Don Bosco International School – Creating a Global Society of Lifelong Learners


Over twenty years of fast financial development in our nation has animated solid interest for private, global schooling among India’s developing working class. Despite the fact that at present there are so many instructive sheets to follow, guardians can select the most apt learning system for their wards depending on the style of training. Also, pertaining to the current occasions of unrest surrounding the whole covid scenario, application-based learning with respect to an extraordinary ascent, the IB educational program has been giving out prepared people to society as opposed to CBSE or ICSE educational plans. While the vast majority of the IB Schools in our nation are genuinely doing a great job in changing regular studies into pathbreaking learning experiences, new-age schools such as Don Bosco International School have epitomised focusing on the overall growth and constantly revolving around child development, via its evolving dynamism of progressive education.

Following the PYP curriculum from Jr Kg to Grade 5, the Cambridge International curriculum from grade 6 to Grade 10 and the IBDP program for Grades 11 and 12, Don Bosco International School (DBIS) is located in Matunga on a sprawling campus of around 11 acres in the heart of Mumbai city. As it is evident that the DNA of any institution lies in its origins, DBIS tries its best to remain deeply embedded in the way it conducts itself, at the forefront of education and charity, humanity and quality of education. The running of the school is entrusted to lay professionals, while the humanity and charity rests largely in the Salesian Fathers of Don Bosco (SDB) domain. Training every child onboard in pursuit of becoming humans first, who can contribute to the society through charity and humanity, the school looks forward to creating a culture of responsible citizens and mature leaders for the 21st century.

Operating with a low student-teacher ratio of 12:1, all the amenities and facilities present on the DBIS campus are readily available for all, as the school believes that learning happens through sport and happiness. Actively involving all its stakeholders in the journey called Don Bosco International School, parents participate wholeheartedly in PTA activities, and contribute rigorously to the overall happiness quotient in the school environment. Additionally, basing the whole teaching-learning process on concept-based experiences, a collaborative approach is promoted on a large scale between the students, parents and teachers. Through Goal setting, which is a collaborative exercise carried out at DBIS, students are honed into natural leaders through conferences, field trips, interdisciplinary learning and industry expert talks. 

Prepared to excel

With a strong  Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) foundation laid in the early years of students, the school ensures a smooth transition into the IBDP. “Emphasising on the Four Cs” of 21st century learning, namely – Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity, rigorous on time management skills and work focusing is taught throughout, encouraging all to work independently, while the HRTs facilitate smooth learning curves. “A separate Special Educational Needs department exists on DBIS campus, that caters to the needs of the children, based on their abilities, special classes are organized for the students with special needs and weaned off after they have made progress”, shares Ms. Meena Saldanha, the current principal of DBIS. Adding to her above statement, and stating about the efforts the school has made specifically pertaining to the academic year of 2021-2022, Ms. Meena stated – “This year we have hired the Saksham Value Ed team to conduct value education classes for our students and they are monitoring the progress made by our students in terms of their value system”.

Going beyond conventional schooling techniques and guiding students towards becoming valuable citizens of the society, they are regularly encouraged to bring up topics of interest that could help the community. Along with reaching out to needy people, under the able guidance of the HRTs, students even reached out to the transgenders, as they were one among the marginalized communities who needed urgent aid during the pandemic. Zen Sadavarte, a 10-year-old DBIS student went back to the basics learnt in school and helped around 15 people stay safe till the firemen arrived and received the National Bravery Award for the year 2019. “At DBIS, it is literally, “sky is the limit”, quoted Ms. Meena, enunciating how every endeavor carried out is by the society and for the society.   

All thanks to the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure existing on the campus, sports and other co-curricular activities are one a kind. The Inclusive Sports Program is integrated into the school time table and curriculum – an hour a day, every day of the academic year. Besides this program, students also take part in an after school Exclusive Specialized Training Program. Moreover, the Bosco Community Sports Club has the objective of building bridges between all the stakeholders of the school and fostering a spirit of community. The Club brings all the stakeholders of the school under one platform, and thus creates a sports ecosystem where all the stakeholders exhibit the true qualities of sportsman spirit and respect to build a just and caring society.

Always guided towards bringing out the true spirit of teaching and learning irrespective of the scenario outside, DBIS has always stood tall due to a firm commitment through charity and humanity.  Thereby, during the pandemic the Director – Fr. Crispino D’souza reached out to every family and assured them that no child suffered academically, and thus, while offering fee waivers, the school also granted fee concessions, bringing the school and all stakeholders very close as one family unit. All in all, functioning as that unit where the management is always approachable, and ever-ready to take feedback from parents, DBIS is sensitive to the needs of children and in sync with the community, valuing every person in-trust, working together for the transformation of self and society, day-in and day-out.  

Ms. Meena Saldanha – Principal

An eminent personality of great importance in the DBIS neighborhood, Ms. Meena Saldanha has been in the academic field for the last 30 years. Before joining as the Principal of Don Bosco International School in the year 2017, she has served as the Vice Principal of Jamnabai Narsee School, and has contributed to the very same school as a teacher cum IGCSE coordinator/ HOD of Science. She has also worked in other institutes like St. Xavier’s College (Fort), Jasudben ML and AVM Juhu.