Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha – Global Leader in the Making


If one discovered an untapped source of gifted leadership for schools and organizations, it would be inexcusable not to share that with the educational community. Yet there is such a source, in gifted women leaders. Currently, as we all know that there is a scarcity of female leadership in the corporate sector, but one particular field that always saw women leaders head the parade, guiding the whole sector towards change and prosperity – as educational leaders, women have always acted as guiding lights to society at large. Even though women leaders of our country face great challenges, especially in the current male-dominated society, personalities like Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha are striving to serve society, by molding a huge number of talented young girls into successful global leaders, who will be ready to take their spots in this huge world outside.

Serving society through her endeavors as the principal at Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women (an autonomous institution), her love for engineering & academics in general, led her towards adding on multiple degrees to her name, including a Ph.D. in the field of Electronics & Communication. Moreover, the field of Signal Processing & Communication being her field of expertise, she has over 20 years of experience in the academic pursuit, having worked across an array of designations like Professor & HOD. Being a true professional in every role she took up in her life, her services towards Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women have got noticed extensively, and a result, under her abled leadership, the college has won many awards. Among which, “Education Leadership Award”, “Engineering Educators Award” – from the University of Bradford, U.K, “College of the Year Award – 2017” are a few. Likewise, Dr. Madhavee Latha, through her display of dynamism, dedication, and commitment, led the institution towards achieving many laurels & upgrades in these 11 years of functioning, including getting noticed in the educational leadership personally, in turn, winning – “Most Innovative Principal – Engineering Colleges in Telangana State Award”, “Best Principal Award for Excellence in Education” & “Woman in Education Award”.

Dr. Madhavee Latha always believed in extending her expertise beyond academic playgrounds and participated whole heartedly in research & development, thereby, attaining 8 patent rights for Technological Innovations. She has also delivered 60 keynote addresses and expert lectures in conferences and workshops, across cities and platforms and, has had the privilege of publishing more than 140 papers in various topics in reputed national and international journals. Furthermore, under her 6 members, so far have been awarded their doctorates, and currently she’s on the verge of coaching 8 more research scholars under JNTUH.

A diligent endeavor in pursuit of excellence

Having been associated with Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women for over 11 years now, her roles and responsibilities as the principal were and are – preaching innovative ideas and thinking, in turn, converting young girls into abled tech leaders of tomorrow. In addition to this, she also motivates imbibing of academic excellence in students, partaking in the campus placement activities at the college campus through and through. From working along with top-corporates to build strong industry-academia relationships at Malla Reddy Engineering College for Women to getting international exposure and offers for students, so far, 5000 students have been placed successfully under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Madhavee Latha. Besides, always aiming at moulding students into industry ready engineers by providing leadership development, mentoring in technical education, she also empowers young women to be the architects of change in the world of technology. Also, working along with the management to inculcate human values, ethics, and respect for tradition along with lot of emphasis on decency, dignity, and life skills, she drives the young generation with such value-based education and leadership, believing thoroughly in the direction of contributing to the goodness and welfare of the society at large.

Going forward, considering the current situation of the pandemic lurking on our doorsteps, Dr. Madhavee Latha acted on behalf of the engineering college and played the role of that connecting-link between the college and the students, which helped everyone on the campus fight uncertainty and medium-change with ease. Additionally, having analyzed and identified the various knowledge enriching certification courses of today’s time, she made sure that every girl on the college campus is encouraged to outperform when compared to their peers from other colleges and universities. As a result of her hardwork and real zeal towards educating for tomorrow, Dr. Madhavee Latha stated – “I feel very proud to announce that our students have all together completed more than 2 lakh certification courses during the pandemic period”. She also added – “We have trained our students to perceive every situation positively and make the best out of all opportunities”.

Altogether, a complete people’s person and a woman who always strives and will strive towards women empowerment – day in and day out, Dr. Madhavee Latha believed that there has been great progress in women empowerment over the past decade in India, and with the current progress, she hopes to see a healthy environment with good gender equality. Hoping for the same even in the corporate sector, she wishes for an India, where – women of all categories and sectors of society get equal opportunities, and they are judged based on their skill and capabilities, feeling empowered in every pursuit & instance of their respective lives.