Coaching centres can’t take students under 16-years – Regulatory Notice from the Center


To address the necessity for a legal framework and oversee the unchecked expansion of private coaching centers, the Central government has formulated model guidelines for states to adopt in order to regulate coaching centers across India.

The recently unveiled Guidelines for the Regulation of Coaching Centers in 2024, proposed by the Central government, recommend that individuals under the age of 16 should not be admitted to coaching centers. Additionally, the guidelines advise against coaching centers making deceptive assurances or promising specific ranks to parents and students. Furthermore, the guidelines put forth a suggestion that tutors lacking qualifications beyond graduation should not be permitted to teach in coaching institutes.

The increasing number of unregulated private coaching centers in the country is on the rise due to the absence of any established policy or regulation. The document highlights instances of such centers imposing excessively high fees on students, subjecting them to undue stress, which has tragically resulted in student suicides, and engaging in various malpractices. These issues are frequently reported in the media.

In an effort to strengthen the policy, the Central government has proposed penalties for coaching centers involved in charging exorbitant fees, causing undue stress leading to student suicides, and other malpractices. The suggested penalties include fines of up to 1 lakh or the cancellation of registration.