Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy


Over the last 30 years, pharmaceutics in India has evolved from almost non-existent to a world leader in the production of high-quality generic drugs. Pharma students of India get trained in being well-versed in the biochemical fundamentals of drug action and drug disposition, which together form the critical bedrock of the discipline. It is therefore imperative that students keep up to date with the latest scientific advances, in which, the pharma colleges/institutions have a big role to play. Thereby, considering the demand for trained, well-versed, & dynamic Pharma Experts in today’s time and scenario, Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy comes in as a devoted educational entity, which is imparting quality Pharma Education to such aspiring students.

A vital constituent of the Desh Bhagat University (Mandi Gobindgarh), which derives its spirit of foundation from freedom fighter Sr. Lal Singh Ji; who fought for the independence of India and his efforts of social work. DBU has been established with the mission of pursuing excellence in higher education as envisioned by Sr. Lal Singh Ji, and thus, the School of Pharmacy strives on these very lines. 

Known for its innovative programs at both UG & PG levels, Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy offers PHd, M. Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy Allopathic courses fully accredited by Pharmacy Council of India. Also, by strengthening collaboration with Industry in Research, Consultancy, Training & Internships, the School of Pharmacy promotes industry interactions to foster learning beyond the classrooms. A culture of participative decision making too exists on the campus of Desh Bhagat, helping students with their freedom of expression and flexibility, bringing in innovations in the curriculum to accomplish vision and mission of the University. 

Redefining academic excellence

With more than 20 years of experience in education and over 256 academic courses, the university is the biggest academic trailblazer in Punjab. Also, with elite pharmacy educators, a state-of-the-art facility located in a thriving medical and research community, the campus is a cornerstone of experiential learning. “Our Pharmacy School operates as a hotspot of a deep understanding of drugs, treatment, quality control, manufacturing, research and development that has revolutionized the quality of life of millions of people”, shared – Dr. Puja Gulati, the Principal of the College. 

Continuing on her above point and letting our readers get a better understanding of the classroom dynamics at Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy, she added – “The engaging classroom environment is centered to help students be conversant with professional aspects of pharmacy taking up active roles in the pharmaceutical industry”.  Adding an important point on the syllabus and the pedagogy followed, Dr. Puja, stated – “Our syllabus is in complete sync with the Pharmacy Council of India, and the demands of industry, academia and society”. Through the conversation with the principal we also learnt that the department  of Pharmacy adopted Choice Based Credit System in 2017 as per PCI norms to provide academic flexibility for students. The content and structure of the syllabi are discussed thoroughly by all stakeholders and the decisions taken are implemented through the Board of Studies and Academic Council.

Consisting of a faculty, who themselves have led a multifaceted life as instructors, industry professionals and so on, all the faculty members are highly responsible, dedicated and honest towards their work, and are active participants as various committee members. University lays equal importance on all their stakeholders, which results in organizing of various faculty development programs for the teaching faculty, along with various conferences and webinars.

Ever-ready today, for a better tomorrow

Located on an eco-friendly campus, filled with green initiatives like Rain Water Harvesting, Solar Power Plant and Waste Management, Desh  Bhagat University  has been consciously working in favor of environmental sustainability. Also, thanks to the impressive infrastructure facilitated to all the students on the campus, all the laboratories present at the School of Pharmacy provide simultaneous development of knowledge and learning in context of how it is applied in practice whether it is dispensing the right medicine, its dosage, adverse effects and contraindications. Additionally, during the pandemic, the management worked vigorously towards developing Augmented Learning Programs for easing the Online Education process.

The brand-value Desh Bhagat University holds has helped the School of Pharmacy with its industry-connections, where the Pharmacy Institute has signed several MOUs with industrial giants. “We try our level best to interact with the industry experts at almost all levels by organizing guest lectures related to the industry”, stated – Dr. Puja Gulati. Moreover, these connections have helped students of UG undergo one month industrial training after B. Pharmacy 6th semester and diploma students with their hospital training, for a minimum period of three months. Not only does these strong bonds with the industry help in quality placement opportunities, but also, helps Desh Bhagat School of Pharmacy to thrive in an environment conducive for research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship – effectively. 

Scholarship opportunities & aid provided

  • University has provision of scholarships for socio-economically weaker students for which university has a dedicated scholarship branch that helps students in providing information and availing various scholarship schemes.
  • To empower women and girls in academia the university provides Scholarships for girl students to strengthen them towards leadership and self-motivation. 
  • The university management has been supporting the women staff in terms of finance and other basic facilities to make them independent and self-sustainable.

Dr. Puja Gulati – Principal & Professor

An important personality at Desh Bhagat, Dr. Puja has a teaching and research experience of 16 years. Dr. Puja has authored and co-authored several national and international publications and also worked as a chief editor of Journal of Integrated Research. She has worked as a UGC Project Fellow entitled Exploring the neuroprotective mechanism of ischemic postconditioning in mice. She has strong ties to different societies and academies around the world. Her major research interest involves Neuro Pharmacology,  focus in ischemic postconditioning, dementia, and stroke.