Dr. Hetal Mehta


Breaking through traditional gender barriers in education, women have exhibited remarkable progress and proved themselves to be exceptional leaders. Future generations have had a path paved for them by many successful women leaders who have overcome the glass ceiling. Today, we see the fruit of these women’s labor. Swami Sahajanand College of Commerce and Management popularly known as SSCCM -situated at ISCON Mega City in Bhavnagar (Gujarat) , India is a place where remarkable leadership is demonstrated by Dr. Hetal Mehta. Dr. Mehta who is a prominent scholar with a wealth of experience in teaching and researching in management education, is currently leading the college as its principal. Her insightful leadership has been instrumental in effecting notable transformations in the college, converting it into a distinguished hub of commerce and management education.

Empowering young minds through quality education and leadership has been the lifelong mission of Dr. Hetal Mehta, Principal of Swami Sahajanand College of Commerce and Management. Having grown up in awe of her teachers, who instilled in her a deep love for learning and an unwavering drive for excellence, Dr. Mehta was inspired early on to pursue a career in education. She studied Masters and doctorate in English Literature, then done MBA in Human resource Management, drawing on her own experiences as a student to develop her unique approach to teaching. Today, she remains committed to instilling that same passion for education in the next generation.

From the Scratch

Post her higher education Dr. Hetal started working in a college. Over the years of her teaching experience, she gained valuable insights into how the world of educating works, and honed her skills in teaching, research, and administration. “In the initial years of my work, I had initiated and started business management courses in my college. This eventually led me to become the Principal of SSCCM in Bhavnagar”, she shared. “During my journey, I was greatly inspired by dedicated educationist Father Mr. Jyotkumar Mehta, who has been a role model and mentor to me. His passion for education and commitment to excellence inspired me to pursue my goals with dedication and perseverance”, she continued. She is equally inspired by her mother Ms. Veena and considered her as source of energy. 

Discipline and mentorship were the keys to Dr. Hetal Mehta’s accomplishments. Her steadfastness and fervor paved the way for her current role, which she attributes in part to her mentors. Dr. Mehta acknowledges that the guidance and backing from Dr. Suresh R. Savani, a Founder Trustee of SSCCM, was particularly instrumental to her triumphs. Without his help, she would not have reached where she is today. Also, Dr. Mehta finds being a part of the education sector an honor and strives to make a positive impact on the lives of her students and the community, displaying a passion for education like no other.

As the Principal

Dr. Hetal as the principal recognizes the importance of effective time management in fulfilling the various responsibilities that come with her position. With the numerous tasks that need her attention, she prioritizes her workload by assessing each task’s urgency and importance. By adopting a systematic approach, she manages her workload, avoids feeling overwhelmed, and ensures that she remains on top of her work. Her ability to manage her time effectively has not only allowed her to excel in her role as the college’s principal but also to be a role model to her students and the community. Dr. Mehta’s success in balancing her duties as a leader, educator, and mentor is a testament to her commitment to excellence and her dedication to empowering young people.

Furthermore, she makes sure that she is clear about the goals and priorities of the institution and communicates them to her team. This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same objectives and that resources are allocated effectively. In order to prioritize and schedule the day-to-day work that needs her attention, Dr. Hetal stays updated with the use technology to ease scheduling of meetings and organize work schedules. 

At present she is also the member of an Executive Council, Academic Council, Board of Post Graduate Teaching, IQAC and English Board of Studies of the Maharaj Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavanagar University. She is also serving National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) as an Assessor. She is the Recipient of prestigious Academic Leadership Award in 2018 by All India Higher Education Forum, Mumbai for outstanding contribution to higher Education through teaching, leadership, and academic environment. She is also the Recipient of Nari Ratna Award and Best Examination conduction award by Maharaj Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University.

In addition to effective time management, Dr. Hetal Mehta practices delegation of tasks to her team members. This approach enables her to focus on tasks that require her attention while also empowering her team to develop their skills and take ownership of their work. Most importantly, by understanding that her responsibilities require a high amount of energy and dedication, she accordingly prioritizes taking care of her physical and mental health. She understands that for her to perform at her best and be an effective leader, she must ensure that she is in a good state of mind and body. 

Lastly, by measuring her personal success by the success of her students, Dr. Hetal believes that the ultimate goal of education is to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on society. Therefore, her success as a Principal is measured by the success of SSCCM’s graduates, their employability, and their contribution to society. “I am happy to share that some of the alumni of SSCCM are now working at top positions in multinational companies and some have become successful business persons, and in the coming years, I hope to achieve several milestones for SSCCM”, she exclaims. 

Plans Going Down the Line

Firstly, Dr. Hetal and her team aim to enhance the vocational programs and provide students with a holistic learning experience that prepares them for the future. Secondly, the college is aiming to strengthen their industry-academia linkages and establish partnerships with leading companies to provide their students with practical exposure and opportunities to gain real-world experience. Lastly, SSCCM under the capable leadership of Dr. Hetal aims to expand their research and development activities and contribute to the advancement of knowledge across the fields of commerce and management. “Our goal is to establish SSCCM as a leading institution for commerce and management education, and rise up to achieve the A Grade accreditation by the highest accreditation body of India, NAAC”, Dr. Hetal Mehta concludes. 

Knowing Dr. Hetal Mehta

During her free time, Dr. Hetal enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, exploring new places, and trying out new cuisines. She also engages in reading books on various topics, particularly those related to leadership, education, and personal growth. As a fitness enthusiast, she practices yoga and meditation and engages in regular physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Despite the significant responsibilities that come with her professional role, Dr. Hetal values her personal life and makes it a point to prioritize activities that bring her joy and fulfillment.