Developing Holistic Perspectives, ICFAI University, Jaipur


ICFAI University Jaipur among the 11 universities established by the ICFAI Group, The  eco-friendly campus of the University is established in 40+ acres land and with a total built-up area of 2, 00,000sq.ft. The university is situated on the scenic lush-green foothills of the Aravali Range, with spick and span classrooms, labs, workshops, cafeteria, student welfare facilities, and a playground. ICFAI University Jaipur aims at providing excellent, professional, career-oriented UG and PG programs with technology- aided pedagogies.

The university is home to a library with a reading room capacity of over 100 students, holding about 17,000 books and numerous e-learning materials. The entire campus is WI-FI enabled, facilitating students and the faculty alike, to be connected to the latest of all the trends and technologies in the market and facilitate complete learning.

ICFAI University Jaipur has schools in 3 major fields of education, them being ICFAI Tech, an Engineering cum Science initiative by the ICFAI University, offering courses such as B.Tech, B.Sc(Hons) and B.C.A, a B-School with MBA, BBA, and B.Com programs and a law school, offering BBA-LLB(Hons – 5-year integrated program), BA-LLB(Hons. – 5-year integrated program), LLB (3-year program) and a Ph.D. programs.The curriculums of these courses are regularly updated based on feedback from employers and corporate managers to include emerging practices of the industry and the field. The knowledge gained by the students through these courses, enable them to be capable individuals ready to take on challenges and opportunities efficiently and effectively.

“ICFAI Jaipur recognizes that key to success in the future depends on effective industry-university interface”, stated the president of the university, Dr. Rajesh Kothari. Putting emphasis on that, the University has signed MOUs with many top employers and industries of our country, the most prominent of them being – the MOUs with CII, Employers’ Association of Rajasthan and Track Invest for Investment Lab. A  project-based MOU has been signed for rendering specific academic project and seminar-like close collaboration of CDAC-ACT.

ICFAI University Jaipur, where new graduates get placed in top companies such as Asian Paints, ITC, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank andmany more, with brilliant packages. A learning environment where equaljob opportunities are provided to all of the students, theplacement cell ensures that the students get placed and getimpressive internships for their sharp yet successful learning curves.The students at ICFAI University Jaipur are trained in such a way, that they areequipped with requisite professional and life skills, inter-woven withthe right amount of knowledge about the dos and don’ts of existing in asociety, making them socially sensitive personalities,  with a high senseof ethics. The University also aims at becoming one of the premierinstitutes in the whole of India, known for contributing leaders in avital sector of the state’s economy through career-oriented education.

Teaching and the Teachers

“The faculty at ICFAI University, Jaipur consists of a group of well-qualified and experienced academicians and industry experts,providing deep focus quality learning and conceptual clarity to thestudents at the University”, stated Dr. Rajesh Kothari, when askedabout the teachers. He also added to his earlier statementsaying – “All the faculty members in the ICFAI B-School are Ph.D.scholars, the faculty at the Law school are NET qualified”.With highly trained and experienced teachers, the level of teaching atthe university is most up-to-date and in-turn prepares the studentstowards successful professional careers, ahead of them. Teaching at ICFAI – Jaipur involves making students be active classparticipants, keeping the engagement with the faculty during thelessons a mandate, convert students into problem-solving professionalsand make students indulge in-group activities for the understanding ofcontext and strengthening communication.Visits of subject experts to the University are organized on a regular-basis and guest faculties are invited for the academic enrichment ofthe students. The teaching and learning at ICFAI – Jaipur involves acontinuous assessment and evaluation process, where the progress ofthe students is calculated with respect to time and the end-result isevaluated, and based on that, teaching is customized, depending on thenecessity of each individual.

Going Forward

With a highly ambitious management the plans of ICFAI University Jaipur going forwardlook happening and bright. The University is all set to launch 10 newprograms, which are in tune with changing socio-economy mandate fromAcademic Year 2020-21. These programs include – BBA (Entrepreneurship andFamily Business), B.Voc (Retail Management), B.Sc (Forensic Science),B.Sc (PCM), BCA (Data Science, AI and IOT), B.Tech (Mechatronics,Data Science and AI), M.Sc (Mathematics) and Bachelor ofPhysiotherapy (BPT).


Dr. Rajesh Kothari, President

With 35+ years of teaching, training and consulting experience and 32Ph.D.’s awarded till date to his name, Dr. Rajesh Kothari is a multi-faceted, learned and experienced academician. He is an author of 6books and has published more than 50 articles. Dr. Kothari is a man ofvigor, tolerance, and excellence, and under his able leadership as aPresident cum Vice-chancellor, ICFAI University Jaipur, is fastemerging as one of the premier institutes of the country, whichprovides quality higher education to the masses.