Educating a better tomorrow through an innovative education system, Usha Martin University


“Education is the key to a better tomorrow”, Usha Martin University believes that through education, the path to a better future can be paved. The University has been a hotspot for students seeking quality education for a better future.  Usha Martin University has taken different routes to teach the new generation of change-makers through innovative educational system. The strategic planning goes hand in hand with the practical knowledge being put in practice every day, to offer an educating platform to the students. The university aims to build an empire of learned human resources for making a better future for India by providing an affordable, yet super-efficient quality education to the masses. The Vice-chancellor of UMU, Prof SC Garg stated that –“UMU provides cost-effective, skill-oriented professional education in front-ended areas.” He summed up his earlier statement by saying – “The University offers a merit-based scholarship to all the students and has created special provisions to encourage local students and female learners”.

Varied branches of learning

Since its inception, UMU has ventured into providing employment-oriented and propelling courses and programs from different fields of Education. Be it, first-class and innovative commerce/management courses at varying academic levels or offering B.Tech in Mining Technology, UMU has inevitably guaranteed success to its students in the form of quality learning and successful placements. Courses are offered as per peer-reviewed course outline and semester wise learner feedback is obtained for each course. Internal quality control processes ensure that courses are offered as per agreed upon pedagogies and quality parameters.

Outstanding faculty and Curriculum 

Keeping in mind that mentors are the key pillars for a strong foundation of future generations; the University has left no stones unturned, to find the best mentors for the students. The faculty is highly qualified; almost 90% are Ph.D. holders. Research is their forte and they use technology as well as an interactive pedagogy in the classroom. Transacting outcome-based curriculum is among the few institutions that utilize the “learning outcomes” based teaching. Faculty and learners are active users of social media for deeper engagement. The University has mobilized its own learning management system to enrich the technology-enabled learning environment.

The University offers education not only through teaching in the four walls of the classroom but beyond and says that there is no limitation to learning. UMU has found a way to educate the students through their innovative curriculum and strategy. The vice-chancellor says, “A rich mixture of lectures, case interaction, learner presentations, group and individual assignments used in the UMU Pedagogy ensures that high level of learner engagement is maintained across disciplines”. UMU believes in the endless possibilities of learning and they encourage the students to think outside of the box.

Excellent Placement Cell 

UMU has developed excellent placement cells to help students find their dream jobs, with tie-ups with many global brands as well as national brands; UMU ensures that each student gets an opportunity to be placed. “MBA students of first cohort itself achieved 100 % placement”. The university has secured an outrageous placement for students, which is growing every year giving a platform to the students to secure a successful position. The placement cells are taken care of by industry-experienced teachers, who impart practical training and knowledge helping the students crack the most difficult interviews.

Educational and socio-cultural Activities 

Students are provided training through field visits, interaction with industry experts and hands-on experience in laboratory and workshop. Every classroom is fitted with technological tools to improve the efficiency of interaction and productivity of the class. The entire campus is wi-fi enabled and the library, besides the physical resources is richly endowed with electronic resources.

Within a span of three years, the University has made a mark among the best educational universities in the state with a 30% hike in the number of students enrolling every year; there is no saying to what the university will achieve in the years to come. Usha Martin University is one of the best university in the state making a high impact on the educational sphere. The University is one of the most sought after places to study for students who want to pursue their courses with quality education in mind.


Dr. Suresh Garg, Vice-Chancellor

An eminent speaker and a brilliant teacher, Dr.Suresh Garg is the man with the responsibility to carry Usha Martin University towards excellence. A man of many talents, he has worked under various prestigious universities and also was one of the Founder Directors of NUL. Dr.Suresh has published many papers in international and national journals and has been part of the educational domain for the last 20 years. Having a great level of expertise and experience, UMU is on the right path towards achieving its vision and goals under the able leadership of Dr. Suresh.