Covid-19 antiviral drug in the market soon


As India is turning out to be one of the worst-hit nations in this pandemic, and moreover, with day counts soaring to 50,000+ numbers, India’s Sun Pharmaceutical Industries has good news for all of us.

From next week onwards, Sun Pharma Industries will be selling its version of favipiravir, becoming the latest generic drugmaker to supply the antiviral to treat COVID-19.

Favipiravir, along with another antiviral, remdesivir, has emerged as one of the most sought-after drugs at hospitals fighting COVID-19 in India, which saw a surge of 50,000-plus infections for the sixth straight day on Tuesday.

Sun’s version of favipiravir, to be called FluGuard, will cost Rs 35 per 200 mg tablet, making it the cheapest version available. Stocks will be available from this week.