Ebenezer Group of Institutions


“V ChandraShekar, a 2nd-semester BCA student at EBENEZER MANAGEMENT COLLEGE, expressed, “It’s been nearly a year since I joined this college, and when it comes to my college life, I’m thoroughly enjoying it and relishing the best days.

Adding to the praise for Ebenezer Management College, Ms. K. L. Blessy Deborah, a 2nd-semester BBA student, highlighted, “The most valuable aspect of my experience has been the warm hospitality provided by the management during my initial learning stage, along with numerous opportunities to enhance my communication skills.

V ChandraShekar and Ms. K. L. Blessy Deborah’s endorsements of Ebenezer Management College, which is a member of the prestigious Ebenezer Group of Institutions, speak volumes about the high level of instruction and assistance provided by this institution. These good encounters demonstrate how the Group excels in meeting the needs of today’s dynamic students.

Students today need not only a solid academic foundation but also a setting that supports personal development, skill acquisition, and a feeling of community in the world that is changing so quickly. The Ebenezer Group of Institutions appears to be aware of these changing needs and has successfully modified its strategy to serve contemporary students.

The emphasis on holistic development and a fulfilling college experience, as expressed by ChandraShekar and Ms. K. L. Blessy, highlights the institution’s commitment to nurturing the overall well-being of its students. This indicates that Ebenezer Group of Institutions understands the significance of creating a supportive and enjoyable learning environment that goes beyond just academics.

Pioneers of Quality Education

The pioneering educational institutions under the Ebenezer Group have a remarkable track record spanning two decades, dedicated to imparting boundless knowledge of exceptional quality. Believing that education must go hand in hand with practical skills to make a significant impact, all the institutions, be it the Management College, The Nursing College and even the PU College are committed to sharpening young minds with hands-on experience and practical knowledge. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and infrastructure, all the campuses provide the perfect environment to enhance students’ abilities, set amidst lush green, spacious surroundings.

Where the ultimate goal is to nurture intellectually skilled and groomed professionals who can excel in the global arena. To achieve this, the group of institutions offer courses designed to meet both national and international requirements, allowing all its students to shine on the world stage.

Behind the efficient management of the institutions stands the esteemed chairman, Mr. Sanjeev Chincholi. A young entrepreneur, educationist, and well-known personality, his capable and dynamic leadership has garnered widespread appreciation in the professional sphere.

Ebenezer Management College

In order to gain profound insights on Ebenezer Management College, and how it stands out as an education hub of change and business innovation, we interviewed Dr. Ranjit Kumar Sarmah, the Principal of the College. 

Here we offer three courses: BBA, BCA, and BCom. And, all courses are affiliated to Bengaluru North University and the curriculum is as per recommendation of NEP 2020, attracting students from various parts of India, including Karnataka”, shared the Principal. He continued – “Our college is the home to a diverse culture and all students are pursuing their degrees passionately”. 

Moreover, in order to provide all the students with a comprehensive learning experience, the College has taken great care in curating the faculty, hiring industry experts, including professionals from top companies like TCS, Arete Ventures, Global Entrepreneur Grid etc. to ensure that the students are exposed to industry insights and real-world knowledge, allowing them to connect with professionals and prepare for their future careers. The trainer recognized by AIMA also visits the campus to train the students on the concept of Biz Lab for their future endeavors.

Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

To complement the theoretical learning, Ebenezer Management College organizes industry visits, giving students the opportunity to witness firsthand knowledge on how organizations function. These experiences are invaluable, as students observe different workplaces, understand workflows, and gain practical insights into the corporate world.

In addition to academics, the college fosters a vibrant campus life with various co-curricular activities. Students are facilitating opportunities for all-rounded development by motivating the students to participate in debates, sports, and other events, promoting teamwork, communication skills, and a healthy competitive spirit. 

The College prioritizes building strong bonds with their students, understanding their aspirations, and guiding them towards fulfilling their future. Recognizing the significance of soft skills, the teachers provide training in communication, team building, and other essential skills, enabling them to excel during interviews and in their professional careers.

Furthermore, Ebenezer Management College is committed to supporting the students’ job placement prospects, all thanks to the strong connections with companies, leading to successful campus placements for students pursuing BCA, BBA and BCom. 

As the Principal, I take personal responsibility for overseeing students’ progress and well-being. My team and I promptly address any concerns or needs, guiding them through their academic journey in a supportive and nurturing manner”, shared Dr. Sarmah ecstatically.

Tomorrow-ready Institution

We are in the process of establishing a dedicated lab, in accordance with AIMA’s guidelines, to foster entrepreneurship among students in the business and commerce domain”, added the Principal, talking about how the management college is slowly integrating entrepreneurship in its DNA. Through the conversation, Dr. Sarmah also spoke about how the students are provided with a practical understanding of entrepreneurship, enabling them to explore and develop their entrepreneurial potential. He also shared that this lab will serve as a training ground for various entrepreneurship development programs.

