Delhi Schools to remain closed until Oct 31


Delhi schools will remain closed until October 31, confirms the Education Minister, Manish Sisodia, on Sunday, October 04, 2020. The Ministry of Home Affairs had earlier passed the orders for schools to reopen after October 15. However, educational institutions’ authorities and state governments can choose to either reopen the schools or continue with online classes.

The Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has welcomed this decision of the Home Ministry and asked other parties to not make it a political issue as it may impact the precious time of the students negatively.

A few days ago, the Home Ministry released unlock guidelines for schools. The schools must ensure that there is no compulsory attendance. This should totally depend on parental consent.

The Delhi Government has previously released an order to partially reopen schools by September 20.

As per the Unlock 4.0 guidelines, all schools and educational institutes across India will remain closed till September 30 as a precaution from Covid-19. However, students of classes 9 to 12 may visit schools outside containment zones with the written consent of parents or guardians if they need the guidance of any teacher or for some other work.

Schools can reopen for staff in non-containment zones as per the guidelines.

The Delhi government order makes it clear that students can go to school to seek the advice of teachers only from September 21 and with the written consent of parents if the student’s house is not in the containment zone. But it will be on a voluntary basis only.