we are able to impart continuous and qualitative learning to our students,” she said.

The Shri Ram Millenium School in Noida has decided that in case three students in a section test Covid positive in quick succession, the section will switch to online classes.

“In case a student or teacher tests positive and has been in school, information is sent to the class group. If the child uses the bus, information is also sent to the bus users of the route availed by that student.

For carpool students, the information is sent to the group concerned. Please be informed that information is shared only when the school has received a confirmed diagnosis and lab report of a student or teacher testing positive,” the school said in an advisory.

“In case a student or staff tests positive, he or she must not attend school and join back only after recovery. A negative RTPCR report has to be submitted to the school before they rejoin.

“In case the student has a sibling in the school, the sibling is also required to abstain from school for a week till the student recovers. If a family member tests positive, then the child or staff member must maintain a quarantine of seven working days,” it added.