Regarding research, the College is taking the initial steps with the faculty. Where, some of the faculty members already hold Ph.D. qualifications, and the College is encouraging others to pursue their Ph.D. programs as well. Going forward, Ebenezer Management College is ready to publish research papers in reputable journals to gain recognition and accreditation for their research initiatives, which will aid the institute in future accreditation processes.

Ebenezer College and School of Nursing

One more gem in the crown called the Ebenezer Group of Institutions, the Ebenezer College and School of Nursing since its inception has been known for providing quality education and implementing internationally recognized Medlern programs, especially in critical care nursing. The College offers 4 programs, namely – GNM + Critical Care, B.Sc Nursing + International Nursing, PBB.Sc Nursing And M.Sc Nursing. 

Importantly, in terms of career opportunities and support, the nursing college emphasizes training and provides comprehensive guidance in the classroom itself. The syllabus is designed to pave a clear career path, starting from plus two levels to Ph.D. programs, catering to nursing students’ aspirations worldwide. “Evidence-based research is a key area of focus, and we strive to secure post positions and qualifications essential for working abroad or in high-profile corporate hospitals”, shared – Dr. Thressiamma P. M., the Principal of the nursing college. 

To aid the students in job placements, the nursing college has a dedicated placement department that offers counseling and motivates students to excel in interviews. Internship programs also play a crucial role in students’ learning experience, with practical training covering various specializations, medical-surgical clinicals, psychological child care, and more. “We are proud of our students’ expertise, and many of them find placements in prestigious hospitals like Manipal Hospitals, where they are highly sought after and offered attractive salaries, especially after the changes brought about by COVID-19”, shared – Dr. Thressiamma P. M. (Dr. Thressia Dennis).

A State-of-the-art Nursing Haven

The Nursing College has a well -structured infrastructure with labs and facilities arranged floor -wise. The infrastructure covers all essential aspects, such as the Fundamental of Nursing lab, Anatomy & Physiology labs, OBG Labs, community health nursing labs, nutritional labs, and simulation labs equipped with the latest mannequins. In total, the nursing department has around 900 -1600 square feet of dedicated space for each lab as per the norms. 

The ground floor serves as an excellent area for curricular and extracurricular activities, including sports and play. For seminars, there is a 1000 -seater auditorium, which is allocated to multiple batches for successful program conduct. Moreover, the request has been sent for a larger auditorium to accommodate 240 students, and that process is underway. 

The management has been exceptional in planning and organizing activities and setting yearly goals for student development . There are various classes conducted, including classes for high 1st classes, 1st classes, and below average students, whom the nursing school mentors and supports to reach their potential . Some students may face challenges with behavioral issues, but the management provides counseling and guidance to help them improve. 

“All in all, we believe that nursing students must possess not only knowledge but also professional behavior and attitude, thus, we strive to instill these qualities through our teachings and mold our students into competent and responsible nursing professionals”, concluded Dr . Dennis.

Ebenezer PU College

Ebenezer PU College, a renowned educational institution, is dedicated to shaping young minds and nurturing academic excellence. With a strong emphasis on providing quality education, the college offers comprehensive courses in both Science and Commerce streams. Equipped with modern infrastructure, experienced faculty, and a vibrant learning environment, Ebenezer PU College stands as a beacon of academic brilliance for students aspiring to pursue their dreams in higher education.

Ebenezer PU College offers two distinguished Science programs, namely PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) and PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science). These comprehensive courses cater to students with a passion for scientific exploration and innovation. Under the guidance of highly qualified faculty, students delve deep into the core concepts of these subjects, developing critical thinking skills and analytical abilities.

The college provides state-of-the-art laboratories and cutting-edge technology to facilitate practical learning. Students engage in hands-on experiments, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. With a focus on holistic development, Ebenezer PU College ensures that students are well-prepared for competitive entrance examinations and future academic pursuits in various fields of Science.

Ebenezer PU College also offers Commerce programs, including HEBA (History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy) and CEBA (Commerce, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy). These courses provide a strong foundation in business and economics, equipping students with the skills required to excel in the corporate world.

Our dedicated faculty impart practical knowledge through case studies and real-world business scenarios. With a focus on fostering entrepreneurial spirit and managerial acumen, we aim to  prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the business landscape”, shared – Ayesha B N, the principal. 

Academic Excellence and Support

At Ebenezer PU College, academic excellence is a priority. The college adopts innovative teaching methodologies to make learning engaging and impactful. Regular assessments and mock examinations help students gauge their progress and identify areas for improvement.

In addition to academics, the college encourages participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Various clubs and societies provide platforms for students to showcase their talents and develop leadership skills. Debates, quizzes, cultural events, and sports competitions enrich the overall educational experience.

Personalized Guidance and Counseling

Ebenezer PU College believes in the holistic development of its students. The institution provides personalized guidance and counseling to help students navigate their academic journey and make well-informed career choices. Experienced counselors work closely with students, identifying their strengths and interests, and providing guidance on higher education options.

The college also conducts seminars and workshops on career opportunities, guiding students to make informed decisions about their future paths.