Engineering college of the year 2020

We provide high-quality, cutting-edge, and career-oriented education programs, across all major fields of engineering”, stated Dr. Mallidi Srinivasa Reddy, Professor, and Director of the IcfaiTech, talking to us about how the whole functioning of the engineering institute and how the system is new when compared to other competing engineering colleges and institutes. Enunciating the passion IcfaiTech has towards giving back to society – trained and able engineers of tomorrow, Dr. Reddy clearly gave us an inside view of how today’s engineering institute operates in the pursuit of bettering tomorrows of many business management aspirants.

Also, considering the lack of employability factor in today’s professionals, engineering institutions have involved themselves in a relentless quest to serve society, one student at a time. Validating this point and proving to the world that, today’s engineering education has indeed progressed towards better, one of the very renowned personalities in the field of engineering education – Prof. (Dr.) Santanu Kumar Sen who also happens to be the principal of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology stated – “All the faculty members at our institute are high-achieving academicians, who are experts in their respective niches”. India being the 3rd largest ecosystem of higher education in the world, students look forward to starting their educational careers, preferably in the field of engineering, as we all know, the need of the hour is trained tech-experts, who can handle today’s scenarios with ease.

One more important factor which is being addressed by top engineering colleges of our country is the ability to maintain an environment of complete inclusivity, irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds the student’s come from. Illustrating this point and talking about how TERii has succeeded in this very endeavor, Mohender Pal Gupta, the current advisor at the engineering institute, quoted – TERii has ample opportunities made available for such students to pursue and grind their talent”. Playing a vital role in serving the country’s economy and serving society, engineering colleges and institutes are promoting a content-rich pedagogy and curriculum on their respective campus, quiet literally addressing this issue of industry-ready teaching and learning.

Consequently, knowing that nothing in the field of education and academics is static and needs to alter, based on the scenarios and circumstances, Dr. Harsh Khanna, the acting chairperson of K. C. College of Engineering & Management Studies & Research (KCCEMSR), stated – “Empanelled with top corporates of India, our students find the transition phase from being students to tomorrow’s leaders quite easy”. With the help of the statement, Dr. Harsh Khanna showed us how important industry connect is for the engineering college of today and what role do industry experts and alumni play in helping engineering colleges stay well-in sync with the market demands and trends.

All in all, having read and witnessed top academicians cum educational-leaders give their tit-bits about how today’s engineering college/institute functions, we at Academic Insights would like to be called the voice of today’s students. Curating the best list of top engineering colleges/institutes, who has excelled on factors such as the immense online support provided to students during the pandemic, infrastructural amenities, emphasis on innovation and research, and placements, based on the reports of the year 2020. We have laid prime focus on such exemplary learning hotspots and help them showcase their true passion for imparting quality education and learning to all, by featuring them in a title called – Engineering College of the Year – 2020.

 In this edition, each featured business school has been carefully chosen by our panel of experts who have put explicit stress on selecting only the best and second to none engineering college/institute of the country. Also, we ardently believe that going through the business schools and institutes we have featured here, will help students find their true calling and, in turn, achieve a productive and blissful future. Whether they envision starting their own entrepreneurial journey or get a foot into the professional life, the schools and colleges that have been listed here promise to provide everything a budding management aspirant of today demands.