Dr. Ritu Bhandari


With the COVID-19 unlock process slowly unfolding, all sectors are tracing their steps back to normalcy, except education. The Indian education territory has traveled leaps and bounds within the last few months, where the domain has realized that learning can be achieved wherever, whenever, and at all levels. Indus University too evolved with time, integrating various technologies at its core, and equipping its teachers to utilize and navigate through time, equipping all the students with exceptional skills and knowledge. This wouldn’t be possible at Indus, without the guidance and leadership of Dr. Ritu Bhandari, the Presidential Secretariat of Indus University.

An experienced and trained management professional with an impressive interest in human psychology, Dr. Ritu Bhandari has oriented high morale measures for every family member of INDUS University. She believes in encouraging the standard of education and discipline to foster our country’s quality and cultural life, where her education, experience, and personal attributes offer 360 degrees development to the professionals and students. Also, the management, staff & students of Indus University are honored to have Dr. Ritu Bhandari as the Presidential Secretariat, as Dr. Ritu Bhandari is always fueled by her passion for education and development of children/students, and this is a motivating factor for everyone at Indus. 

Redefining forward thinking

A student of psychology, Dr. Ritu Bhandari went ahead with her academic career by finishing her Masters in Family Business Management and has a Honorary Doctorate in Global Leadership and Management. Through her educational career, she realized that education today across branches and verticals, lacks pragmatic skills often acting as a hindrance in a student’s long-term success, especially in the corporate sector. Thereby, this was the sole reason she wanted to pursue the field of academics as her career option, with clear reformal ideas in her head, and big dreams to look forward to. 

Adapting to a completely new approach to education, and focusing on wholesome development of students at Indus, as the current President, Dr. Ritu Bhandari states – “Currently almost every academic institution provides degrees and job opportunities, focusing on the Intelligence Quotient of their students. But, we at Indus University are dedicated to developing students into skilled individuals with not only their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also by tapping into their Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ)“. Also, adding to her above statement, she stated – “Indus University is evolving into an unique institution offering a niche kind of education in a variety of branches. In the process, it is molding its students into global citizens who are well prepared for much needed basic skills such as analysis & problem solving”.

Working alongside another capable individual – Dr. Nagesh Bhandari, this duo forms the presidential Secretariat of the Indus University. Be it finding the right faculty, cultivating the correct orientation towards teaching to managing the finance of a self-funded institute and attaining the trust of the `Generation Z’ to take admissions, the dynamic duo has faced every challenge with composure. Driven by their vision, Indus University’s aim is to move higher by gaining international collaboration while keeping its students at the heart of the organization. Moreover, leveraging its pedagogies and ensuring the various methodologies followed at Indus, not only help students to run the race but to lead it too, Dr. Ritu Bhandari working alongside the whole management renders a world-class academic experience to students through auxiliary exposure to modern-day practices with its existing laboratories and upcoming center of excellence. 

Dr. Ritu Bhandari also leads from the forefront to push Indus University to lay equal emphasis on global exposure by conducting excursions to Canada and various European nations, based on students’ field of specialization. “This global exposure has enabled quite a few of our students and faculties to initiate their own startups at the end of their academic career and we at Indus have not only helped them at incubation level but also aided them financially,” adds Dr. Ritu Bhandari. Lastly, as the vital backbone of Indus University, her dedication and passion not only helps its students to flourish, but also ensures that each of its teaching staff is oriented towards research and most of them hold their PhDs. The foresight of the extremely capable Dr. Ritu Bhandari has aligned the right faculty with the correct orientation towards teaching, to build a solid self-funded institute that has earned the trust of the ‘Generation Z’. Also, Dr. Bhandari has successfully navigated every challenge with composure to lay the foundations of an edifice that is going to redefine education.